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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Joe Biden's slingshot affect from his South Carolina Primary performance may be somewhat muted because of early voting for Super Tuesday.

In 2008 Hillary Clinton was "punished" when Florida and Michigan delegates were not awarded to her before Barack Obama was able to gain his first lead when Illinois went for him by a 2 to 1 margin in early February.

Ironically, South Carolina's turn to change momentum for Joe Biden may be muted because some Super Tuesday States are allowing early primary voting, aka 2020 Super Tuesday before South Carolina's voting ending. 

California early voters presumably thought that Sanders was running away with it yet after South Carolina Biden may have more total votes than Sanders does! 

So apparently it was ok to punish Hillary Clinton in 2008 while the Democrat Party has basically bless the same type of early voting strategy in 2020.

However, Biden may still be able to claw his way back by doing better in the Democrat Primaries while Bernie Sanders does better in the Caucuses.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

It took a lot of guts for Bernie Sanders to snub Jewish AIPAC.

We live in a society where Israel can do no wrong, and when they are wronged, we feel badly for them. I hear from all viewpoints. While I am not nowhere near as extreme as others, it is interesting to hear their complaints.

Those evil, extremely rich, predator white men women's rights groups announce.  Wait a minute, says my friend, you mean the two biggest predators of our time, the Jewish predators named Weinstein and Epstein get to hide behind all white men? Why, asks my friend?

Why does every congress person who is elected have to sign a secret agreement that they will not go against Israel? 

Why is there no list of all the Academy Awards that have been won by Jewish people?

Is it possible the Holocaust numbers were exaggerated? 

Is it possible that during Steven Spielberg's Holocaust video project where Holocaust victims told their stories on video the videos may have been edited to remove all references to anything that made a German soldier who was in the camp look any thing other than being a vicious murderer?

Allegedly references to swimming or playing soccer with German Soldiers in the camps was taken out.  Allegedly there were births in the German camps among the prisoners that have never been reported? How does that happen if everyone was being gassed within days, weeks or evena few months of arriving?  

Many prisoners were emaciated when the Russian and U.S. troops arrived. The emaciation did not happen overnight. It would have taken months for it to occur, and could have coincided with Germany no longer having any resources to give anyone.

What some U.S. soldiers did to the women of Dresden would have qualified for court martial status.

Hearing all of these points from someone who has researched the issue in depth is disturbing to say the least. The Victor does get to write history.

I have head that George Prescott Bush in some way or another assisted Germany during World War II. 

I am concerned that the ultimate purpose of war is to bill for all the bombs that are dropped, and to keep the World's population from exploding. We are supposed to comply with laws and rules and regulations so we can have a civilized society, then we are manipulated into killing people we never met, but for whose gain? 

I don't know what to think of Israel. They apparently have a lot of enemies in the Middle East and we may never know why that is.

My Friend thinks that Israel has created a bullet proof method of always having to feel sorry while they are the strongest, richest community on the planet.

Think about this for a moment. How many Jewish people KNEW what Jeffrey Epstein or Harvery Weinstein were each doing for 30 fucking years. Zero? How many came forward to say something? Zero? What type of filth would know what Jeffrey Epstein and/or Harvey Weinstein were doing for 30 years, yet would say nothing? If the Holocaust happened exactly as has been historically recorded, would that not make Jewish people among the most empathetic people on the planet for the plight of others who are being victimized? But somehow it's ok if it is a Jewish person doing the victimization? Something is not adding up.

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4.6 percent of all Nevada Democrats voted for Bernie Sanders.

There are approximately 603,000 registered Democrats in Nevada. 27,920 voted for Bernie Sanders, which equals 4.6 percent of all Nevada Democrats. Can we tone down the "Sanders is in the driver's seat" rhetoric and deal with real numbers?

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Saturday, February 22, 2020

After Nevada win, the Progressive Media will clamor for a back Bernie movement or be labeled a disruptor.

A flawed Iowa caucus, A New Hampshire Primary victory, and a heavily unionized Nevada Caucus vote and suddenly the Progressive Media wants everyone to rally around Bernie Sanders?

IN 2016 Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders 28-12 in the Primaries, but based on one Democrat Primary in one of the smallest states in the country, the News Media now wants to declare Bernie Sanders the presumptive nominee after 3 contests.

Just stunning. We the people are being manipulated.

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Monday, February 17, 2020

ALL White Men must have vasectomies after age 50, declares female Democrat Alabama Politician.

One wonders if this attention getting bill in Alabama will help or hurt the Democrat Party in the bigger picture. Basically, Alabama State Rep. Rolanda Hollis introduced HB238 on Valentines day, aka Force Vasectomies on all White Males after their 50th Birthday.

I suppose this is payback for the Anti Abortion stance taken by conservative states. But this is also an Ageist bill as well since it determines that a white man at age 50 would be forced to pay for a vasectomy.

One of the cruel ironies of the anti abortion bills is it may protect women from being forced to have sex with their brothers and relatives since the sin could create a pregnancy that can no longer be covered up by an abortion.

On the other hand, the sin can't be stopped if it produces a child and that is probably the bigger issue.

And, I suppose without an abortion option a woman would be in danger of being killed off instead.

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