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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The 14 Days of Comey. James Comey remains in Hiding while the Media Instead Fixates on Vladimir Putin.

We're witnessing an all time classic Magicians Trick of Distraction. Sure Vladimir Putin may have done a lot of crap to undermine our election, but the real story is James Comey's second press conference. 

Without FBI Director James Comey's second press conference Sheldon Andelson probably does not commit 25 million dollars for last minute money for Clinton attack ads (an FEC violation since large political donations have to give 30 days public notice).

Without FBI Director James  Comey's second press conference, Crazy story lines about  Pizza Gate and the Clinton home being invaded by Police don't get any attention.

Putin probably has very little to do with James Comey  second press conference about emails just 10 days before the Presidential Election. Below is a list of 14 questions James Comey has never answered that he NEEDS to answer before the Electoral College Electors Vote.

1. Why did the FBI email investigation need a full year before the first press conference was called in July of 2016? 

2. Why was there a several week delay before a search warrant was issued over Huma Abedin's lap top when the lap top was in the FBI's possession for the entire time? To an outsider, it looks like the second email conference was strategically delayed until it would do the most damage to Hillary Clinton's presidential chances.

3.  The CIA held back their intel on Putin's interference in our elections because they did not want to influence the Presidential Election, yet it seems like you had no conflict going forward with your second email conference. It was almost as if someone or some group pressured you into a second press conference about emails. Do you agree or disagree?

4.  If you had to do it all over again, would you have held the second press conference so close to the election?

5. It appeared as if Hillary Clinton's popularity was rising after the third presidential debate. Do you think your second press conference reversed Hillary Clinton's rising popularity?

6. Do you think your second press conference helped influence voters who had not yet made their minds to vote for Donald Trump?

7.  Why didn't you consult with the CIA as to whether or not you should do a second press conference about emails so close to the presidential election? Who did you consult with?

8. When Donald Trump stated during the third press conference that the upcoming presidential election was rigged, can you explain why you still prioritized Hillary Clinton's emails over putting boots on the ground in key areas of the country to ensure that election day voting was fairly done? 

9.  You were investigating Hillary Clinton, was Donald Trump being investigated for anything?

10. Since the NRA PAC was the biggest anti-Clinton PAC and raised the most money to defeat Hillary Clinton, and Clinton and the NRA had repeatedly sparred during the campaign, did the FBI consider the NRA and a very small percentage of its members as in as little as 0.1% of membership, could go rogue and plot as volunteers on election day and be in and around the ballots and ballot boxes even before the polls opened and after they closed?

11. Did you  look into the connection between the NRA and Russia?

12. One more time, in retrospect, was the second email press conference actually necessary?

13.  Did members of the Republican party interact with you in an effort to get a second press conference? Were you threatened in any way that if you did not have a second email press conference, something bad might happen to you, your career, or people you know?

14. Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch aboard an airplane, which resulted in her recusing herself from the FBI email investigation, yet you may have had your own interactions with political figures that influenced your decision to seek a second press conference about emails, was that fair?

If Mr. Comey answered the above 14 questions, wouldn't the Electoral College Electors have pertinent information needed to make the right decision about how they should vote on December 19, 2016?

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