Saturday, January 5, 2019

Nancy Pelosi wants to Negotiate directly with Russia and Bypass Donald Trump, why that may not work.

Nancy Pelosi is planning on bypassing Donald Trump and talking directly to Putin,  an extremely clever position to take by Pelosi, but there is a but. 

Russia is cold, windy, and gray more often than not. People are going to be inside more often than other nicer weather countries spending a significant amount of time either having sex, getting drunk, or getting drunk and having sex, or having sex and then getting drunk for having sex, OR, they are going to be on computers, simply because going outside and making a wrong turn and getting lost could cause someone to die from the cold, and they have bears.

A person who lives in a country that has less nice weather than other places, and the other places are constantly patting themselves on the back about how great they are, might cause Russian Civilians and the officials they advised to vote for to be tempted to screw with the bragging countries by Russian Social Media and desktop computers.

What about Denmark and Finland? Why are they different? Maybe because they are smaller countries and the country as a whole is able to pull together better than a place like Russia that is so vast.

Until we start patting Russia on the Back, in Public, for doing more with less amicable weather than most other nations on the planet, Russia may continue to see successful countries with nicer weather as Narcissistic, and treat them accordingly.

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