Monday, May 31, 2021

Republican Politicians need to up their game and offer FREE Voter Photo ID Locations to all U.S. Minority Citizens.

The ridiculousness of accusing the Republican Party of racist voting laws because of photo ID requirements needs to be buried in one fell swoop by offering FREE photo ID Voter Registration to all minorities who are in the U.S. legally.

The issue of granting former felons voting rights needs to be addressed as well. I would suggest a free in four solution. Any felon who is released from jail and goes four years without a new infraction can vote.

The United States is mired in too many repetitive arguments and it is a surefire recipe for something very big and very bad to happen that could have been prevented if not for the political in fighting over the same darn issues, over and over and over again.

Free Voter Photo ID Centers would also give both parties and independent parties equal and fair access to all who are registering to vote, what could be fairer than that?

I'd separate the DMV from the Free Voter Photo ID Centers because both processes in the same place would ultimately turn into a very long wait. Lets spend money on Americans for American issues.
Free Photo Id is the kind of program that needs priority over the funding of the Undocumented who require anywhere from 10 to 77 times more funding to do the same thing that U.S. Citizens need and are not getting. 

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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Is the Mainstream Media guilty of Presumptive Treason regarding the 2020 Presidential Election?

There were several chain reactions that were sparked by two huge events in 2020, COVID-19 and George Floyd. Both were politicized by the media against Donald Trump. However Trump felt about either issue, the Media went oppo. 
The media was able to make People think Trump was a buffoon for asking at a Press Conference what could be done to fight Coronavirus early on, before it had a chance to manifest and become lethal inside of a person.

To this day, Fauci, the Medical community nor the media has encouraged people who are already in Home Quarantine to be involved in various types of home based COVID-19 trials involving natural products and remedies to see if they might kill off COVID-19 before it has spread throughout the body. This to me is a red flag of either a medical conspiracy or a hate of Donald Trump and his dangerous practice of asking questions at Press Conferences. The media has so brainwashed people they think Trump committed a crime because he asked a question about how COVID-19 could be stopped in its early, home quarantine stage.

Then, George Floyd happened and every incident that involved a Police shooting after George Floyd was immediately categorized as a reason to defund the Police. I understand that without the continued protesting it is possible things would have returned to Police Officers virtually never being under the microscope and never having a Grand Jury agree on charges being filed, but the result was an extraordinary media bias that as time goes on will reveal that most of the split second decisions were not Police Brutality.

The ongoing Summer protests and COVID-19 created the panic needed to do a never been done before “sending virtually everyone in the country a mail in ballot” decision while acting like it was no big thing, normal as normal can be.

The Media finished off Donald Trump by always using certain mocking phrases like “widespread ballot fraud” before the election when we all know highly targeted ballot fraud encompassing sanctuary cities would be enough to turn the election if necessary, and then universally using the words “baseless” and “false” in front of any Donald Trump comment about the 2020 election after the election. The fact that the two words were so universally used clearly shows behind the scenes meetings occurred among ALL mainstream media. I think the media is already guilty of an insurrection for deciding before election day they would not investigate signs of ballot harvesting or ballot fraud. And by constantly deriding any mention of ballot fraud or ballot harvesting and constantly using the word baseless and false when discussing the possibility of the 2020 election being compromised, have actually presumptively committed treason if ballot fraud is found in the future regarding 2020 Presidential election.

Yes, regardless of the outcome of the latest ballot recounts, the media committed presumptive treason by refusing to investigate various types of potential ballot fraud.

The latest indication that 2020 may have been stolen is the incessant nit picking and gaslighting about the Maricopa recount that has gotten so desperate among the mainstream media they mock the putting of the ballots up to the light. Seriously? Why does the media care so much if ballot counters are putting the ballots up to the light? I feel like I tumbled into a Star Trek or Twilight Zone episode where a 6 year old is actually in charge and is getting nervous over a secret of theirs being exposed and begins to freak out as his secret becomes undone as ballots are held to the light. “You stop that right now or I’ll turn you into a rock”.

Detective shows always mention how people will look away when someone is trying to find a piece of evidence that is hidden in the room is near the hot spot where they have hidden something, then the person will calm down when the investigator moves away from the hot spot. That is how it feels with all the attention being given to Maricopa county by the mainstream media and the holding up of the ballot to a light.

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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Media falsely pushes there was no 2020 Election Controversy and hides that it costs 77 times more to Foster an Undocumented Child than a U.S. Citizen Foster Child.

The Mainstream Media claims there were no controversies about the 2020 election and that it is ok to deprive 1.5 million Foster kids from having their Grandparent's Foster them at 10 dollars a day. 

Instead of providing 10 dollars a day to Foster 1.5 million U.S. Children with their Grandparents,  20,000 Undocumented are being Fostered at 770 dollars a day.

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

1.5 million American Kids could be Fostered with their Grandparents for what it costs to fund 20,000 Undocumented Kids.

You can do the the math yourself if you like.  
It costs 770 dollars per day to safely house an Undocumented child. In Ohio, Ma'Khia Bryant was driven insane by a system that would not pay her grammy 10 bucks a day to be her Foster Parent when Mom, who is single, could not hold down a full time job and also be there for her kids full time. Ironically, Single Mom, if she was working regularly, was paying into the system that could have then backed her up by letting Grammy be there for her kids if necessary.

Crazier still, Grammy has to wait 6 months and then maybe she gets paid 10 bucks a day to be a caregiver for each grand child. But how can Grammy provide for her grand kids for those first six months if she isn't being paid and has to work during those first six months and once again, not be around for her grand kids. 

The U.S. system presently is funding 20,000 Undocumented Kids an amount of money that could fund 1.5 million Foster Kids in the U.S. to live with their grandparent or grandparent.

This is the kind of statistical factoid that goes untold by Democrat Politicians who are against the Wall, while Republican Politicians don't seem to know enough about family values to want to make sure that Grandma can be a Foster Parent with minimal red tape.
Instead the two Political sides bicker and fight when the math is there for everyone to see.

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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Does Black Lives Matter know Democrat Politicians are Spending 77 times more per Undocumented Child than is being spent on African American Foster Children who are U.S. Citizens?

It costs 770 dollars per day to take care of one Undocumented Child at the border. One can presume the new cost to house many undocumented children in large facilities like convention centers or smaller more localized centers within California, is most likely similar, or more.    
Ma'khia Bryant died in large part because Ohio could not afford to pay her grandma 10 dollars a day to be her full time foster mother. Yet the Democrat led Federal Government is paying 770 dollars a day for daily caregiver services and facilities for each Undocumented Child. 

Even more astounding, Democrat Politicians WILL PAY a Foster parent who is NOT related to African American 10 dollars a day or more to take care of an African American child, just not the child's grandparent. This is how Democrat Politicians keep African American families together, by paying a stranger to separate African American Kids from their own grandparents by not paying the Grandparent? This is the party that Black Lives Matter is supporting?

Is Black Lives Matter aware of the discrepancy? Does BLM approve of the Democrat led Federal Government paying 77 times more per day to take care of an undocumented child versus making an African American Grandmother wait six months before paying her just 10 dollars a day to Foster her own Grandchildren?

Why is BLM upset with Republican Politicians when it sure seems like it is Democrat Politicians who value Undocumented Lives more than Black Lives, 77 times more.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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