Thursday, February 28, 2019

Cortez hits it out of the Park in her Demeanor, Follow up, and Focus during Michael Cohen's 2019 Congressional Hearing.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was brilliant throughout her entire five minute Screed.  Her focus on "if not you, then who", was refreshing. Her follow ups to prior comments from before the break were powerful. I can tell Cortez knows how to use a phone, and that talent lent itself well during her five minutes questioning Michael Cortez.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Summing up the Morning Session of the Michael Cohen Congressional Testimony.

Here's what we know and may have learned regarding Michael Cohen's February 27, 2018 Testimony. 

Donald Trump will stop at nothing to win, even if it means lying, cheating, bribing, deceiving, or publicly posturing being victorious no matter what actually happened.  Democrats see themselves as the good guys trying to save the World from Trump, by opposing everything Trump stands for and condemning his behavior. Democrats think they have right on their side, what they have are policies that invite the youth vote, at all costs to Baby Boomers and the Elderly.

Meanwhile Trump is in Viet Nam, probably watching the Michael Cohen Congressional Hearings at 1 am in the morning rather than prepping for his talks with Kim Jong Un.


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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

How Donald Trump could blow Everyone's Mind.

Donald Trump could blow everyone's mind if he asked for an Investigation into Fox Televisions Contracting practices. There appears to be an obscenely wide chasm between what African American Actors and Caucasian Actors are paid on Fox Television. 

Even when ratings favor the African American Show, and the show is twice as long, as in sixty minutes versus thirty minutes, the Caucasian Actor will get paid significantly more for a lower rated, 1/2 hour show than the African American Actors will get paid for their hour long show that also has higher ratings.

I'm not talking 10% or 20% more, I am talking a few hundred percent higher. A recent example would be the cast of Empire, Fox's highest rated Show for several years until it was bumped to second highest rated this past season, versus a show like Anger Management that was also on Fox, which was only half an hour long, and starred Drug and Prostitute compromised Actor Charlie Sheen.

When Sheen is on, he seems to have keen awareness of both sides of most issues, and Sheen's acting for both 2 and 1/2 Men and Anger Management seems to reflect an awareness of both sides of an issue. I'm ok with Sheen being number one. The problem is African Americans are so much farther down the contract scale one has to wonder if some of their contract goes to pay Sheen's contract.

It appears that Jussie Smollett made less money over the first 54 one hour shows covering three seasons of Fox's Number one rated Empire, as a co star, than Sheen made for ONE half an hour episode of Anger Management. The pay disparity was so great it most likely played a hand in Smollett's alleged recent actions regarding reporting a hate crime.

Fox may be tap dancing into the area of Financial Abuse in the case of Smollett, and President Trump could really make a name for himself if he ordered an investigation into why there was and is such a financial disparity between Caucasian Actors on Fox television shows versus Minority and Women Actors on Fox television shows.

There may be obvious demographic reasons why a Caucasian Male Actor might make the Most money, but left unchecked, it appears the disparity between ethnicities, women and caucasian men has reached incomprehensible levels on Fox.

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Friday, February 22, 2019

Why Jussie Smollett is Innocent in my Eyes.

Jussie Smollett was apparently being paid peanuts for his recurring role on Empire. According to a Newsweek article from October, 2016, Smollett was being paid 20,000 dollars per episode, which sounds like a lot, but for having a recurring role in one of the most Popular Prime Time Fox shows, it's actually Peanuts. 

In my opinion, if Smollett's Character is recurring, he should be making at least 50,000 per episode, not 20,000. Lead Actor's salaries range from 100,000 to 800,000 per episode, so 40,000 to 50,000 per episode for a recurring co-star role seems reasonable.

Charlie Sheen got more money in one episode of Two and a Half Men during his final season than Smollett's has been paid over the first three years worth of Empire Episodes. If Sheen's 1.8 million per episode is not the epitome of Racism in Hollywood, than lets all be grateful that Sheen never Drank, Smoke, did Drugs or hooked up with Prostitutes and possibly gave some Women HIV, and made more money in one episode than Smollett has made over the first three years of Empire.

and, we should all be grateful that after Sheen was run off of Two and a Half Men for his Drinking, Smoking, Drugging and possibly giving women Aids, he was NEVER offered another show nor crazy money ever again. (this is snark)

If Mr. Smollett was being paid just 20,000 per episode (that's TWO LESS Zeros than Sheen got from the SAME NETWORK that Smollett's show runs on. After being fired from 2 and 1/2 Men Fox then hired Sheen for Anger Management). 

After taxes, agents fees and other associated expenses with being a celebrity, not to mention higher costs for clothing, grooming, and where he lives, perhaps even security detail for public visitation, Chicago area taxes, Smollett's take home pay per year might not have been more than 150,000 to 200,000 TOTAL, a ridiculously low figure for any performer who manages to get a recurring role in any Prime Time TV Show that has at least 20 episodes per year.

While it appears that Smollette got raises at some point, because the original contract was for such a low amount per episode, a rather nominal raise will look like a very large raise in terms of percentage.

What is being perceived as selfish, "how could you do that behavior" is really defiance towards a Hollywood system that year after year purports to try and level the Diversity playing Field while still discriminating and dragging its feet, rewarding White Actors who behave very badly while financially punishing an African American Actor for finally lashing out after years of financial abuse from the same Network that paid Sheen 2 million per episode.

Yes, it matters that Smollett was obscenely underpaid, it matters greatly. Smollette wanted to be paid more for his work and when no one took him seriously, he didn't give up. 

I bet EVERYONE being Interviewed who is ridiculing or judging what Smollett allegedly did, makes more money per year than Smollett does, and for that reason, and that reason alone, they should either shut up, or acknowledge that he was underpaid and was being taken advantage of by the same system that Paid Charlie Sheen more money for one episode of Anger Management than Smollette's total Salary over his first three seasons of Empire. 

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. I can't fathom this, it's beyond comprehension to me. People, learn Simple Math, please.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

My Letter to Xavier Becerra and Mr. Lee Sherman regarding Declaratory and Injunctive Relief from the Border Wall Emergency Funding.

Dear Mr. Lee Sherman, Please forward an exact copy of this entire email message and photos to the Defense Team and the Presiding Judge along with the photos of my Mother so you all can see a face on the California Senior Genocide that continues because there is no Border Wall for California and Healthcare Funds are diluted as a direct result.

As a California resident, I object to the filing of the
DONALD J. TRUMP,in his official capacity as President of the United States of America;UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; U.S.

500,000 undocumented crossings into California on an annual basis have diluted Healthcare Coverage for the Elderly in California and are also a direct cause of overcrowded Classrooms in both Los Angeles and Oakland County.
On March. 10, 2018 I personally witnessed multiple and repetitve EMTALA violations at West Hills Hospitals in West Hills, California. An ER Nurse refused to document, examine, or render aid to my Mother when she started wheezing while on her ER bed in her ER room. The ER Nurse’s defiance went so far as to call a False Code Gray on me after I requested to speak to the Head Nurse. The ER Nurse brought in a ringer instead who stated we were refusing to leave and preventing other patients from being seen. I decided to document the ERs refusal to document my Mothers onset of pneumonia and for that action a Code Grahy was called on me, I was assaulted and my video was erased. We were then against our will dumped in the rain outside of the ER. My Mother died 2 and 1/2 days later at home and I have PTSD over what I saw happen. The ER Nurse's brazenly illegal actions were no doubt fueled by a filled to capacity waiting room and the knowledge that all she had to do to get out of any unlawful situation she was creating was to call a False Code Gray via the ER Intercom.
I will give testimony as to the many ways California is shorting its seniors when it comes to MediCAL benefits and IHSS. And when Teachers in both Los Angeles and now Oakland demand smaller classrooms, they are really demanding a Wall but are too afraid to say it. You should know better, you should do better. 

EMTALA violations are not enforced in California or my Mother would still be alive today. Mayor Garcetti added 1 million more police on the street hours in 2018, not one hour of it was EMTALA related. I was rebuffed by the local police, the FBI, the Department of Justice and DHHS in California when I asked for an Investigation regarding my Mother’s death. We need the Wall, not 500,000 illegal border crossing every year that are causing a dilution of healthcare, especially among seniors.

California Politicians are floating the nonsensical mathematical theory that because Border Crossings are “down”. a Border Wall is not necessary. Illegal Border Crossings are ongoing and create residual healthcare Dilution effects and increasing Student Classroom sizes with each passing year. 
There are ZERO free legal aid facilities for IHSS in the San Fernando Valley, yet there are as many as SIX free legal aid IHSS facilities in Los Angeles City for Seniors and IHSS. LA City Free Legal Aid zip code discriminates against San Fernando Valley Seniors. Clearly a bias against Seniors who are more likely to be citizens of California and have been here for a long time presently exists in favor inner city residents. I consider the siphoning and diluting of MedICAL IHSS benefits for Seniors in California along the lines of Senior Genocide, meanwhile you IMMEDIATELY filed a lawsuit without even asking for Public Input, Can your office be more arrogant?

Please forward my comments to the Judge who will be residing over your sham lies and misdirection regarding California not needing a Border Wall. My Mother is dead because you don’t enforce EMTALA and refuse to do so. My mother’s death allows California to do what it does best, redirect money from Seniors who die prematurely from diluted Healthcare to other parts of the Budget.

Your Cato Institute citations lack merit. You cite statistics that back up Donald Trump’s position that Illegal Immigrants are arrested at 3 to 4 times higher rates than legal immigrants. You were in such a hurry to file a lawsuit that you did not even check your statistics closely, nor did you ask for any public feedback or input. Mr. Xavier Becerra sure likes to get on Television and then brag about it on his Twitter Account, so sad.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Donald Trump's 2019 State of the Union Speech Nails why a Border Wall is Essential in one easy to understand Sentence.

I would testify that the death of my own Mother was directly caused by the dilution of California Healthcare Resources because we don't have a Border Wall. My Mother's death involved Repetitive, Brazen lawlessness by an ER Nurse when the ER Waiting room was filled to the brim. This ER Nurse remains above the law as no one will investigate the horror I witnessed over the elder abuse my Mother suffered at the hands of the Nurse, nor the subsequent death of my Mother that resulted.
Donald Trump's quote from the 2019 State of the Union Address ... "Meanwhile, working-class Americans are left to pay the price for mass illegal immigration ... overburdened schools, hospitals that are so crowded you can’t get in ... and a depleted social safety net.” 

-Donald Trump 2019 State of the Union Speech

Since Trump gave his 2019 State of the Union Speech, he continues to only discuss Gangs and War as it relates to the Border Wall Emergency and seems to have forgotten that those already in the U.S. are suffering because of a depleted social safety net. Maybe someone can show President Trump his 2019 State of the Union Speech where he clearly states lack of a Border Wall has led to a depleted social safety net, especially in California. 

Los Angeles School Teachers had a January 2019 Strike because of over crowded classrooms, now Oakland School Teachers are striking because of over crowded classrooms. This is the result of a depleted social safety net that is being ransacked to the tune of 500,000 newly undocumented in California on an annual basis.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Meet the Press and Face the Nation use Border Crossing Numbers to create False Narratives, aka Fake Math.

The comment heard this past Sunday on Meet the Press and Face the Nation regarding the Border Wall was..."Undocumented Crossings are at an historic low", therefore the Wall is not an Emergency". I find this use of false math by the Main Stream Media insufferable, and wildly obtuse. 

Imagine you were boarding an Airplane and there were 20 seats left to fill. Despite the empty seats, The Captain makes an announcement that due to weight factors the plane cannot take on anymore passengers. Someone complains that this is patently unfair, that the remaining 20 passengers each have less than half the weight of any passenger that has already boarded, and therefore the remaining 20 seats should be filled because its the right thing to do. 

Does that type of Math make sense, because the argument that a lower number of undocumented Border Crossings somehow means there is no longer a Border Crossing emergency is just as ludicrous. Even as the Fake Number Media was chortling about lower Undocumented Annual Immigrant Numbers, Oakland area school teachers are DEMANDING smaller classroom sizes, just as LA Striking Teachers did a month earlier. 

On any other planet a correlation would be made between 1/2 million undocumented Border Crossings into California on an Annual Basis as being a contributing reason to oversized Classrooms both in Oakland and Los Angeles.  On any other planet consensus would build that California Healthcare is being compromised because 500,000 undocumented are arriving in California year after year and its now taking its toll.

Unfortunately, Trump isn't following his own words from his 2019 State of the Union speech when declaring why a National Emergency is justified regarding a Border Wall....Here is Trump's 2019 State of the Union sentence  that RINGS TRUE and is REASON ENOUGH to declare a National Emergency...
"Meanwhile, working-class Americans are left to pay the price for mass illegal immigration..... overburdened schools, hospitals that are so crowded you can’t get in.....and a depleted social safety net.”  
 -Donald Trump 2019 State of the Union

Trump has become so Hero Driven he seems to have forgotten the every day man and woman even when it serves and justifies building the Border Wall. Nonetheless, Trump said it in his State of the Union Address, a depleted social safety net caused by yearly undocumented Border Crossings into California and beyond.

"But, but, there were even less Border Crossings in 2018 into California, so the problem went away, right?" Yes, my Mother did go away, to her death in 2018 because an ER Nurse demanded we leave the ER without my Mother's pneumonia being recorded, treated, or dosed during the Flu Season of 2018 because the ER was over crowded. 

My mother would die two days later at home and the Police won't investigate the REPETITIVE EMTALA and other violations initiated by the ER Nurse, because California has a Depleted Social Safety Net and nobody wants to look at how ripped up the California Social Safety Net really is. Besides, it would mean having to agree with Trump, and nobody in California would ever be willing to agree with anything Donald Trump says.

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

When Americans are Invited to Intervene in Eastern European Politics, we call it Consulting, when Russians are Invited to Consult in American Politics, we call it Collusion.

Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Tad Devine; for several years all worked in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe as Paid Political Consultants. Afterwards, all came to work in the U.S. for different 2016 Presidential Candidates named Sanders and Trump.

Apparently Stone, Manafort and Devine were permitted by the FBI and CIA to work on Presidential Campaigns in 2016, but the moment they also interacted with their Eastern European contacts, all became "colluders".  This seems like a scam to me. If all three were already connected with Eastern European Politics, then their own experiences, plus the contacts they made in Eastern Europe are in play for Presidential Elections in the U.S.

Why did Eastern Europe allow Manafort, Stone, and Devine to collude in Eastern Europe? Why weren't Manafort, Stone, or Devine ever tried for collusion in Eastern Europe since they had American interests as well? What about the Eastern European Politicians the three worked for, were Stone's, Manafort's and Devine's Political contacts in Eastern Europe charged with Colluding with American Political Consultants?

It seems like the Meme we are all supposed to accept is that multiple Americans can be political consultants in Eastern Europe and we call it Political Consulting, but Eastern Europeans and apparently people from any other continent cannot be a Political Advisor to an American Political Consultant. Are we that fragile of a country that we fear experts from other countries offering their viewpoints to American Political Consultants regarding a U.S. Presidential Race?

What nobody wants to talk about is Donald Trump paid for Facebook dollar a day, Targeted, Political Micro Ads during the 2016 Presidential Elections, while Hillary Clinton scoffed at the idea and chose NOT to pay for Facebook, Targeted, Political Micro Ads. 

Unless actual vote totals were tampered with, there was no collusion, there was consulting. It will be somewhat amazing if the U.S. proves to allow less tolerance for Political Consulting from Eastern Europe into American Politics then the tolerance Eastern Europe has had for their own politicians who "consulted/colluded" with American Political Consultants in Eastern Europe and face no charges of collusion.

Some say Collusion, Some say Consulting, Unless actual vote totals were tampered with, when do we call the whole thing off?

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Governor Newsom, Ralph Northam, the "Photo", and Hogan's Heroes.

DailyPUMA would like to point out the Hypocrisy of Newly Elected California Governor Gavin Newsome being "forgiven" for his affair with a Subordinate's Wife while he was Mayor of San Francisco, while Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is supposed to resign for wearing Blackface in the 80's. According to the wife of the Husband who had the affair with Mr. Newsome, Me Too does not apply because she consented to the affair and felt no pressure. All conveniently wrapped up in a bow because at the end of the day, it was just a Subordinate White Guy Husband who apparently has no standing or victimization, er, because he is after all from White Privilege and we all know that Whites have no Civil Rights to violate nor be victimized by the Actions of others, because um, their White! So Newsome gets to resume his career, the wife can't be blamed for the utter betrayal of her own marriage, and since White Guys are never victims, the husband can just shuck it up. 

Besides the ridiculous double standard that may be partially rooted as to whether the Alleged Victim is Black or White; and besides the supplanting of the Statute of Limitations; Another Disturbing aspect to the Demand that Virginia Governor Northam be removed from office one way or another is there have been no accusations that Mr. Northam has ever acted in a Racist Manner. Can't we at least connect the photo to some other actions that prove racial insensitivity?

The Image of two people, one in a KKK attire, the other in Black Face, reminds me of the 70's Television Show Hogan's Heroes.

Hogan's Heroes premise of a comedy about Prisoners in a German Prison of War Camp during World War II is utterly preposterous, yet the show somehow tap danced the line of comedy with the underlying tone that the War was bad and Prisoners defeating their German Captors was still in the Hearts and Minds of the Episodic Plots.

Perhaps the key to Hogan's Heroes success was the cartoonish  spoofing and characterizations of the German Officers and Hogan's obvious yet kept under wraps contempt for his German counterparts. 

Just as the German Captors tended to be one dimensional and mocked on Hogan's Heroes, isn't it possible that the picture of the BlackFace and KKK garb was mocking a prior time period, not as being funny, but as being obscenely wrong?

Photographically recreating a past wrong does not mean one is condoning it.

How do we not know if the TV show Hogans Heroes itself did not influence the Photo since the Photo was taken many years AFTER Hogan's Heroes had been on the air.

Show me more than a photo if the aim is to disregard, discredit, and change the memory, achievements and reputation of any person.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

How the New Age Judgement Prone Millennial and Progressive Eats its own and all Others.

Behind every Millennial and Progressive (not all millennials are Progressive but a significant portion are), is a crazed, self justified Capitalist Pig waiting to emerge.

Here are just two examples, plenty more exist. Juno RideShare  started as a counter to Uber and Lyft. It was supposed to be Driver friendly and over time was going to share 50% of the Company with its Drivers. 

Then one day someone offered the creator of Juno 200 million dollars to co own Juno. The offer was accepted and apparently Juno has become more like Uber and Lyft.

Purple Bricks is a no frills Real Estate Sales App who is advertising on Television the message not to waste ones money using an actual old school Realtor to sell one's home, that thousands could be saved by using Purple Bricks. The amount of money being spent on Television Advertising is most likely in the millions of dollars. 

The purpose of both New Age Transactions mentioned above is similar; figure out a way to streamline a service so the creator of the streamlined service can walk away a multi millionaire and then be highly regarded by everyone else. Even though the advantages of streamlining any service is obvious, it does come with the price of disenfranchising people in that same industry with perhaps 10 to 20 years of experience, or more.

In the case of Juno, I am surprised no lawsuit was filed. The sale of Juno was based on the recruitment of Drivers who were promised specific perks that created Juno's original Market value. Seems like the Juno Drivers should have been compensated for the value they helped create. 

In the New Age of Self Righteous Indignation about the past, it is amazing what is being tolerated by the same group of people when it comes to profiteering off of their fellow Millennial.

It's interesting how the mindset that wants to throw out Statutes of Limitations such as a lifetime political ban on anyone who has ever wore blackface, doesn't have the backbone to protect what was taken from Juno Drivers.

Classism is alive and well in the Millennial / Progressive community.

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

How the Swiping Generation has learned to Judge the Past and Ignore their own Indiscretions.

The Swiping Generation has become the New Age Judge of all that came before them.

The Swiping Generation has unilaterally decided to throw out the Statute of Limitations. The Swiping Generation, ignorant of what life was like before the Internet, has cast their decision that any type of Black Face means a person is guilty of all relatable charges, no Trial Necessary.

Where did this level of arrogance come from? Possibly the act of Swiping left, right, up and down, continuously, is changing how brains work. I have difficulty fathoming the concept of swiping past hundreds of faces, perhaps thousands of faces, rejecting each and every one until the perfect face is found for hooking up. It's the story of Adam and Eve all over again, and the Snake is the Swipe.

The Swiper's self induced empowerment to decide their own fate by the Swipe of their hand, now Judges those who came before them. The Swipers talk about the Pain of Past, as if they bemoan it everyday, yet most have probably never done their own research to bring to life someone's story from the past who would otherwise soon be forgotten.

The "Off with their Head's" fomenting is always the easiest way to discern any situation that does not meet with a Swiper's approval, and the Swiping Generation seems ok with that.

The Genesis and use of Black Face is obviously unacceptable. But when further analyzed, it is important to realize that Entertainment in General was a hit or miss proposition. Either the Entertainer was so enthralling they were revered by all, or they were put on Stage to be laughed at, not laughed with. 

The Performers in Black Face who sold out the Black Race in large part were victims themselves. Most Performers did not fit in with the day to day life of olden times and it was either sell out to give the public what it was told it wanted, or live a life of complete despair and incompetence.

Will we ever know for every person who wore Black Face, how many others refused to wear Black Face because they saw it for the Aristocratical poison that it was?

Might I suggest that for Racism to Exist, most likely Classism exists as well. Classism drives Racism, and Wealth and Power drive Classism.

Find the Heroes of the Past who rejected and condemned Black Face. Then as time moved on separate Black Facer's into those who did it to ridicule, and those who did it out of respect and reverence, and never clump them all into one group, as that is how Fascism takes root.

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Monday, February 4, 2019

How Donald Trump Tricked both the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Donald Trump did something in 2016 that was beyond his own pay grade yet probably is why he won the Election. Trump kept taunting Hillary Clinton by stating she was not physically fit enough to be in office. Trump also carried the Underdog role as he claimed Hillary Clinton had her Husband and former President Bill Clinton, plus Chelsea Clinton, Sanders, the Obama's, Warren, Biden, Celebrities and so on all out campaigning on her behalf.

Then came the fainting incident during the 2016 September 911 ceremony. The Republicans jumped all over it, using it as justification that Hillary Clinton was not fit for office. If Hillary Clinton had been a man, there would have been overwhelming empathy for a politician who was obviously over doing it yet wanted to be there for the 911 ceremonies, and fainted as a result of overwork, heat exhaustion, or pneumonia. 

Instead Hillary Clinton was excoriated by a desperate Conservative media as not being physically able to be President because she could not handle the workload of campaigning, or could not handle the heat. Hillary Clinton may have had pneumonia, which is why she had to be partially dragged into her SUV after leaving the 911 ceremonial event. If Trump ever fainted they would need a wheelbarrow, but we won't go there.

Apparently a Man can sacrifice to be at an event even if they should not be because they are not feeling well, and if they faint, the will get sympathy, but if a woman is caught in the same situation, she is not strong enough to be President.

So Hillary Clinton recharged her batteries and was more visible as the weeks passed and Presidential Voting day grew closer. But through out it all, Cheap Donald Trump was apparently micro advertising down to the street level, certainly the zip code level, using daily Facebook Micro Ads that cost just one dollar a day to run.

Sure Hillary Clinton had a Facebook Page, but so did Donald Trump. The difference was those darn one dollar a day Facebook Micro Ads, highly targeted ads that could reach anywhere from 50 to 500 people. Even if Russia gave Trump ideas on where and how to advertise, I just don't see how that is illegal. Unless Russia conspired with the NRA to tamper with actual vote totals, or some other way to actually alter vote totals, I don't think it matters what Russia did. As long as they did not make up the emails they allegedly hacked, I don't even care about that either. 

The News media is to blame for somehow using leaked Democrat Emails to make Hillary Clinton look bad. It's an outrageous breach of respect, Hillary Clinton for the most part can't control what is said by others in the DNC, so why should it affect her? Even the emails slamming Bernie Sanders were not her fault. Sanders used the Democrat Party and switched to Democrat just before the Primaries, then switched back to Independent right after he ceded to Hillary Clinton. Where is the outrage over that maneuver?

Hillary Clinton's technical shortcomings, and unawareness to have enough technical people around her to advise her, ultimately did her in. Although the News Media blasted Hillary Clinton in 2008 for staying in until the end of the race, Bill Clinton and The Democrat Party saw the benefit of Hillary Clinton staying in the race in 2008 until the very end as it created more overall Democrat Participation on all 50 States. It appears the Democrat Party replicated the same down to the wire finish in 2016 with Bernie Sanders, with unfortunate consequences.

Yes the Democrat Party wanted Bernie to quit much earlier then he did, but if Bernie stayed in, the Democrat Party Strategists incorrectly deduced it would bring a rejuvenated base to the Democrat Party and more enthusiastic crowds out even as the Democrat race marched towards it's conclusion, just as had happened in 2008 between Obama and Clinton. 

What nobody counted on was Bernie Sanders being such an asshole by spreading falsehoods about Primaries versus Caucuses, lying that he had a mathematical chance to win but it was taken away by super delegates, and directly negotiating with Trump to Debate him without Hillary Clinton's involvement. All a bunch of rhetorical nonsense. And then there was freebasing Bernie, offer Free Education and Legalized Pot for all.

Hillary Clinton was blamed by Sanders supporters for Caucus related voting lines that had nothing to do with her. Sanders duped his followers into believing a 75% to 25% Caucus win in which 90% less voters voted than if it had been a Primary contest mattered more than Hillary Clintons actual Primary contest wins. This is complete lunacy. Hillary Clinton won all the Democrat Primary contests by a 28 to 12 margin while Sander's kept insisting his Caucus wins were as important as Hillary's Primary Wins, and his followers swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

Primaries always matter more because the voting is done in private, no group manipulation is possible as is in a caucus, all ages are represented because voters have all day to vote in private, Seniors are not excluded as they are in Caucuses because they can come and vote when they have the time rather than wait in long lines and for hours to eventually vote. Nine times as many people vote in a Democrat Primary versus if the State had had a Democrat Caucus! Democrat Caucuses are generally done in Republican leaning States to save money. A big Caucus win with massively less votes in a Republican Leaning State does not guarantee that candidate will win the State in the fall and certainly does not carry the same impact as winning a Democrat Primary where 9 times the percentage of people vote.

Hillary Clinton has always struck me as someone who, when given the time, would construct the best answer and or solution to a situation. Facebook Micro ads would have allowed her in private to contact Sanders supporters and explain the difference between a Caucus contest and a Primary contest and to quash other Sanders lies as well. Instead, Hillary Clinton relied and tried to please the Press. What she has to show for her efforts are videos of her saying the opposite things all over Youtube. Videos that continue to chip away at her legacy.

Hillary Clinton was duped into playing a Political Man's game when it came to the 2016 Presidential Elections. Forgoing the Facebook Micro Ads to state her case in a focused manner via the media was a Donald Trump trap that she unfortunately fell for. Trump abused the Media and used his own Rock Star Political Appearances and those Facebook Micro Ads along with his own Twitter followers to inspire his supporters to feel special.

I never once felt special as a Hillary Clinton political contributor. No Hillary Clinton Facebook Micro Ad on my Facebook Page. No reassurance about why she was exhausted on 911, or what happened when she was momentarily spazzed out in a coffee diner situation. I presumed she got audiofeedback from the cameras right in her face. Instead of addressing the issue, it was basically ignored as if nothing had gone wrong.

Donald Trump outsmarted Hillary Clinton in 2016, not because he was smarter than Hillary Clinton, but because Trump was cheaper than Hillary Clinton.

Trump was so cheap it caused a Real Estate business ally to contact a guy working out of his home to do Facebook Real Estate Ads for Trump. They liked his work so much he ended up running the Facebook Micro Ads division of Trumps Presidential Election team, a division that I am guessing did not even exist in Hillary Clinton's campaign arsenal.

I wish Hillary Clinton would just give Donald Trump credit for winning in 2016 so Trump won't keep bringing it up. Trump on some level is deeply hurt that the opposing side never gave him credit for his 2016 Presidential win. 

Unless ballots were either discarded or somehow extra ballots were added in for Trump, the Mueller Investigation may change history if it somehow finds that Russia colluded with Trump and therefore Trump should be removed from office. Unless Russia collusion involved actual ballot tampering, whatever Russia did could have been obliterated if Hillary Clinton had used Facebook Micro Ads to reach and reinvigorate her followers and assuage her potential Sanders Supporters. Trump supporters were much more vocal on the Internet than Hillary Clinton voters were.

Trump's master stroke was his challenge to Hillary Clinton to step it up in the Public Arena even as Trump was using Facebook Micro Ads to do his political bidding on an under the radar level.

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