Friday, January 25, 2019

California is unfairly skewing ALL the Polls.

We are going to need to start seeing Polls that exclude California to get an idea regarding how the rest of the Country feels about Political issues, you know, the racist part. Gasp. I have never seen such brainwashing going on in one State to the level it is going on in California. 

California has created a Genocide against some of its Seniors and how they are vetted by the MediCAL program. I am estimating ONE HALF BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR is being diverted from California Seniors to other parts of the General Fund. 

Since California has become Democrat Majority and Veto Proof, the level of insanity regarding the believe that there can be no WALL, Healthcare for all, Denial of epic Pension Funding inadequacies and dramatic reduction in classroom sizes in the LA District has reached literally mind numbing levels.

I see Trump's wall as part of the solution, the Wall creates less dependency on Government resources, which in turn "Might" allow for a better distribution of existing government revenue and resources to figure out other problems.

But in California, the demand is that all problems be fixed, none have to do with no Wall,  and if you think otherwise one is racist for disagreeing.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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