Friday, April 23, 2010

Raise my taxes! Protesters call for action to prevent state budget cuts - Metro-east news -

It is pointless to call Rush Limbaugh a racist if the democrats are involved in such idiotic protests such as the one above. If Rush Limbaugh is a racist for pointing out the Raise My Taxes protest on his radio show, then thank God that Rush Limbaugh is a racist.

Idiot democratic party demogogues, die! If you look at the article, take a moment to click on the word "RECOMMENDED" to help buzz the article up.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Can Sarah Palin still run for Governor of California?

I would love to see a poll as to how viable Sarah Palin would be for governor of California. Would Sarah Palin have to be a write in? Could Sarah Palin run as an independent? How long does she have to be a California resident before she would be eligible?

A California governship would complement Sarah Palin's resume nicely if first she ran the biggest state in the land, Alaska, than the most populous, California. I would love to see what Sarah could do in California, and it would be a great pre-test to determine if she could run the country.

More importantly, Palin Governing California would either confirm or rebuke the East Coast and West coast media snark bias that Palin deals with on an almost daily basis.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zogby Poll, The Clintons, and Barack Obama,

When Hillary Clinton was being railroaded by the media and George Soros's money to get out of the 2008 democratic race, I made internet pleas for a Rich Hillary Clinton supporter to pay for a poll about who would handle the economy better between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

That poll never happened, but this poll did happen 20 months later (aka a month ago). This is more typical Hillary Clinton bashing and manipulation. Rather than do a poll when it mattered back in 2008, the poll is done 18 months later. The distinction between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in the public's eyes in 2010 has weakened because Hillary Clinton works on Barack Obama's "team".

What is so evil about this poll is it does not address the 10,000 homes being foreclosed upon everyday in the United States. Does anyone not believe that Hillary Clinton would have done SOMETHING that WORKS this far into a Hillary Clinton administration versus a Barack Obama administration.

So the question I have is, WHO paid for this Zogby poll? Why didn't this poll come out 22 months ago, when it would have mattered?

Friday, April 9, 2010

West Virginia 2010 Coal Mining news disaster updates from West Virginia News Sources.

I tried the other day to find bloggers who lived near the 2010 West Virginian coal mining disaster. It was kind of a frustrating experience as I just could not come up with right search words. All of the articles were AP and I wanted something directly from the source.

I was able to just now use a super quick AP television update to figure out new search words and I found this local news source here.

If you have bookmarked this article, you might also want to bookmark and you will then see the most up to date dailypuma articles.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mediate article quotes Giuliani calling Huffington "The Worst Offender" of Personal Attacks

What I find kind of ironic is that Arianna Huffington ran two Shadow Conventions several years ago yet she attacks others, like tea party members, for doing similar things. Pretty good go around on MSNBC's Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough, guests included Arianna Huffington, Rudy Giuliani, Gene Robinson and Mort Zuckerman,

I sure LOVE not spending any time watching these cable news however. I'll take a classic sit com RE RUN like Seinfeld, or Everybody Loves Raymond, Yes Dear, or King of Queens, before I watch the cable news channels. And that won't change until the media admits they messed with Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign to make sure that Barack Obama won.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nicolette Sheridan files suit against Desperate Housewives

Might be worth visiting this Yahoo article and voting on the comments that are being left. If the creator of Desperate Housewives, Marc Cherry, was smacking the female actors around he should be called on it. I found the comments being left are interesting and mixed in are the typical male juvenile "Leno" and "Letterman" type jokes, joking about the incident. So far the crass comments are being voted down.

I don't understand why Sheridan waited as long as she did to file her lawsuit. Could it be that Sheridan figured she would land another show so why make waves? But when nothing came up, maybe she figured why forgive and forget if the producers won't hire her?

If Sheridan's accusations are true, I hope she wins, and if her accusations are true, it would make sense to vote on the Yahoo comments being left as I absolutely believe the comments section vote tallies ARE BEING WATCHED by the movie industry.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The 2010 Baseball Season has arrived.

I am looking forward to the 2010 baseball season, however, I have seen an unending amount of hate directed towards my favorite team by alleged hometown "fans" of that team. Have we entered an era where fake anti fans are brought in to divert the cities attention from real baseball issues? Extending the contracts of the younger players before they reach free agency should have been the obvious focal point for both the fans and the sports writers.

Instead, complaints about management were all I was reading about. Very strange indeed.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Should I be Paranoid? I'm being blocked from updating my websites, and my stat counting account is no longer counting my blogs.

For the most recent DailyPUMA article, please click here.

Click here for more info about the freezing of many PUMA blogs back in the summer of 2008.

My domain provider claims there are no problems with their site, yet I cannot navigate it. Below, my stat counting service has gone zero, yet it does not seem to be a system wide failure. I base that on not being able to find anyone complaining about the counter being down.

Two totally different functions on two totally different websites that I rely on stopped working around 24-48 hours ago. I've tried clearing cookies, cache, rebooting, software updating. Should I be paranoid?

I've heard this could be a result of the 64 bit and 32 bit worlds not cooperating with each other. If that is the case, then Apple may be the leading culprit. In an effort to look good and beat their deadlines, Apple released their snow leopard platform at 64 bit while apparently offering little to no backwards compatibility for the 32 bit world.

The 32 bit vs 64 bit incompatibility may be really serious stuff, but nobody, I MEAN NOBODY, will say snap about Mac on the internet, except me. 

The Michael Moore issue is really huge as well. Moore got involved in the 2008 democratic nomination to blast Hillary Clinton during several press conferences yet never said peep about his own state of Michigan not having their delegate votes count.

Moore also said nothing about Illinois MOVING ITS 2008 DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY DATE UP SEVEN WEEKS to the beginning of February specifically to help Barack Obama. Michigan moved their 2008 primary date up FOR A REAL REASON, to serve notice that their state was hurting financially and they wanted to be heard, instead their votes were blocked.

I've taken shots at Apple recently, and at Michael Moore, in both instances I was being 100% truthful and accurate with my complaints. Anybody else having internet issues? So anyways, is it just coincidence that two services that I have used for a long time are not working now, or should I be paranoid? I am going to assume it is just coincidence, however, why can't these service providers leave press releases or announcements whenever these problems come up?

So I guess my new question is, should I be personally paranoid, or just paranoid because of what appears to be an increasing lack of universal cooperation between competing computer platforms?
(Edit note update Feb. 08, 2014, I should have prefaced this article with the information that during the heat of the Obama / Clinton 2008 democrat nomination turmoil, I had three political blogs frozen for a few days simply because someone flagged all three accounts within a manner of seconds, the flagging came from the same IP address from a company called Masergy communications.)

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