Monday, February 4, 2019

How Donald Trump Tricked both the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Donald Trump did something in 2016 that was beyond his own pay grade yet probably is why he won the Election. Trump kept taunting Hillary Clinton by stating she was not physically fit enough to be in office. Trump also carried the Underdog role as he claimed Hillary Clinton had her Husband and former President Bill Clinton, plus Chelsea Clinton, Sanders, the Obama's, Warren, Biden, Celebrities and so on all out campaigning on her behalf.

Then came the fainting incident during the 2016 September 911 ceremony. The Republicans jumped all over it, using it as justification that Hillary Clinton was not fit for office. If Hillary Clinton had been a man, there would have been overwhelming empathy for a politician who was obviously over doing it yet wanted to be there for the 911 ceremonies, and fainted as a result of overwork, heat exhaustion, or pneumonia. 

Instead Hillary Clinton was excoriated by a desperate Conservative media as not being physically able to be President because she could not handle the workload of campaigning, or could not handle the heat. Hillary Clinton may have had pneumonia, which is why she had to be partially dragged into her SUV after leaving the 911 ceremonial event. If Trump ever fainted they would need a wheelbarrow, but we won't go there.

Apparently a Man can sacrifice to be at an event even if they should not be because they are not feeling well, and if they faint, the will get sympathy, but if a woman is caught in the same situation, she is not strong enough to be President.

So Hillary Clinton recharged her batteries and was more visible as the weeks passed and Presidential Voting day grew closer. But through out it all, Cheap Donald Trump was apparently micro advertising down to the street level, certainly the zip code level, using daily Facebook Micro Ads that cost just one dollar a day to run.

Sure Hillary Clinton had a Facebook Page, but so did Donald Trump. The difference was those darn one dollar a day Facebook Micro Ads, highly targeted ads that could reach anywhere from 50 to 500 people. Even if Russia gave Trump ideas on where and how to advertise, I just don't see how that is illegal. Unless Russia conspired with the NRA to tamper with actual vote totals, or some other way to actually alter vote totals, I don't think it matters what Russia did. As long as they did not make up the emails they allegedly hacked, I don't even care about that either. 

The News media is to blame for somehow using leaked Democrat Emails to make Hillary Clinton look bad. It's an outrageous breach of respect, Hillary Clinton for the most part can't control what is said by others in the DNC, so why should it affect her? Even the emails slamming Bernie Sanders were not her fault. Sanders used the Democrat Party and switched to Democrat just before the Primaries, then switched back to Independent right after he ceded to Hillary Clinton. Where is the outrage over that maneuver?

Hillary Clinton's technical shortcomings, and unawareness to have enough technical people around her to advise her, ultimately did her in. Although the News Media blasted Hillary Clinton in 2008 for staying in until the end of the race, Bill Clinton and The Democrat Party saw the benefit of Hillary Clinton staying in the race in 2008 until the very end as it created more overall Democrat Participation on all 50 States. It appears the Democrat Party replicated the same down to the wire finish in 2016 with Bernie Sanders, with unfortunate consequences.

Yes the Democrat Party wanted Bernie to quit much earlier then he did, but if Bernie stayed in, the Democrat Party Strategists incorrectly deduced it would bring a rejuvenated base to the Democrat Party and more enthusiastic crowds out even as the Democrat race marched towards it's conclusion, just as had happened in 2008 between Obama and Clinton. 

What nobody counted on was Bernie Sanders being such an asshole by spreading falsehoods about Primaries versus Caucuses, lying that he had a mathematical chance to win but it was taken away by super delegates, and directly negotiating with Trump to Debate him without Hillary Clinton's involvement. All a bunch of rhetorical nonsense. And then there was freebasing Bernie, offer Free Education and Legalized Pot for all.

Hillary Clinton was blamed by Sanders supporters for Caucus related voting lines that had nothing to do with her. Sanders duped his followers into believing a 75% to 25% Caucus win in which 90% less voters voted than if it had been a Primary contest mattered more than Hillary Clintons actual Primary contest wins. This is complete lunacy. Hillary Clinton won all the Democrat Primary contests by a 28 to 12 margin while Sander's kept insisting his Caucus wins were as important as Hillary's Primary Wins, and his followers swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

Primaries always matter more because the voting is done in private, no group manipulation is possible as is in a caucus, all ages are represented because voters have all day to vote in private, Seniors are not excluded as they are in Caucuses because they can come and vote when they have the time rather than wait in long lines and for hours to eventually vote. Nine times as many people vote in a Democrat Primary versus if the State had had a Democrat Caucus! Democrat Caucuses are generally done in Republican leaning States to save money. A big Caucus win with massively less votes in a Republican Leaning State does not guarantee that candidate will win the State in the fall and certainly does not carry the same impact as winning a Democrat Primary where 9 times the percentage of people vote.

Hillary Clinton has always struck me as someone who, when given the time, would construct the best answer and or solution to a situation. Facebook Micro ads would have allowed her in private to contact Sanders supporters and explain the difference between a Caucus contest and a Primary contest and to quash other Sanders lies as well. Instead, Hillary Clinton relied and tried to please the Press. What she has to show for her efforts are videos of her saying the opposite things all over Youtube. Videos that continue to chip away at her legacy.

Hillary Clinton was duped into playing a Political Man's game when it came to the 2016 Presidential Elections. Forgoing the Facebook Micro Ads to state her case in a focused manner via the media was a Donald Trump trap that she unfortunately fell for. Trump abused the Media and used his own Rock Star Political Appearances and those Facebook Micro Ads along with his own Twitter followers to inspire his supporters to feel special.

I never once felt special as a Hillary Clinton political contributor. No Hillary Clinton Facebook Micro Ad on my Facebook Page. No reassurance about why she was exhausted on 911, or what happened when she was momentarily spazzed out in a coffee diner situation. I presumed she got audiofeedback from the cameras right in her face. Instead of addressing the issue, it was basically ignored as if nothing had gone wrong.

Donald Trump outsmarted Hillary Clinton in 2016, not because he was smarter than Hillary Clinton, but because Trump was cheaper than Hillary Clinton.

Trump was so cheap it caused a Real Estate business ally to contact a guy working out of his home to do Facebook Real Estate Ads for Trump. They liked his work so much he ended up running the Facebook Micro Ads division of Trumps Presidential Election team, a division that I am guessing did not even exist in Hillary Clinton's campaign arsenal.

I wish Hillary Clinton would just give Donald Trump credit for winning in 2016 so Trump won't keep bringing it up. Trump on some level is deeply hurt that the opposing side never gave him credit for his 2016 Presidential win. 

Unless ballots were either discarded or somehow extra ballots were added in for Trump, the Mueller Investigation may change history if it somehow finds that Russia colluded with Trump and therefore Trump should be removed from office. Unless Russia collusion involved actual ballot tampering, whatever Russia did could have been obliterated if Hillary Clinton had used Facebook Micro Ads to reach and reinvigorate her followers and assuage her potential Sanders Supporters. Trump supporters were much more vocal on the Internet than Hillary Clinton voters were.

Trump's master stroke was his challenge to Hillary Clinton to step it up in the Public Arena even as Trump was using Facebook Micro Ads to do his political bidding on an under the radar level.

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