Sunday, April 26, 2015

Washington Post Raves about the Clinton Foundation...

A quote from the Washington Post regarding the Clinton Foundation...
"The foundation has won accolades from philanthropy experts and has drawn bipartisan support, with members of the George W. Bush administration often participating in its programs. Major donations have come from figures such as Christopher Ruddy, the chief executive of the conservative Web site and a onetime critic of Bill Clinton".
The media is comprised of either neo con or progressive liberal media, as moderates, the Clinton's will continue to be under attack by somebody.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Republicans & Media Decide Classified Information does not exist anymore as they attack Hillary Clinton's presidential bid before it starts.

What is getting lost amidst the attempts to get email gate running at full speed is the concept of classified information. Is nothing classified anymore? I'm not against the concept of transparency but who passed the law that made all political documents declassified whenever congress snaps its fingers?

And if everything has suddenly become declassified, how come George Bush JR repeatedly ignored congressional requests and supoenas?  

When it comes to negotiating with other countries, if a political figure or cabinet member knows that everything they say or do is declassified even as they state a plan of action in a classified setting, their position of authority is stripped even before they say or do anything.

Here's a final thought, the Osama Bin Laden assassination, is Congress entitled to view ALL documents related to that event? Because it seems to me that would expose people to death threats. So which is it, a bi-partisian Congress can ask for anything and all things whenever they want, or, somehow a bi-partisian congress magically knows when to ask and when not to ask for documents and content they have not seen and therefore all of their requests should always be followed to the letter of their demand? 

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