Saturday, January 5, 2019

The Border Wall turning into a Win / Lose / Win proposition for Undocumenteds, Courtesy of the Democrat Progressives.

The Recent avalanche of Undocumented's to the US Border is becoming a Lotto Opportunity, thanks to Democrat Progressives and their wins in the House of Representatives.

Apparently some were paid to make the initial trip to the Border. But it turns out, getting to the Border means one is not only in the News, but if one is not treated like a U.S. Citizen, then there will be hell to pay in the Media and by Progressive Politicians.
These are pictures of my 91 year old mother. I took her to the ER because she had pneumonia. The ER Nurse refused to acknowledge my Mother's pneumonia and BLATANTLY broke EMTALA laws in the process. My Mother died as a direct result of the ER Nurse's mistreatment of her, and the Nurse was able to psychologically terrorize me, a technique called Gaslighting. I bring this up because it has now been almost 10 months since criminal behavior in the ER transpired that directly led to the death of my Mother, and there has been no investigation despite my repeated pleadings to lawyers, law enforcement and government officials.
But to be the parent of a child, a child who should not have been taken to the border, if the child dies, that parent now has legal representation and the attention of a nation ready to blame Donald Trump for their Child's death.

Age is something that is misunderstood. It just does not matter the age of a person when determining their "value" to society, what matters is, is some one there for them, helping them be who they can be, In that sense my Mother was truly still 20 years old. 

When my Mother turned 90 I sang her Happy Birthday and said to her, "Ten more years"! There was a prolonged moment of silence from my Mother, and in Italian she very jubilantly said, "Vente"! That means 20 more years. That is what matters. Mom liked living and had finally realized she was not going to be left alone, and that pleased her.

The less attention we give to seniors, the more this country will divide. It's not just about Social Security and Medicare, it's about knowing that the life of a Senior who still wants to live, matters. When other members of the senior's family want them to live as well, how can we under value that as a nation?

Right now I have been told in no uncertain terms that a senior can be abused while in the care of Medical Personnel and no criminal investigation will be conducted of the Medical Personnel directly responsible for the Harm and Death of a senior, such as what happened to my Mother. Unless of course it was a family member or a thug off the street who did the harm, then that would be investigated. Apparently Law Enforcement will not Investigate EMTALA violations in the ER caused by an ER Nurse, no matter how egregious their actions were.

Do you really have to wait until it happens to your own parent before you "get it". The Border News "vacuums" other news events that are also affecting Americans who are already in the U.S.  There should be room for both stories.

And therein lies the problem, just how much attention should the Border be getting while Americans all over the U.S struggle and the Media and the Legal Profession continues to look the other way, towards the Border.

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