Sunday, March 22, 2015

If you want a taste of how bad it will be if the republican party make gains in 2016 elections, look at their recent behavior.

First there is Benghazi. What Daily PUMA finds so strange is if Benghazi is supposed to lead to shame and dishonor for democrats, then what the heck was 911? Bush and his cabinet were warned about threats against the United State, yet FOUR, FOUR planes were taken over and did undeniable damage HERE IN THE U.S.! 

How can a sane or rational person in any way, shape or form even begin to imply that Benghazi is anything more than a speck in the dust when compared to Bush's botching of 911. Democrats probably did the right thing by rallying around George Bush (although there will always be suspicions that dark forces possibly from within the U.S. assisted the terrorists by placing GPS tracking devices inside of the intended targets) rather than verbally assaulting his administration for lapses in vision.

And lets not forget the NUMEROUS blunders during the Reagan / Bush era in which the country rallied around the president versus having the democrats assault the republican administration in power for lack of judgement.

Then there are the 22 veterans who are committing suicide everyday in the U.S. while the Benghazi Bombastards continue to divert attention and resources away from the 22 daily veteran suicides and onto more and more Benghazi investigations.

Then there was EbolaGate. Whenever Obama brought up Ebola, Republican politicians complained Obama was politicizing the issue. Yet several Republican governors grandstanded just before the 2014 November elections complaining the federal government was dragging its feet on an ebola policy and therefore they were imposing their own rules and regulations immediately. The timing of the move just before the 2014 fall elections was beyond suspicious, the lack of a dual press conference in which the president and the governors spoke in unison on the ebola issue was appalling.

Not to be outdone, Republican politicians then outdid themselves again by allowing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak in front of Congress just before the recent Israeli elections. In essence, a republican majority congress interfered in foreign policy by helping re-elect a specific political ally they wanted via the PR boost the prime minister received by speaking in front of congress. The president leads on foreign policy, not congress.

As if that was not enough, 47 congressional republicans also sent a letter to Iran saying they would not honor any peace agreement reached between Barack Obama and Iran! If the Republicans do have a war mongering, pro bank, middle class obtuseness reputation, these are the types of actions that just reinforce that viewpoint to a majority of americans. 

What odds would you place on the Republican majority congress sending a letter to Iran asking them to go solar energy instead of nuclear energy. Pretty much next to impossible, no?

Once again the democrats will let the "over the top", possibly treasonous actions taken by some Republican politicians go unsanctioned when clearly some republican politicians have stepped over the line of treason with their recent foreign policy interference.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Why Isn't the US building a fresh water pipeline from the midwest to drought plagued areas in the U.S.?

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