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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

NBC Nightly News over edits Donald Trumps comments, others blame Trump for Ronny Jackson nomination even though Jackson was also Barack Obama's doctor.

Maybe DailyPUMA no longer understands. Was watching NBC nightly news last night and saw horribly over edited  Donald Trump podium comments about his Nomination of Ronny Jackson for Department of Veteran Affairs.

Why is Trump being eviscerated for nominating a doctor for Department of Veteran Affairs when that doctor was also Barack Obama's White House doctor? At some point, we should expect fairness from the media and Democrat Politicians whether or not they approve of Trump.

Otherwise should a Democrat win the presidency in 2020 it will be just the same level of hostility coming from the Republican side.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Supreme Court Allegedly Rules Violence Guideline as a Reason to deport a US legal immigrant must be struck down, a huge fine should have been ordered instead.

Apparently Donald Trump's Department of Justice attempted to apply a "violence as a reason to deport an illegal immigrant law" to a case involving a legal immigrant, who was not violent. That is just the beginning of the madness.

CNN and Fox News are reporting that the Supreme Court Justices struck down the violence by a illegal immigrant law as being too "vague". This makes no sense to DailyPUMA. 

The Trump D.O.J. administration simply misapplied an existing law. All the Supreme Court had to do was excoriate the Trump D.O.J. for trying to apply a law where the law did not apply. Perhaps even fine the Trump D.O.J. and give the money to the falsely accused victim. There was no need to actually throw out the law.

What is this world coming to when laws or rules are simply struck down because the law is used incorrectly? Once again, our polarized, radicalized, "America is choosing sides" mind set has half the country applauding the throwing out of the law because it punishes Trump, the other half doesn't understand how a violent act by a illegal immigrant can be construed as a vague law, even if it was misapplied in this particular instance.

DailyPUMA simply points out that no law should be thrown out by the Supreme Court simply because the law was used incorrectly. Fine the Trump D.O.J. a million dollars for over reaching with a law that is perfectly easy to understand. But to simply throw out the law because it was used incorrectly seems over reaching as well by the Supreme Court.

If the law that the Supreme Court allegedly struck down instead had fines attached every time it was used incorrectly, I am pretty sure the Trump D.O.J. would reel in when they used the violence  / illegal immigrant card. 

This is truly a sad day for America, A., because Trump's D.O.J. can't tell the difference between a legal immigrant versus an illegal immigrant and the use of violence between no use of violence, and B., because the Supreme Court simply threw out a law when they should have been invoking a fine for the abusive and over reaching use of the Law in question by the Trump D.O.J.

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George Stephanopoulos, the first to ask James Comey why it was ok to mention that Hillary Clinton was under Investigation, but not Trump.

Kudos to George Stephanopoulos for asking James Comey why it was ok to announce that Hillary Clinton was under investigation, but not Donald Trump.

Comey's answer to Mr. Stephanopoulos's question needed a follow up question, however. Comey basically stated that Trump was not under investigation, that it was people around Trump who were under investigation.

But this begs another question, why was a private citizen allowed to go less scrutinized, perhaps even unscrutinized versus a public official?

The Clinton emails in question were several years old. Why wasn't Trump being investigated as well? And wasn't Bernie Sanders also being investigated?

And, was investigated the right word? Wouldn't the word vetted have been the right word to use? "The FBI is vetting all the presidential candidates…"

Anyways, if Hillary Clinton had been elected president, she might have been under incredible pressure from the Progressive wing of the Democrat party AND the Neo conservatives who have come to hate her, that I am no longer sure she could have gotten anything done of note as president.

There is too much web money to be made hating on Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton does not appear to have the gift of feeling the pain of her supporters. If she had felt her supporters' pain she would have used her time off after being Secretary of State and prior to running for president to try and heal wounds and mend fences. Plus she should have gotten in better cardio shape so her physical fitness would have impressed the younger generation. 

DailyPUMA guesses that Bill Clinton told Hillary Clinton to lay low and avoid public scrutiny and be a doting grandmother, not realizing that even that sage advise could backfire if it meant not being involved in Clinton Foundation on site projects, getting into good cardio shape, and possibly avoiding the lucrative wall street talks or at least instantly donating most of the money to Clinton Foundation projects.

And Bill Clinton should have accepted an annual salary for running the Clinton Foundation and then used stats to show that his salary as head of the Clinton Foundation was lower than any other Foundation head in terms of ratio to total money raised, or lower than the top 1000 Fortune 1000 businesses. Asking Clinton Foundation donors to then make a separate donation to fund Bill Clinton is not against the law, but it allowed for Clinton detractors to make it seem both scandalous and against the law.

Perhaps Bill and Hillary's biggest mistake was not confiding enough in Chelsea Clinton, who probably would have made the right call on Hillary Clinton's path to the White House, if only she had been asked and have her observations respected.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

A simple question about Syria, Sarin Gas and Chloride.

Is it possible to camouflage Sarin Gas and Chloride detectors into everyday housing items such as roofing materials? How about some CIA construction guys installing Sarin Gas and Chloride detectors into places one would never think twice about?

So far, we have Russia and Syria inviting workers in to determine what happened, and the US and its allies saying that Russia and Syria are stalling for time so they can get rid of evidence. Both scenarios are plausible.

Maybe it would take too many Sarin Gas and Chloride detectors to accurately cover a wide enough area. If so, why not have Sarin Gas and Chloride detectors ready so they can be brought to the scene of an alleged attack within a half an hour to an hour away?

Could Sarin Gas and Chloride Detector Drones be launched to the site of an alleged attack to gather readings? Something better is needed than a back and forth in which both sides seem to have justifiable cause for their actions, aka, verifiable truth.

Of course, once Sarin Gas and Chloride have been found, can it be proved who detonated it?  Why does Syria have Sarin Gas and Chloride? If they did not have it stockpiled, then it could not be launched nor stolen by terrorists.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Why the Republican Party is viewed as the Party of the Heartless and the Selfish.

The biggest problem with the Republican Party is that Libertarians support them. I like the spirit behind Libertarianism, but the application of their principles is basically selfish on many fronts. If Libertarianism policies were in place, roads, cars, pipelines, rules and regulations would vary so greatly from fiefdom to fiefdom our country would not be a world power nor would it have enough economic might to spread around to its citizens.

Another flaw of Libertarianism is it really does not acknowledge what came before them as the primary reason they have an economic edge to apply to their own present day ventures.

What Libertarianism does do is give the Republican Party ample motivation and cause to not genuinely support programs like MediCAID, MediCARE or Social Security. Republican voters don't like their own parties take on these programs, however they know the Democrats would never let those programs die, so Republicans simply accept their own parties Libertarian based views knowing Dems won't let those programs die. 

If the Republican party did not embrace their Libertarian supporters, the difference in total supporters for each political party would temporarily massively shift to the Democrat Party. However, once Republicans became free to actually support Social Entitlement programs that reward those who have paid their taxes the longest, the would be on solid footing with many moderates and even Democrat Moderates.

The Republican Party Libertarian Support conundrum has caused the Republican party to face charges of racism and reluctance to change to new ideas when the reality is Republican Voters simply don't want to see their vote be equaled or overwhelmed by those just arriving into the U.S.
However, when one then mixes in the Libertarian philosophy, the Republican Party sows a reputation of stinginess and heartlessness they clearly have earned. 

After seeing my mother not be treated in the ER even though she had MediCare, why would I embrace the Democrat march towards supporting those who want to make America their home when our own government can't even take care of those who have lived in America and paid  their taxes for the past 40 years.

And yet, the Republican Party is the party of no. The Republican party appears to be clueless when it comes to truly hearing the pain of those who support them, or, they simply have accepted that the Democrats will always stop them from doing the unthinkable and cutting programs that actually reward those who have paid into the system the longest, except when it comes to MediCARE.

The cruelest twist here is the Democrats, the supposedly passion filled party, is so fixated on collecting new voters through Immigration and youthful causes they too have abandoned those who have paid their taxes the longest.

In DailyPUMA's view, a Libertarian is a person who feels no obligation to society as a whole other than offer a product or service and receive compensation in return. This Libertarian lack of obligation has driven the Republican Party to the brink of not understanding that programs such as Home Healthcare can both create true infrastructure jobs while giving back to those who have paid their taxes for the longest period of time.

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Come on Reasonable People, both Political Parties are full of shit, the Republicans moreso, but the democrats are not far behind, in some ways, maybe its worse to be perceived as being better than one really is.

Seeing the ER Forcibly remove my dear sweet, loving 91 year old mother and myself by a security guard when she was sick and then to have her die just three days later in my arms has obviously been a wake up call for me. If you really believe the Republicans are the Devil, and Democrats are the Angels sent from on nigh, you are full of shit and need an enema.

Both Parties suck and both parties spend most their time trying to convince the public that the other side is destroying America. DailyPUMA believes the following, if our country is systematically discarding our elderly who are on MediCARE and neither party seems to care, then we presently are the shit hole country Donald Trump loathes.

The only president that I can recall from the last 50 years who went almost moderate center was Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was also the only president in the past 80 years to both lower his annual budget deficit each and every year he was in power and to also leave office more popular then when he went in.

Yet Bill Clinton has been reviled by both Conservatives AND Progressives. So take note, if you truly believe only one side of the political spectrum is for you, then you are a dunderhead, and that's not my opinion, its fact

Next article I will explain why the Republican party comes off as the party with no compassion, the answer may or may not surprise you.

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