Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Barack Obama Denial, OBAMA DID BUILD THAT!

President Obama is actually scaring me now. Obama's complete denial that he said anything wrong over his "You didn't build that" meme has become an escalation of deniability over what originally was just poor speech delivery.

Hat tip to Common Cents for posting the "More Context" commercial below.

Obama could have had fun with his "You didn't build that" misfire on the Jay Leno show. Jay makes fun of Obama, shows a video of Elizabeth Warren saying a similar message, only better. Jay continues to tease Obama over stealing someone else's homework but then getting the answers wrong anyway. Obama looks embarrassed, and people like him just a bit more.

Being able to joke about a mistake, and gain approval points, is actually a good move politically. Hillary Clinton appeared on the Jay Leno show after her airport sniper comment in 2008. 

The Sniper comment actually gave Obama that final push towards the finish line as Hillary Clinton's popularity was growing before the comment, dipped for a few days after that comment, and then grew again until the very day she suspended her sentence. Without the sniper snafu, Clintons approval never dips and probably ends up 2 to 5 points higher, high enough to cause a serious case for her nomination.

In this instance, Obama keeps pushing the fantasy that he did not screw up at all, that those wascally wepubwicans are "changing" his words. It's approaching the demonic denial stage with Obama's "I didn't say that" commercial.
Shoulda done Leno, Obama.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Obama's right: AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, but not ours | jacksonville.com

Not only did Obama make a mistake about what assault weapons american soldiers use in battle...

But Obama basically called the streets of Iraq and the streets and villages in Afghanistan, "battlefields" while also saying that our own streets in America naturally have a higher standard that precludes assault weapons.

As outrageous as that unsaid but implied premise by Barack Obama is towards the cities and villages of Iraq and Afghanistan that have been caught in the crossfire between american soldiers and Al Queda, will Iraq be "safer" without the american military there?

I'm assuming yes because a lot of Iraq people died during the Iraq invasion by the U.S. Army, but then I wonder if without a true leader both countries will end up in small mini wars.

If President Obama could elaborate on what constitutes a "battlefield", I would appreciate it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25 - NextGen Journal - NextGen Journal

Some people remained skeptical when I said that Hillary Clinton, besides being sabotaged in 2008 by several prominent women near her own age, was also done in by younger women who felt too grown up to want a mommy for president and instead voted for Barack Obama.

Unless this article is a joke here's your proof that women may never connect amongst themselves and why militant feminism will probably kill Hillary Clinton's chances to become president. Militant feminists foolishly believe they are at the forefront among Hillary Clinton's supporters. Unfortunately Militant femininsts probably believe that men are just not worth wooing on any level. 

The reality is that a combination of men voters and friendly feminists is the only way Hillary Clinton can ever attain the white house. However, the militant, men hating feminists will scare off way more men voters who would otherwise vote for Hillary Clinton then they can attract from their own sex.

Below is a link to that helps prove that Ageism, not sexism, did Hillary Clinton in in 2008 (not to mention a ton of unethical manipulation by democrat higher ups).

Hat tip to blog world for finding the above article link.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Will Barack Obama release his "Mom Returns"? How many times did Barack Obama Visit his mother after she told Obama she had Terminal Cancer?

I care more about Barack Obama releasing his "Mom Returns" than I do about Mitt Romney releasing additional income tax returns. 

How many times did Barack Obama visit his terminally stricken mother after she told Obama she had cancer? Is a tax return suddenly more important than how a son treats his terminally ill mother? (However, I do acknowledge that both are important.)

Obama referred to the plight of his mother after she had cancer several times during the 2008 democrat and presidential race. Obama in fact, used his mother's dying pain for his own political gain.

Can we have Obama's "Mom Returns" vetted, please?

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

If Mitt Romney is required to publicize more tax returns, Can Barack Obama at least reveal how many days he spent with his mother after she revealed she had terminal cancer?

Let's be real here. If the Obama administration is demanding the vetting of Mitt Romney's tax returns that go back several years, can President Obama reveal how many days he spent with his mother after it was known she was dying of ovarian cancer?

It would not surprise me if the answer is zero. But using the excuse that his mother was in Hawaii and Obama was in Chicago or elsewhere in the U.S. won't cut it because just a year or two earlier, Obama had flown OVER HAWAII to Bali to finish writing a tome about his deadbeat dead.

If Obama had time to fly to Balie to write a book about a deadbeat dad he barely ever met, should he not have had some time to be there for his dying mother?  I'd like to know Barack Obama, how many days in Hawaii did you spend with your mother before she succumbed to Ovarian Cancer?

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

PensionGate, the trading of votes for the promise of unrealistic state pension promises.

If the media were doing it's job, A PensionGate Investigation, aka the trading of unrealistic democrat state employee pension fund promises for votes for democrat candidates, would be in full swing.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

The Power of a woman to make a man's shoulders slump, or, how militant feminists just focus on how bad men are and not on the power women already have.

Dateline, Lost in Suburbia, revealed the power of a woman in the clip presented above. If women already have power over men, then why can't militant feminists worry about being better women, rather than simply pointing at men as the bad guys?

Militant feminism appears to exist for the primary purpose of reminding women that men use whatever means necessary to rule over them. 

What militant feminism is remiss in doing is demonstrating how one sentence from a women's lips to her man's ears can make the man's shoulder slump.

As you can see in the very short video clip above (first there is a 15 second commercial), the husband's shoulders slump as he listens to his somewhat daft wife, who has held exceptionally high positions in the corporate world when she was employed, talk childish gibberish.

Rather than believing that men want to rule over women, I think it is safer to say that men fear stupid women, or women who just can't differentiate between how their own father treated them and how their husband tries to be a team provider for their own family.

Look at the power this woman has to deflate her husband's shoulders with just ONE sentence. It is absolutely amazing. Then she goes on about how he doesn't love her because his job does not pay enough, she is just so out of touch with reality at that moment in time.  

Later in the video, when it's revealed that if she brought in as much as he was bringing in, they could actually pay all of their bills, she seems to refocus on herself, and I would assume her husband is grateful for that respite.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Green Party 2012 presidential nominee convention starts July 12, 2012 at the University of Baltimore.

Roseanne Barr is in second place based on delegates, if Barr could win the Green Party nomination, it would give Hillary Clinton supporters a way to send a message BEFORE the democrat convention in September of 2012 that a second Obama term is a disaster waiting to happen.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Were feminists ever really for Hillary Clinton? Have 2012 Gays become Heterophobes?

I'm beginning to see a huge feminist, gay, progressive coup within the democrat party that will continue to fester and destroy the party I used to think was so cool. 

The alleged well over a hundred blogs that were upset at how Hillary Clinton was cheated out of the 2008 democrat nomination have just laid back and accepted Barack Obama, not for just one term, but for a second one as well, or have gone completely Republican!

Roseanne Arnold is trying to win the Green Party Nomination. If the feminist vote really mattered, what a better way to send a message to the 2012 democrat party than by fully backing Roseanne Arnold well before the democrat convention.

Roseanne Arnold's television sitcom of the late 80's and early 90's was groundbreaking on many levels. Arnold's sitcom really was about a lower middle class family with real family problems. Roseanne's television was so solid she didn't get booted off the air after her national anthem screed that made here one of the most disliked personalities around, for about a week, then all was forgotten.

I think it's pretty clear that while Rosanne Arnold is a true feminist on so many levels, it probably also true that she is not gay, and there in lies the rub.  

If you made a list of every female national talk show host over the past 20 years who was either bi-sexual or a lesbian, the percentage would reach at least 50%. I think the number may be as high as 75%, and that's not counting Oprah!

Normally I would quote the Seinfeld line, "not that there's anything wrong with that", but I have begun to wonder, have gays become heterophobes?

I have to ask because if the feminist movement had any real clout, they could have given the democrat party a real push back this year by so overwhelmingly supporting Roseanne Arnold that Obama's chances against Mitt Romney would have been over well before the democrat convention.
As far as I can tell, NOT ONE gay or lesbian group has come out in favor of Roseanne Arnold for the green party presidential nominee.  Could it be because Rosanne Arnold is not gay?
The possibility of Arnold eroding anywhere from 5% to 10% of Obama's popularity could have resulted in a democrat convention demanding change.

Instead, the gay and lesbian movement seems content with Obama and his apparent support of gay marriage. If you are a gay democrat who was outraged with how Hillary Clinton was treated by her own party and the media in 2008, yet have reconciled that Barack Obama is your guy in 2012, then you just may be a heterophobe who only votes for candidates who support your issues even if that candidate is destroying the middle class in the process.

In 2012, it really does appear that gays rule, and have sanctioned four more years of economic despair and malaise for the middle class, not because Mitt Romney would be better, but because giving a pass to the democrat party AGAIN this year after what they did in 2008 is just appalling, and will result in so much more pain for all americans.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Louis C.K. responsible for one of the most powerful female character arcs on his 2006 HBO show, Lucky Louie.

Louis C.K., has apparently become a magnet for the ultra maniacal militant feminists who got bent out of shape over a comedy bit about Sarah Palin that went wrong. 

The New Agenda, (covertly affiliated with the Huffington Post so you can be sure that they are full of shit at least half of the time) led one of the charges against this teddy bear of a man. 

However, when I search google for some of the Louis C.K. militant feminist attacks, all of the links go to Femisex instead. Their comments section is full of more trashy hatred than I can recall reading anywhere else, congrats girls, on becoming one of the guys!

Amazingly enough, Lesbian Sarah Bernhardt said even more outrageous things about Sarah Palin than Louis C.K., and I don't recall the maniacal militant feminists demanding she quit.

Ultra Maniacal militant feminists somehow managed to have Louis C.K. removed from a White House comedy gig, (Louis C.K. did not want to cause trouble so he did the gentlemanly thing and let the loons have their way) and it's evident they just don't get how woman affirming most of Louis C.K.'s work really is.

Exhibit one, the role of his wife in HBO's Lucky Louie (which aired in 2006) is played by Pamela Adlon. 

Adlon's character on Lucky Louie is so profoundly pro woman/pro wife on so many levels that militant feminists should be laying down on the sidewalk in a rainstorm protecting Louis C.K. from the splash of passing cars, that's how amazing the character arc his wife goes through IN JUST ONE THIRD OF ONE EPISODE  is.

In this 1/3 of one 24 minute episode, "Kim", Louie's wife, is trying to help her younger sister, (played by Emma Stone) mature, Lucky Louie is just along for the ride.
Please note that Louis C.K.'s wife is on the short side, not blonde, and not overtly proportioned, yet most guys watching this episode would probably want a spitfire just like her.

When militant feminists act unnecessarily vicious towards men, such as their ongoing vendetta against Louis C.K., they then try to bring up the man hating accusation card first. It's as if by mentioning the man hating card first it puts a shield of innocence around them and absolves them of being the man haters that many militant feminists probably are, and makes one wonder what other idiosyncratic mental disorders they may be concealing. But there is hope.

If you want to become a RECOVERING militant feminist, I suggest watching Louis C.K. until you can actually start to laugh, not at him because he is a man, but because he is a comic.

Side note, Six years after the clip above aired on HBO, Louis C.K. was recently on the Tonight show at the same time that Emma Stone was on the Letterman show.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Can there be a more brilliant 2012 PRESIDENTIAL candidate than Roseanne Barr running on the Green Party Ticket?

Click here for most current DailyPUMA article.

What a brilliant idea! If Rosanne Barr becomes the Green Party PRESIDENTIAL Nominee, I'm voting for her this fall. If Barr siphons off just a few percentage points from Odouchebag and the democrats realize that Barr will get more votes from Obama than Romney, maybe Obama drops out before the election.

Hat Tip to Facebook Draft Hillary 2012 for this heads up.

If Ralph Nader can interfere in two elections, and interfere AGAIN this year by criticizing Bill Clinton's part, I say go for it Rosanne Barr. 
The media will IGNORE THIS STORY in their continued attempt to marginalize the role of women in the 2012 election.

Heck, I'm even practicing green living anyways!

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Why a Flat Tax could be more "equitable" if it also included ObamaCare instead of what the Supreme Court just agreed to.

Justice Robert's majority shifting Health Care Vote may have created an unintended consequence. A flat tax paid for by all americans has usually been pooh pooh'd by the democrats as being unfair to the poor.

But now that everybody must pay for healthcare, those who make less money will see a higher percentage loss on spendable income than those who make more money.

If one makes 40,000 dollars in a year, and agrees to pay for ObamaCare, they just got hit with as much as a 10% gross income tax  if their yearly healthcare premium is 4,000 dollars.

If one makes 200,000 dollars in a year, a 4,000 dollar premium works out to only a 2% gross income tax. There are other complexities that readjust these numbers in terms of tax deductions and tax brackets, but it sure looks like those who make less will be hit with more of a burden than those who make more.

If the person does NOT want ObamaCare, the IRS will still assess an earnings adjustment equal to what ObamaCare would cost them if they had paid. So the person making 40,000 who does not pay for Obama Care would be hit with 4,000 dollar additional income assessment by the IRS, raising their "income" 44,000 dollars.

The person the same age as the 40,000 dollar income person, but making 200,000 would be assessed the same 4,000 additional income assessment by the IRS. Raising income from 40,000 dollars to an inflated figure of 44,000 is more of a hit than raising 200,000 dollars to 204,000.

It's starting to look like a flat tax that includes Obama Care would more fairly distribute the healthcare load. Somebody making 40,000 dollars would pay the same flat rate percentage tax as someone making 200,000 dollars, but they would clearly get Obama Care at a huge discount since they would be spending less overall money every year.

Is it time for a flat tax, especially if it includes Obama Care coverage? 

A Flat Tax might be a way to stop all the hidden taxes, fees and penalties americans pay if suddenly there was a one size fits all flat tax, and then perhaps a much much smaller state tax, and then perhaps an energy tax covering the use of all energy.

It is much easier for consumers to add up three separate taxes and decide if it is too much taxation versus the current IRS system that hides annoying micro taxes amidst the taxes that are well known. Plus the ultra wealthy have tax shelter opportunities which can allow them to avoid taxes that poorer people actually pay.   
How about a 22% Flat Tax, 6% state tax, and 2% energy tax? And for that 30% total in taxation, the taxpayer also gets health care coverage at no additional cost. 
A Flat Rate Tax would effectively help the lower income wage earners that make enough to be taxed, but may be additionally burdened with the new healthcare payment penalty for non-coverage, or burdened by the cost of mandatory healthcare versus what they earn.

If the government would leave me alone for 30%, and cover my health care as well, that's not such a bad deal.

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