Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Why is it ok for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to admit no mistakes regarding the 2016 election?

The way the game is played in Washington is whomever is President is repeatedly attacked until they grovel on their hands and knees. Disagree? Let's start with Bill Clinton. Republicans were furious that Bill Clinton was using some of their ideas to try and create a zero annual budget deficit. Progressives were angry that Bill Clinton dared to even consider, let alone use, any Republican based political construct that put extra pressure on the poor. 

George Bush Jr. was repeatedly assailed for many things. His Wars, inability to come up with an immigration plan, recycling his Father's cronies into his own administration, Cabinet Choices, Mispronouncing words.

Barack Obama was attacked for ObamaCare on the right, and from Moderates for basically getting way too much help from the Media to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2008. Obama's Immigration policies were also attacked on the left as being far too aggressive and on the right for being fake attempts to look tough. There were also allegations of gun running, and amazingly enough, the fall of several Middle Eastern Countries Leaders was celebrated worldwide, yet condemned by Conservatives. And then there was the chirping over Benghazi while these same Conservatives kept quiet about the 20 daily Veteran Suicides in the U.S.

Now Donald Trump is being pilloried by Progressives, Democrats and the Media. Any reason for an Impeachment is fine by probably 40% to 45% of those taking part in these types of polls.

But a Trump Impeachment will just create Political Forever Gridlock going forward. And if we think about it for a moment, wouldn't Political Forever Gridlock, PFG, make Russia proud that their actions created an Impeachment that then created Political Forever Gridlock in the U.S. Political system?

Donald Trump is massively proud of his Presidential win in 2016. Hillary Clinton is still fuming mad about "What Happened".

People keep calling Trump selfish. I would suggest that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are just as selfish for trying to create an image of being the reasonable ones and the good ones and that Trump stole the 2016 Election. The reality is, Obama gave Hillary Clinton flawed advice about how to deal with Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton screwed up by having no Facebook Political Micro Ads Strategy while Trump went big time on Facebook Political Micro Ads.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama could go a long way towards healing America if they both admitted they screwed up the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign. That is just as likely to happen as Trump admitting he has done anything wrong. 

We have a situation where the Baby and the Bathwater have both been tossed out and all that is left is an empty Bathtub being banged on top of everyone's head, courtesy of Russia.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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