Thursday, January 17, 2019

Seth Meyers makes ridiculous, Gaslighting Claims about Trump's Wall.

It's kind of a weird world when one can overall like Seth Meyers, yet call him out for being a Gaslighter of anything that Trump says or does. Seth Meyers rant about Trump's wall knew no borders when Meyers said...

What Seth Myer's said about Trump's Wall on January 8 or 9, 2019.

04:46.  Trump just made stuff up off the top of his head
04:48   because the wall was a ridiculous thing
04:50    he never thought he'd actually have to build.
04:52    At any point in the last two years,
04:54    Republicans -- who controlled the House and Senate --
04:55     could have given Trump money for the wall,
04:57     but they didn't, because it was obviously insane.
05:00    And now, in his desperation to get a deal,
05:02    he's throwing out everything he said about the wall

I recall things differently. Almost 100 companies were interested in building the wall in one capacity or another. Was the Trump administration supposed to decide overnight who would build the wall?

I recall Trump putting out a call for Border Designs. Companies who bid on the wall were threatened by Progressives with boycotts. The City of Los Angeles vowed to end contracts with anyone who bid on Trump's wall.  The City of Austin, Texas and San Diego also wanted to know who was interested in building the wall. Some companies either never made a proposal, or had to do it in secret. Anyone connected with the making of the Wall literally had to go underground and be secretive, almost as if they were a slave trying to cross into the North, and had to be helped along the way by pro Wall Sympathizers.
First the call for wall proposals had to be drafted. Then the call for Wall proposals had to be promoted. Then Wall Proposalists had questions that had to be answered.  The Wall Proposals had to be evaluated. The top winning designs had to submit design samples. Those finalists were then whittled down to a certain amount, and they had to produce an actual wall size sample. The wall size samples had to eventually be placed side by side, or built side by side, so they could all be compared.
Does all of that work and prep sound like a President who does not want to build a wall, Seth Meyers?

The entire wall process took time. In the world of Seth Meyers, if Trump wings it, he is ridiculed. If Trump actually follows a protocol and procedure, he is ridiculed and accused of never wanting to build the Wall. I am a Neitherist because all either side wants to do is blast the other side into bits. Our culture is turning into a violent cartoon strip and all that is left is to replicate the cartoon violence into reality.

The strike in Los Angeles by the Teachers is most likely a direct result of high pensions, amazing health care benefits, and possibly a steady and surprisingly large influx of first generation Americans from other countries, legal or otherwise. Teachers have had enough, they want MORE classrooms because there are too many students in the classes. Kind of sounds like they would be in support of Trump's wall, since that is one way to prevent more and more from wanting the same level of resources.

Rather than blame the kids who are already here for possibly being a burden on the country's resources, Trump just wants to stop more and more from coming in, undocumented, and for that he is being called racist. The meme that anyone who wants the Wall is a racist sounds exactly like the type of sound bite somebody working on Russia's behalf would have come up with.

If you are a Baby Boomer or older, beware when you are not properly treated for your pneumonia by either your own Doctor or the ER. "Oh, we don't treat or monitor Viral infections, we wait until it has infiltrated your chest cavity."  By then, it may be too late. But every senior citizen death by lack of proper pneumonia treatment saves the Government a LOT of money, money that the Progressives want siphoned over to anyone crossing a walless border. I saw it happen to my own Mother, who was denied treatment for her pneumonia and died 2 and 1/2 days later at home even though she was still walking 1.1 miles with me by her side.

My mother's life was decided by ONE ER Nurse who broke as many as 8 to 10 laws just to avoid treating my Mother's pneumonia. Nobody will criminally Investigate the ER Nurse. So all the attention about the Wall is just another obfuscation over how we are killing our Baby Boomers and Seniors by denying funds for actual police investigations when they are denied their basic Healthcare Rights.

Some Death Certificates are being altered to death by Natural Causes when the death was actually caused by the Flu or Pneumonia. My mother's was allegedly by a Heart Attack, it was a Heart Attack brought on by lack of care for her Pneumonia.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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