Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Why is it ok for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to admit no mistakes regarding the 2016 election?

The way the game is played in Washington is whomever is President is repeatedly attacked until they grovel on their hands and knees. Disagree? Let's start with Bill Clinton. Republicans were furious that Bill Clinton was using some of their ideas to try and create a zero annual budget deficit. Progressives were angry that Bill Clinton dared to even consider, let alone use, any Republican based political construct that put extra pressure on the poor. 

George Bush Jr. was repeatedly assailed for many things. His Wars, inability to come up with an immigration plan, recycling his Father's cronies into his own administration, Cabinet Choices, Mispronouncing words.

Barack Obama was attacked for ObamaCare on the right, and from Moderates for basically getting way too much help from the Media to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2008. Obama's Immigration policies were also attacked on the left as being far too aggressive and on the right for being fake attempts to look tough. There were also allegations of gun running, and amazingly enough, the fall of several Middle Eastern Countries Leaders was celebrated worldwide, yet condemned by Conservatives. And then there was the chirping over Benghazi while these same Conservatives kept quiet about the 20 daily Veteran Suicides in the U.S.

Now Donald Trump is being pilloried by Progressives, Democrats and the Media. Any reason for an Impeachment is fine by probably 40% to 45% of those taking part in these types of polls.

But a Trump Impeachment will just create Political Forever Gridlock going forward. And if we think about it for a moment, wouldn't Political Forever Gridlock, PFG, make Russia proud that their actions created an Impeachment that then created Political Forever Gridlock in the U.S. Political system?

Donald Trump is massively proud of his Presidential win in 2016. Hillary Clinton is still fuming mad about "What Happened".

People keep calling Trump selfish. I would suggest that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are just as selfish for trying to create an image of being the reasonable ones and the good ones and that Trump stole the 2016 Election. The reality is, Obama gave Hillary Clinton flawed advice about how to deal with Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton screwed up by having no Facebook Political Micro Ads Strategy while Trump went big time on Facebook Political Micro Ads.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama could go a long way towards healing America if they both admitted they screwed up the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign. That is just as likely to happen as Trump admitting he has done anything wrong. 

We have a situation where the Baby and the Bathwater have both been tossed out and all that is left is an empty Bathtub being banged on top of everyone's head, courtesy of Russia.

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Monday, December 10, 2018

The Case for not impeaching Donald Hillary Clinton.

Back in 2008 a lot of weird things happened during the Democrat Presidential Nomination process. I recall at one point a court challenge was made in one of the caucus states. It might have been the Nevada Caucus, it could have been because Florida and Michigan's votes were discounted because they moved their primary dates into January, even though that was beyond the control of the candidates, or it might have been the collusion between Obama and two Democrat candidates who tricked Hillary Clinton into remaining on the Michigan Ballot, then blasting her in Iowa as being an opportunist for remaining on the Michigan Ballot after they had removed their own names at the last minute without telling the Clinton Campaign.

Whichever incident caused the hearing, I recall the judge saying something that applied to all three situations, "They are your rules, if you don't like them, you change them".  While it is pretty clear what the Judge was saying, it bears repeating. You are just a political party within a political system, if you are playing shenanigans you get together and fix your own shenanigans.

There are a couple of interesting dilemma's in play. In 2008 it was Democrats screwing over Democrats, with Hillary Clinton getting the brunt of the abuse by her male political counterparts. In 2016 it was Trump creating fake news and lies and over exaggerations and possibly collusion from Russia, and once again making Hillary Clinton the brunt of the false accusations.

But there is a but. Ultimately, Trump apparently was able to guide his followers via low cost Facebook Micro ads. Targeted Facebook Micro ads cost as little as one dollar a day and can reach a couple hundred people within a targeted region or demographic. For not much money a campaign could reach a million people a day.

Hillary Clinton apparently showed no interest in running Micro Ads on Facebook, and it cost her dearly. It's not just fake news that did Hillary Clinton in, it was an inability to respond to her detractors with lightening quick responses to her own supporters via her own Facebook Micro Ads as a way to quell crazy accusations. Facebook Micro Ads would have recharged Hillary Clinton's base. There were times in 2016 where Hillary Clinton just took it, and did nothing, especially from Bernie Sanders. As an all in Hillary Clinton Supporter in 2016, I was kind of upset that she did not see how bummed out her own followers were at her inability to give back as much as what she was receiving. 

In other words, Hillary Clinton did not feel the pain of her supporters watching her being attacked and savagely targeted. Kind of weird in a way, kind of oxymoronic as well. A Political leader that cannot feel the pain of the people who support her that is being caused by the attacks the Political leader is absorbing and brushing off.

I recall getting lots of requests to make Donations to the Hillary Clinton Campaign and I did make some contributions. I don't recall ever getting a Facebook Micro Ad from Hillary Clinton responding to any of the insanity that Trump or Sanders put out during the 2016 Presidential Race. One would think that at the very least, contacting a donor on facebook, so the donor could at least post to their own timeline if they chose to, would be a no brainer of a way to effectively rebut false claims that were being circulated in the Media.

Perhaps the reason Trump revels in his 2016 victory so much is he figured out at some point that Facebook Micro ads were going to really help him. And he probably was amazed that Hillary Clinton was not doing the same. Think of it as finding a secret door to a place that no one else seems to know about. I think to this day Trump will never accept any wrong doing about anything because he knows in the trenches, he came up with a strategy that Hillary Clinton completely missed, Facebook Micro Ads, and he used it to defeat her.

Sadly, prior to Trump's antic's Barack Obama had asked Hillary Clinton to not attack Sanders and instead keep the peace. The problem was Sanders lied repeatedly about how close he was in the race, using Trumped up Caucus results to mislead his followers and paint a very false picture that the race was rigged. Sander's people went so far as to state that if the super delegates were not counted, Sanders would be winning, and his supporters sucked up the lies. The bigger the lie, the more it appeared that Sanders supporters ate them up.

If Hillary Clinton had had Facebook Micro Ads in play, she could have disputed Sander's claims on a more localized level instead of hoping the Idiotic Media would be fair.

Congress nor the Judicial System should take away Trump's 2016 win. Hillary Clinton should have won by 6 to 10 million votes. I believe Hillary Clinton's lack of physical fitness affects her political methods. A frantic person, someone like Trump, probably saw the value of Facebook Micro Ads, the ability to buddy up with people on a literally  one on one basis whereas Hillary Clinton, a non frenetic person, probably saw the Facebook Micro ads as a waste of time, too much busy work to deal with. 

To this day Hillary Clinton wants to be vindicated, she wants to hear that she was wronged. This too is the foible of a non sports minded person. Instead of admitting to what she did wrong, and that she could have done better, she wants revenge, and redemption. This type of "I was wronged mentality" is not what I want in a President.

I see Hillary Clinton as a Battleship cursing through the water while demanding respect from Submarines, Bombers, Rocket Launchers and Dynamite loaded speed boats. It just doesn't work that way. Political Agility is the key, and Hillary Clinton, because she is physically lazy, does not have that attribute. And, no one in her inner circle has the guts to tell her to get in shape, not one. Heck, I'm even afraid to put the prior sentence in bold.

Yes, lack of physical fitness and energy can torpedo a politician into not welcoming the concept of Disruption that a candidate needs to understand, to win. Obama Disrupted his campaign with a rather adventurous let's go to the Frigid February Caucuses attack plan. Unfortunately the lack of true fairness in caucus contests made Obama's momentum streak in 2008 over inflated, but none the less effective. Also, to his credit, Obama personally met his speech writer after an early campaign stop, and hired him right then and there! This was political agility in action. 

Trump showed his political agility with lies in the Media while playing buddy buddy with his followers via Facebook Micro Ads. The person who came to his campaign to do the Facebook Micro Ads was first drawn in by a Trump Real Estate associate because Trump wanted his own real estate ads to be made as cheaply as possible.

Talk about agility, some guy who was really good at making internet ads from home first gets swooped up into Trump's Real Estate Business, then is offered the job of ad campaigns for Trump's Presidential run. I think Hillary Clinton wanted to prove she was one of the boys, and in the process never really got the inside scoop on what that meant. The Majestic "voice over political ads" she chose to pin her hopes on were indicative of her Battleship methodology in action.

I still believe if somebody got through to Hillary Clinton, and got her to realize that physical fitness is key to winning, and she embraced the concept, her mental and political agility would rise to the challenge of being worthy of being president in 2020. I fear that Hillary Clinton is still waiting for vindication that she was robbed in 2016, and if that is the case, then she has shortchanged herself and the country, and is not Presidential Material.

Unless Hillary Clinton admits to screwing up in the 2016 Presidential Race and gives specific reasons why she screwed up, she won't grow anymore as a politician, nor will she have any chance of winning back any of her Moderate Base that Manafort, Stone and Devine probably conspired together to make sure she would lose to Trump.

Apparently Donald Trump is tripling down on anything about Hillary Clinton that he can convince his cronies to do an investigation about. Hillary Clinton would be wise to set up a Facebook Micro ads account and put a million or two million in a reserve, and hire a few people to be rapid Facebook Micro Ad Responders, whether or not she runs in 2020. It would also be a sign of appreciation to her millions of followers who continue to respect the heck out of her and feel angst at her repeatedly being used as fodder by the right.

Is Trump guilty of anything worth being impeached about? I would suggest that Trump is the epitome of the Fox guarding the Hen House. However, what High Powered politicians out there are not guilty of the same?

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Real Russia Collusion Probably involved Tad Devine and Paul Manafort and a few others.

If Robert Mueller's Collusion Investigation does not research the ties between Bernie Sanders chief strategist Tad Devine and Trump Campaign Supporter Paul Manafort, actual Russian Collusion may not be found.

The strategy of pushing Hillary Clinton from Moderate to Progressive for the 2016 Presidential Elections was a master stroke of genius that allowed Donald Trump to swoop in and steal millions of Moderates who previously supported Hillary Clinton. As Cannonfire previously reported and warned SEVERAL MONTHS BEFORE THE 2016 ELECTION, "Mirror Imaging and Election Fraud", Devine, Manafort and Roger Stone knew each other from their Eastern Europe Political consulting days following Devine's turn as Al Gore's 2000 Presidential Political Strategist.

The Sanders campaign and the Trump campaign probably colluded to force Hillary Clinton to go way left. Sanders was offering unrealistic promises like free education for all and Pot in every home, and enough Progressives ate it up that it forced Hillary Clinton to backpedal on several issues, including her reluctance to see coal miners die from working in the coal mines. Is what Devine and Manafort possibly concocted together, forcing Hillary Clinton to go wack a noodle left, illegal? I have no idea. Was it collusion if it was a plan? Most likely. If Russia was in any way involved in Manafort's and Devine's possible collusion, would that be considered illegal, I would guess yes.

But there is a but in the room. Hillary Clinton has since embraced her Progressivism. So even if Hillary Clinton was forced from her more Moderate Politics, she has never looked back nor regretted her decision. So if collusion is found between Manafort, Devine, and Russia to force Hillary Clinton way to the left, but Hillary Clinton has embraced that shift in her political objectives, does that nullify the collusion after the fact? 

I don't know if after the fact can ever be considered as a defense to nullify collusion, but it sure adds a tinge of irony to the entire scenario. I would suggest that players in the Russia Collusion are Manafort, Devine, the NRA, The National Enquirer, The Globe, with funding for various endeavors funded by Russian Oligarchs, and Donald Trump's Debt to the Oligarchs, and of course, Roger Stone, also unveiled in several Cannonfire articles. 

If we take Devine, The NRA, The National Enquirer, and The Globe out of the above equation, It will be interesting to see what remains and if a strong enough case for collusion still remains.

And finally, Donald Trump and his cheap ways led him to hire a guy working out of his home to first make Real Estate ads for Trump's Real Estate Business, then ultimately designed Facebook ads down to the street level for Trump's Presidential Campaign. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton went with Hollywood favorites Morgan Freeman and Dr. Maya Angelou to do Voice Overs for her Political ads and had the ads run over and over and over again. It reminded me of a luxury airliner taking off. But where were the agile ads, the ones made on shoestring budgets. There were some, but overall, the Freeman and Angelou ads dominated here in California. Maybe in other parts of the country they went a different way?

I believe the race was ultimately won by what apparently was hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of Facebook Street level ads by Trump's Ad person that were literally targeting anywhere from 1 to 5 people with targeted content. Each ad was personalized. Not sure where Trump's Facebook Ad Director found the time to do all of those ads. He was interviewed for 60 Minutes and that is his claim. If true, that is how the election was won. 

For whatever reason, Hillary Clinton was unable to shake old school ways and allow for any type of newer style of advertising disruption, whereas Trump's inherent cheapness  allowed for a disruptor to come in and shake things up with Facebook Micro Ads.

And yes, the second Comey letter may have catalyzed tens of millions of dollars for negative ads against Hillary Clinton to come steaming in over the final 10 days of the campaign, and that definitely had an effect. 

However, if Hillary Clinton had had in place a system of facebook micro ads, she could have instantly volleyed a credible denial. Hillary Clinton's biggest weakness was her ongoing reliance on the media to tell her side of the story whereas Trump kept finding ways to either use the media to his advantage, or go around the media with his Facebook Micro Ads.

So even if Hillary Clinton is somehow vindicated when the Mueller investigation is over, will that be a good thing? If she hasn't been able to analyze and fix what her own weaknesses are and instead wants to keep focusing on Trump's behavior, then her effectiveness as a leader is compromised. Get in shape Hillary Clinton. My 91 and 1/2 year old mother was still walking 1.1 miles and if the ER had not violated 9 laws that led to her death, I believe she was still on an upward trajectory in terms of her endurance. And fight for Middle America. Winning a couple of large states by large majorities while losing vast swaths of America by not so close margins is not something I would be proud of. 

If Hillary Clinton had been in great physical shape, and if she had used Facebook Micro Ads to tell her story, she could have won the 2018 election by 5 to 10 million votes.

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Monday, November 5, 2018

How Donald Trump's scorn of California may backfire on him in regards to Tomorrow's 2018 MidTerm Elections.

It chaps Donald Trump's behind. Hillary Clinton won the 2016 popular vote by almost 3 million votes. California alone was in favor of Hillary Clinton over Trump by 4.3 million votes. A stunning almost 2 to 1 margin in the state with the largest population of voters of all 50 States.

Trump resorted to claiming that there were massive amounts of votes cast by illegal or non residential immigrants in California. So in his pettiness, Trump has used California as a whipping post whenever he feels the need.

But now Trump's pettiness could come home to roost, against himself. There are five California races in Republican strongholds that are neck and neck. These five races in California, were they all to go Democrat, could shift the balance of power in Congress.

However, while this is good news for breaking up the Trump monopoly, it is not necessarily good news for California. The truth is, the ability for Republicans to put up some fight against over taxation from California State Democrats is what has saved the state from even bigger budget deficits and even higher taxes.

Union, Environmental, Immigration and Educational support have given California a Democrat State stronghold that has to constantly find new sources of "revenue" to appease all the groups Democrats are beholden to.

I don't mind a Democrat Majority in California, not at all. I do fear a Democrat veto proof super majority in the California State Legislature as it will lead to more taxation and more prioritizing of immigration rights over senior rights, all because Trump could not play nice with California. So what could be good for the country, breaking up Trump's Congressional monopoly by California voting out some Republican politicians, could be bad for California as it becomes a Democrat Super Majority.

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Friday, November 2, 2018

Older Folks are more afraid of the Democrats than the Republicans.

Back in 2008 when Hillary Clinton ran against Barack Obama for the Democrat Nomination, Clinton had a diverse base of support. Back in 2008, Small business owners supported Hillary Clinton, Women supported her, Ethnicities supported her, I think even the elderly supported her. The one group she was losing was the younger people, even with Chelsea Clinton campaigning on campuses. Democrat elites were convinced that Obama could win over all of Hillary Clinton's supporters, while also appealing to the younger crowd who clamored for change.

10 years later and Hillary Clinton seems to have dived into the very group that she had the weakest support, the millennials and younger. While some may see that as a daring move, I see it as a betrayal of people her own age who don't have the wealth that Hillary Clinton has but have steadfastly stood by her for the past 25 years or longer.

As I venture into the guardianship abuse issues that are pervasive around the country, Barack Obama seems to be getting a significant amount of the blame among those who have lost loved ones to corrupt public guardians who basically get a court order and seize an elderly person from their own family, sons and daughters, and then spend the elders wealth.

I do believe that Obama and his administration tried to deal with the most difficult aspect of healthcare, those who are younger and healthier and were gaming the system by only getting catastrophic health insurance. It was a lose lose proposition as there really is no way to convince somebody who upped their hospital only insurance coverage deductible from 1,000 dollars to 5,000 dollars per event and in the process dropped their monthly premiums in half.

A person with a high deductible, Hospital only policy could reach the break even point in 2 and 1/2 years and from then on would be saving a massive amount of money year after year even if they had one Hospital Event within that 2 and 1/2 time span. The Medical industry argued that this was a form of Top of the Muffin abuse. Avoid doctor visits and wait until something grave happens that could have been prevented with doctor's visits but now requires hospitalization, which is then covered under the catastrophic, high deductible, low premium plan. A perfect storm of Top of the Muffinness.

However, there were millions upon millions of people whose premiums went up and the only way to qualify for lower cost, affordable healthcare was to lose one's job and be covered by a spouse's healthcare plan.

I think Trump's plan is pretty simple, he will continue to be the target and keep Democrats off of the real problems the Democrat party faces, such as winning back some of the geography they have lost to an America that believes the Democrats favor immigrants over people who have lived in America for decades or longer.

Hillary Clinton's rush to be a part of a political youth movement would have only worked if she personally took responsibility for her own personal health and actually moved her body in a manner that is known as physical exercise. 

While Trump apparently is not in great shape, Trump apparently does not drink or smoke and he apparently stays remotely in shape by fighting with people, who oblige Trump by fighting back.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Republicans and Trump misinterpret Jacob M. Howard's interpretation of the 14th amendment.

Republicans and Donald Trump have misunderstood the meaning of Jacob M. Howard's comment regarding the 14th amendment.

Apparently Mr. Howard stated... This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States, but will include every other class of person.  end quote.

The commas after the word foreigners, and then after the word aliens, were meant to connect the two terms to what follows immediately thereafter, the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States.

What Mr. Jacob Howard was saying was foreign dignitaries who are in the United States and who have offspring born in the U.S. do not have to worry about their children being U.S. citizens.  No different than if U.S. dignitaries in other countries bore their children in another country would not have to worry about their children being called citizens of the country they were born in.
The U.S. was so anxious to have both Naturalized and Natural born citizens back then that Mr. Howard then concludes by stating "but will include every other class of persons". end quote.

In other words, the only people who are born on U.S. soil who WILL NOT be considered U.S. citizens are those who are the offspring of foreign political dignitaries, and this was done out of a quid pro quo because obviously American officials in foreign countries who have offspring in that country would most likely not want their kids to not be U.S. citizens.

Wasn't John McCain born on a military base outside of the U.S., I think it was Panama? McCain was still considered a U.S. Natural Born citizen even though he was born outside of the United States and in a foreign country. The same courtesy, but in reverse, is being offered to foreign dignitaries who reside in the U.S. when their offspring are born.

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Race is on to accuse the other side of incivility before the 2018 Mid Term Elections.

Who can be more civil until the 2018 mid term elections. Donald Trump went out of his way to brag about how politely he was behaving. Wow.

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Monday, October 22, 2018

The Progressives Biggest Mistake and how Elizabeth Warren is making it Worse.

I wish I could directly refer to the piece of video I saw after midnight earlier today. I think it was on Meet the Press. Warren was asked about Trump's Washington Post approval rating being 47% and she gave a really bizarre answer, that if the economy was as good as is being stated it should be even higher, or something to that effect. Dumber than the answer was her tone. Warren seems tone deaf. Warren comes off as someone with no plan other than to figure out how to get enough people together to get what they want for themselves and to justify their position because they belong to some type of disenfranchised minority.

The problem with strength through affliction is if the group gets too big, the Victimhood Life Raft, sinks.

But Progressives have an even bigger problem. I heard the following in the past day or two. Progressives protect the weakest among us, it is their mantle of honor. Here is the problem with that political stance; just above the weakest among us are the people barely holding on who are doing it out of strength and love for their family and community. These groups are routinely called racist by Progressives if they speak too loudly or disagree with a Progressives point of view.

Republican Politicians are constantly doing things to piss off the actual majority of people out there. So how can the Democrats be missing the boat? I would suggest the lack of tolerance for people who are afraid of losing what they already have, in favor of saving people who have even less, has created a Racism cauldron in which Progressives cannot figure out how to include those who have just enough to get by and could lose it all very quickly with just a little bit of bad luck.

When we then factor in immigration issues, then the tilt really comes into play. As I have said in the past, if we can't fairly treat the seniors we already have, how are going to treat an influx of people as they age?

Another related fact addressed in an earlier DailyPUMA article is Democrats have become citified. Republican strong holds have most of the land in the country, and rather than be embarrassed and tackle this issue, Democrats would rather focus on a modest plurality of total voters and pretend that having significantly less land than Republicans is a non issue.

The type of Latino in each party is radically different. The Democrat party has a large number of Latinos in power positions who feel the need to be pro Latino on every issue. Republican Latinos have taken a much different path; they don't want anyone coming into the country to have it easier then they had it themselves and they certainly don't want their tax dollars going to "first timers" when the Republican Latinos already here worked their butts off to get where they are now.

Republican minorities have worked their butts off and when they look over at Democrats, not only do they see a parade of entitlements for the weakest among us including immigrants, they also see physically soft Democrat leaders who look like they could not do a weeks worth of honest labor.

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

How Republicans could win the Civility War.

The "Which party controls more land" versus "Which Party has the most votes" battle could end up favoring Republicans. Republican voting majorities cover significantly more actual geography than Democrat voters, meanwhile Democrat Voters are in the majority. 

Hillary Clinton has recently espoused talks of Civil Unrest, presumably fueled by the Kavanaugh rush to nominate and the relatively brief FBI investigation. The Civil Unrest / Protest talks will noticeably affect those who have land to worry about, more so than Democrat strongholds in more densely populated areas. Even if more densely populated Democrat areas pose a threat for violence or mayhem, ironically by other Democrats, the incivility can definitely be used as a reason for Republicans to feel fear and to vote in record numbers.

Hillary Clinton's call for civil disobedience is playing right into the hands of Republicans just before election time. The cruel irony is going back in time to 2008 when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were deadlocked in popularity, it was generally regarded that Hillary Clinton supporters were overall the more peaceful, law abiding supporters.

As Hillary Clinton's original Moderate base shrinks and moves to the Republican side, she has now shifted to influencing younger voters. I find it sad to see Hillary Clinton abandon some of her 2008 base. Of course there still are many solid, 2008 Hillary Clinton supporters to this day, yet Hillary Clinton seems to be seeking out younger voters who are not necessarily of the kinder, gentler nature and don't necessarily value her specifically because of her age and lack of physical fitness.

A recent "Hand Made Films" Progressive Political ad features seniors as the bad guys who selfishly vote for their own self interests as they encourage young voters to not vote. Hillary Clinton is basically an affluent senior who has aligned herself with the under 45 crowd. The under 45 crowd basically blames the over 45 crowd for most of the world's problems. Hillary Clinton is sadly becoming the caricature the Republican Party warned everyone about. The difference is the Republican warnings prior to 2016 were probably way off. Now, in 2018, not as much.

Now more than ever Seniors need someone to represent them and show a different side to aging. Unfortunately Hillary Clinton has not gotten the meme.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Real Damage Trump does to all Americans occurs when he meets with Foreign Leaders.

DailyPUMA believes that under Trump, America is for lease to Trump friendly bidders. The price for acceptance by Trump is to make Trump and his family, business or political allies, happy. Just recently Trump lobbied for Sheldon Andelson to be granted a gambling license in Japan. Andelson made huge donations and crazy anti Hillary Clinton commercials in late October of 2016. Coincidentally, the donations from Andelson poured in after the FBI had started their second Hillary Clinton email investigation. There were rumors that Andelson was not going to commit his pledged donations in the 20s of millions of dollars unless momentum shifted for Trump. 

The FBI announcement of a second email investigation shifted momentum and DailyPUMA believes occurred in conjunction with Andelson's commitment in October to fund the anti Clinton commercials. DailyPUMA believes it was Rudolph Guiliani who orchestrated the FBI and Andelson into their October Surprise actions.

Fast forwarding to today, if a Foreign leader is able to make Trump, his business buddies,  family associates or political allies, happy, the foreign leader will be spoken about glowingly by Donald Trump in public. If the foreign leader pushes back, Mr. Trump will speak disparagingly about the foreign leader in the media. DailyPUMA believes this is a form of economic treason since the core reason for Trump's motivation is financial enrichment for his associates, or his own family, his political allies, or possibly even for himself.

How Trump gets away with it is by accusing actual life long politicians of doing the same thing. Trump followers can then rationalize that it is much worse for a politician to do exactly what Trump is doing, then for Trump to do it because Trump has only been a politician for a relatively short period of time and even then, Trump's relationships were developed while a private citizen. In other words, a life long politician should never use their contacts to gain financially in any way, but a private businessman turned politician is just being a maverick trying to help the U.S. economy recover from years of political give aways. 

While Progressives continue to apply the lifetime political measuring stick rules that are applied to lifetime politicians, to Trump, they may continue to not gain much ground on Trump. Even if Progressives manage to gain ground on Trump in the fall of 2018, it will probably be minimal and just make Trump's remaining loyalists, fiercer.

Apparently Trump Supporters will forever believe that a consensual relationship initiated by Monica Lewinsky and accepted by Bill Clinton in the White House was far far worse than Donald Trump having numerous relationships as a private citizen AND then bribing the women involved into keeping quiet just prior to the 2016 presidential election. Nor  do Trump supporters think the women being tricked into selling their story rights into oblivion by publishers who politically support Trump is as big of a deal as the Lewinsky story was. To Trump supporters, pretty much anything that Trump does rises to the level of what a politician does as a politician because Trump's initial actions occurred while Trump was a private businessman.

Progressives and Media Progressives don't want to acknowledge the present truth that a private business person gets more latitude, even if they become president, then a life time politician does. Although Mitt Romney was defeated because of his business dealings, the difference is Trump has been very public about his business "achievements" for the past 30 years, giving himself a get out jail free card, so to speak. The result is gridlock among Progressives who don't seem to understand that Trump is playing under a different set of rules because of his very public life a private citizen businessman. Apparently we will continue to see a battle to the death between political parties, until the next battle to the death, and then until the next battle to the death.

DailyPUMA wonders if the better course of action is to just accept the double standard and change course. As it stands now, we are a divided country. We are divided by one party holding a significant plurality based on actual land area, and another party holding a significant edge in voting numbers. These are two immovable forces and the mistake our battling political sides are both making is clinging to the notion that their majority is the only majority that matters.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Did Brett Kavanaugh almost cause Monica Lewinsky to attempt suicide while she was being unlawfully detained for refusing to discuss her relationship with Bill Clinton?

Brett Kavanaugh may have issues that revolve around the Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton Investigation. Their White House relationship was not only consensual, Monica Lewinsky initiated it. However, Monica Lewinsky wanted to commit suicide as Kenneth Starr, The FBI and the Republican 12 illegally and unlawfully detained her on the 12th floor. 
Was Kavanaugh present January 16, 1998 on that 12th floor during Monica Lewinsky's unlawful imprisonment? Kavanaugh was Kenneth Starr's lead investigator and may have been on that 12th floor. Did Kavanaugh bully Monica Lewinsky in private on that 12th floor while he was also publicly braying that Lewinsky was a victim in a relationship that she herself initiated?

Was Kavanaugh the lap dog who almost caused Monica Lewinsky to consider suicide by jumping through a 12 story window while she was  being held against her will and denied her right to an attorney or a phone call to her own parents?  

Was Kavanaugh part of a conspiracy to deny Monica Lewinsky her civil rights for political and personal gain?

Below are excerpts from the Guardian Article and they make me wonder if Kavanaugh was present during the illegal sequestration of Monica Lewinsky. If Brett Kavanaugh was present during Lewinsky's interrogation, based on the abuse of Lewinsky that went on  on that 12th floor for many hours, abuses by the FBI, Kenneth Starr and the Republican 12 that were never litigated, Kavanaugh's nomination should be rescinded without a vote.
Why doesn't the MeToo Movement or the TimesUp Movement care about what the FBI, Kenneth Starr and the Republican 12 did to Lewinsky back on January 15, 1998?

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Monday, October 1, 2018

The Wiggle Room the FBI might give to Mr. Kavanaugh.

I am concerned that the FBI will solely focus their investigation on the "he said, she said" aspect of Mr. Kavanaugh's past, not find enough evidence either way and call it a standoff. As was pointed out here prior to reading any other observations from anywhere else, Kavanaugh's demeanor seems to have a physically hostile aspect to it that does not seem proper for a Supreme Court Justice.

Not once in my lifetime have I ever seen any Supreme Court Justice and felt uncomfortable about their ability to be affable AT ALL TIMES. From what I saw of Kavanaugh at the hearings, he seemed the polar opposite, someone who could easily get angry and show his anger in a physically brooding manner.

So how does the FBI ferret out the qualities that may make Mr. Kavanaugh unworthy of being on the Supreme Court if they are primarily focused on whether or not physical abuse of another occurred? Supreme Court Justices have to have a certain demeanor about them, one that does not intimidate physically while still commanding respect just by the level of power they possess and their intellectual acumen to come up with wise decisions, viewpoints and counterpoints.

I just saw anger from Mr. Kavanaugh, and it seemed to "trump" all other aspects of who he is or was as a person. But one thing gnaws at me, assuming Kavanaugh was a high octane combo sports and drinking kind of a guy, is that enough to say he should not be a Supreme Court Justice now if not enough proof is found about possible violent acts?

Maybe it may become necessary to view other Kavanaugh interviews from whatever decade they were available to see if he matured. What I saw on Friday, and what was somewhat accurately replicated on Saturday Night Live by Matt Damon sure didn't feel like someone who would mesh with the other Supreme Court Justices. 

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

He Just kind of seems like an Angry, Defiant Drunk.

I don't know the guy, I'm not even going to mention his name out of respect because I don't know him.  But watching him today he seemed so angry. He seemed like a defiant drunk. I think he's proud of his drinking days. I never was interested in drinking so I don't know what the charm is other than it probably loosens inhibitions and allows for a lot of people to usually co-exist in possibly confined areas. I guess its a great way to let one's guard down so something exciting might happen.

So my questions, I if I could have asked them, would have been the following.

How often were you drunk back in your late high school and college days?
How often were you hung over?
Did you hang out primarily with friends that drank?
Did you have friends who didn't drink?
Did you hang out with friends who did not drink?
Did you have an allowance? How much was it?
How much did you spend on Liquor every week, every month?
Was being hungover a badge of honor?
Did you come to work hungover?
What type of behavior do you have when drunk?
Do you regret not hanging out with certain people because they did not drink?
Do you still drink?
In retrospect, if you could have all your drinking days back, would you want to relive them any other way?
Would you have bothered to drink if it did not lead to being drunk?

In retrospect, do you feel there were people who needed you but you were more pre-occupied with the next party or the next time to get drunk?

end of questions.

Then I also wonder, is the inebriated, drinking fabric of life what helps create our future esteemed members of society? Do Drinking binges at a younger age create bonding with others who also get rip roaring drunk and then somehow these experiences are "instilled" in such a way as to create a path towards success later in life? Is there a method to the swilling that creates success? As a species are we bound to only get serious in life after we have shared rather stupid and wasted socializing with a select few so that a lifetime bond of friendship is created over acts better left unsaid? 

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Brexit Morons, the Intelligent Moderate and Conservative Backlash Begins.

The Intelligent Moderate and Conservative 
Backlash begins against the ageism epedemic 
endemic in the Progressive Movement.

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Stephen Colbert brings in Neil Degrasse Tyson September 11, 2018 to discuss Donald Trump's Space Force.

DailyPUMA quote from September 7, 2018.
"There is basically nothing that Donald Trump can say or do that will be met with agreement amongst the Media and Progressives, and there in lies the problem." end quote.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson September 11, 2018 Quote on the Stephen Colbert Show, "Just Because it came out of Trump's mouth, does not it then require that it be a crazy thing. I'm just sayin".  end quote.

Colbert Responds, "It don't help".  end quote.
DailyPUMA previously defended the concept of a Space Force several months ago as well.

If a Democrat wins the presidency in 2020 or 2024, the opposite will happen. Anything the Democrat President says will be ridiculed by Conservative Voters. They do say repeating the same thing hoping for a different result is a form of insanity. Is it insane to also explain it?

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Acceptance Through Flatulence Courtesy of Stephen Colbert and Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne has fond memories of husband
Ozzy taking a crap in the empty shoes of Hotel
Guests. And that was one of the stories she could

So Sharon Osbourne gets to have her say
everyday on the TV show The View yet she
has lived a past that the Times Up movement
would probably condemn, as would
Conservatives. Yet, her stories would be
considered cool and hip by those who
condemn anyone who supports Trump.

Is this a double standard, or a gold standard,
or a celebrity standard? What is it exactly
when people can have these great stories
that if they were not Hollywood celebrities
they would be condemned, by Hollywood

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Friday, September 7, 2018

Washington Insiders Rally against Washington Outsider, Donald Trump.

Progressive Democrats keep going down the same Political road. The Political road is so wide and easy to traverse that one should wonder, is this a trick?

There is a daily onslaught of bad things that Washington Insiders, people actually within Donald Trump's White House, are allegedly saying about Trump that basically amounts to a no confidence vote.

There is basically nothing that Donald Trump can say or do that will be met with agreement amongst the Media and Progressives, and there in lies the problem. 

Some of what Trump says makes some sense yet the Media, Progressives and even alleged Insiders continue to attack Trump about everything that he says. Washington Insiders of all kinds are basically justifying the meme that Trump is a Washington Outsider fighting against the Washington Insiders.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Progressivism is Anti Senior, Conservatism doesn't give a Crap.

DailyPUMA was just reading the latest hypocrisy from a young Progressive Know it All over at Media Matters. The more DailyPUMA reads hostile Conservative and Hostile Progressive Talking Points, the more DP strives to stay moderate, attentive, and flexible.

Below is what DailyPUMA wrote in the comments section of the Progressive Know it All.

I find it amazing how little Progressives cared about Mollie Tibbetts when she was missing and instead have politicized the politicizing of her death, and I'm a Moderate Democrat.

Progressives refuse to recognize that the overabundance of brain immigration they occupy their minds with is killing seniors.

The CDC basically conspired against seniors this past flu season by NOT reporting their deaths, by allowing their deaths by flu to be called natural causes. Meanwhile Progressives focused on the younger crowd. Yes, Progressivism is about focusing on the young at the expense of our seniors and calling all racist who try and point this fact out.

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Monday, August 27, 2018

Progressives keep missing the point about Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was a private businessman. His indiscretions are related to his business dealings and his personal life. Trumpians see a distinction with a difference when they talk about missing Clinton Emails versus Trump's sex life or his business dealings.

What was it about Hillary Clinton's emails that Conservatives think Hillary Clinton got away with? Conservatives think that Hillary Clinton sent emails on her private server to her own contacts and possibly discussed potential economic opportunities gained through her work  as Secretary of State, that would enrich herself, her family, or Business Associates of either herself or Bill Clinton. 

The FBI requested that all related government emails be turned over. Hillary Clinton most likely did this. Then, Hillary Clinton had all the other non government related emails destroyed. After Hillary Clinton had the non government related emails destroyed, curious Republicans realized that if there was a smoking gun, it would not be in the government related emails, it would actually be in the NON-Government related emails.

One of the first points Hillary Clinton's attorneys and Hillary Clinton herself made was that any communication she had with the government could be found by looking at the Government Servers, and both Hillary Clinton and her lawyers were right. Any communication that Hillary Clinton had with the government could also be found on the government servers.

But it was the non-government related emails that Conservatives and possibly the FBI later on realized were just as important, but by then it was too late as the FBI had  told Hillary Clinton's attorneys that non Government Related emails could be destroyed since the Goverment Related Emails had been turned over to the FBI.

Of course the failsafe response from Hillary Clinton supporters would be, could Donald Trump or the Republican National Convention Committee pass the same test that they wanted Hillary Clinton to take, which would be the reviewing of all of their emails just as they were demanding of Hillary Clinton's emails on her private server? The obvious and overwhelming answer is, no, neither Donald Trump nor the Republican National Convention Committee could probably pass the all encompassing email related tests they wanted to inflict on Hillary Clinton.

However, the underlying meme remains, Conservatives believe that Hillary Clinton got away with something when she destroyed her own non government related emails, but what she got away with, no one may ever know.

So in response Donald Trump is now getting his WELL DESERVED comeuppance. And yet, it still won't change the underlying narrative from the Conservative point of view that Hillary Clinton was a politician in a position of authority who may have co-mingled her political duties with private business objectives and then gotten away with it when she was able to destroy all of her non-government emails, even though the destruction of the remaining emails was done via her attorneys and with the FBI's blessing.

Conservatives will also see Donald Trump's comeuppance as political payback for what happened to Hillary Clinton, and once again they will point out that Donald Trump was a private businessman and Hillary Clinton was a politician and fourth in line for the presidency during the first Obama term and the two situations do not warrant the same level of punishment.

Lets not forget Bill Clinton's soliciting for personal donations among those who had already donated to his charitable Foundation. This too raised eyebrows among Conservatives and made many wonder if Hillary Clinton had in any way used her Secretary of State worldwide connections to benefit herself or Bill Clinton's Foundation. Even Chelsea Clinton objected to Bill Clinton asking for personal donations after a donation had already been made to his foundation by wealthy benefactors with ties to other countries.

It should be noted that Bill Clinton was receiving a salary of one dollar a year from his Foundation. Bill Clinton was put in a lose lose situation. If he had been paid a salary, any salary over 250,000 dollars a year would have been publicized by Conservatives and used against him. So instead he took a one dollar a year salary and then hit up his wealthy Foundation benefactors to make additional donations towards his annual Foundation salary.

DailyPUMA does not know what the winning solution would have been. The Clinton Foundation employees a couple thousand people who make modest salaries and in return do good work around the globe. Yet somehow it all got thrown together into one big bowl of goop that gave Conservatives a wedge to make the Clinton's look sneaky or greedy no matter what they did.

Conservatives will now see whatever happens to Trump as retribution for what happened to the Clintons, and will shake their heads because in their minds what a private citizen did as a private citizen is not the same as what an established politician may have done while then being allowed to destroy the evidence.

DailyPUMA believes the best thing the Democrats can do going forward is to mend their own relationship with Middle America, otherwise the 44% to 45% popularity that Donald Trump presently has will never forgive, nor forget.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Donald Trump's Strange Day, on the same day two of his inside people are convicted, Mollie Tibbetts body is found, allegedly dead at the hands of an illegal alien's disgusting actions.

The rift between Conservatives and Progressives, grows. On the day when Progressives are celebrating two of Donald Trump's insiders, Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, for being found guilty of numerous charges I won't get into, Mollie Tibbett's body was retrieved by the Illegal alien who allegedly stalked and murdered her over a month ago.

Somehow on what should have been the worst day of Trump's presidency, his biggest claim about illegals killing American's, comes true.

If Progressives simply focus on Trump's defeats and ignore what happened to Mollie Tibbetts, they simply prove to Trump's supporters how indifferent they are to the plight of American Citizens. While Progressives continue to chortle about Trump's allegedly racist supporters and Trump's law breaking cohorts, Middle America feels pain that just does not register with Big City Progressives. 

Trump has managed to become a true enigma, saying many many things that just don't ring true, encrusted with  observations that ARE true, or at the very least, accurate.

If Progressives only focus on Trump's inaccuracies and ignore Trump's accurate observations, we may see a Trump re-election in 2020. Will late night television hosts who regularly hammer on Trump mention Mollie Tibbetts at all? If not, then they just prove they are a big part of why the U.S. debilitating divide continues to expand.

(quick update: Monday 12:15am August 27, 2018) The accused in the murder of Mollie Tibbett's lawyer is claiming that his client is not an illegal immigrant. Progressives are also clamoring because the Tibbett's family does not want to politicize the issue. This is how Progressives stay out of touch. When the news first broke that the accused was in the U.S. illegally, Progressives said nothing. As soon as any wiggle room of doubt and the family's wishes were known, Progressives went on the offensive. This is what drives DailyPUMA nuts. The inability to credit Trump for any of his concerns, but then go on the offensive if any new data contradicts the original meme. It's why Middle American and Conservatives will hold on even tighter to Mr. Trump.

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Why does the Pee Pee tape matter more than Obama's Bible Thumping, Gun Loving, Bitter comment?

Even with Russian Collusion,Hillary Clinton should have won the 2016 Presidential election by 5 to 7 million votes. The Democrats made a quid pro deal between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that did not take into account the American People. The Quid Pro Quo deal between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would ignore Bernie Sander's and his disingenuous attacks, and of course, Hillary Clinton would also not criticize Obama about anything that happened during his presidency. In exchange, Barack and Michelle Obama would staunchily support Hillary Clinton at the 2016 Democrat Convention.

If we backwind history a bit, remember it was Barack Obama who won a Nobel Peace Prize without really doing anything to do deserve it. It was Oprah Winfrey and the Obama's who attempted to bring the 2016 Olympics to Chicago, of all places. 

Unfortunately, Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama's arrival in Europe became a bigger story than the Olympic Selection Committee they were to present to, and the U.S. did not even make it to the final round for consideration for the 2016 Olympics. 

And, of course, prior to being elected, Barack Obama had uttered his infamous bitter, gun loving, bible thumping comment about Inner America.

The Obama administration further alienated inner America with the "Your House is not a Bank" meme. After Obama left office, suddenly Homes once again could be looked upon as a bank to pay off higher interest rate credit cards. 

Ultimately people should be able to decide if they want to pay down higher interest rate debt by taking equity out of their home, especially if they can cut their monthly overall bills by several hundreds of dollars. 

Obama's policy was a two tiered gut punch to the American People. First, your House is not a Bank, and then, when HELOC's started resetting in 2014 through 2016, there was no discernible effort made to allow HELOC's to be renewed for another 10 year period with interest only payments. 

DailyPUMA believes that Obama's obtuseness regarding the 10 year resetting HELOC crisis, in conjunction with Obama's "bitter, bible thumping, gun loving" comment set the stage for Hillary Clinton's defeat. When Hillary Clinton did not saying anything regarding resetting HELOC's that were causing millions of homeowners serious financial problems, it cemented her willingness to be a quid pro quo politician in exchange for the presidency. 

DailyPUMA believes Hillary Clinton's silence caused a shift in moderate voters from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump. And every moderate vote that shifted from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump became a 1 to 2 split. One Moderate Hillary Clinton Voter shifting to Donald Trump created a two vote difference, whereas Barack and Michelle Obama's tremendous Democrat Convention support simply refocused Progressives back to Hillary Clinton, Progressives who were never going to vote for Donald Trump.

When DailyPUMA adds it all up, there was a clear and consistent line against Middle America that caused passive moderates to become protest votes for Donald Trump.

The mistakes continue to pile on as now Democrats are working hard to shame Donald Trump every chance they get, as if in some way that will drive Donald Trump voters to them. The American people are not that stupid, when a politician is vilified no matter what he says or does, his supporter will usually double down on that president and even attract new support. If you doubt DailyPUMA, think back to Barack Obama and how we won his second term by an even larger margin. Barack Obama was treated by Conservatives exactly the same way that Progressives are now treating Donald Trump.

Even if the Pee Pee Tape exists, even if other Trump denials become truths, if they all happened when he was a private citizen, he will get a pass that was not given to Bill Clinton because Bill Clinton was always in government. Well, and of course, we know that Republican Politicians in general tend to be hypocrites when it comes to forcing the Clintons to testify under oath even as Both Bush Presidents and their cabinet ignored subpoenas. 

But the point still remains, a private citizen behaving badly is considered less of an issue than a government official allegedly abusing their power. DailyPUMA suggests the Democrats need to re-establish a bond with Inner America that is not about Trump.

Barack Obama was elected even though he made off putting remarks about Inner America and then doubled down when he came up with no plan for millions of HELOC's that reset during his final 3 years in office. Yet now Democrat Politicians hope the Pee Pee Tape exists so that Donald Trump will be humiliated from office.  Do you see how daffy that looks to Inner America?

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