Monday, June 10, 2013

Republican Politicans, led by Darryl Issa, just can't comprehend basic terrorist strategies regarding Benghazi and against the U.S.

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The inability of Republican politicians to understand basic terrorist tactics is alarming to me, and it should be to you. Republican politicians continue to beat the drum about Bhengazi and I wonder why they would rather support al queda terrorists versus their own president.

Lets play out a couple of scenarios regarding Benghazi.

Al Queda creates unrest in the surrounding area of the U.S. Diplomatic mission in Benghazi, they even launch an occasional very small explosive device over the compound. The devices don't destroy anything but do fray nerves.

The most obvious scenario is to bring troops to the compound.

Now try to imagine for a moment how Al Queda would have played that out.

Troops and military vehicles begin to show up at a diplomatic mission in Libya, a supposedly peaceful U.S. diplomatic mission. Most Libyan's already support the mission and like what the U.S. Mission is  trying to do help Libyans.

Suddenly american troops come in. In a country that just went through a civil war, had their leader assassinated, and are facing continued civil unrest, what are they to think? Now imagine Al Queda is around to talk into the ear of nearby Libyans and raise unrest further.

Imagine an Al Queda operative posing as a U.S. supporter suddenly being killed by american troops right around the U.S. diplomatic compound. Chaos ensues and suddenly there are massive demonstrations against america, all orchestrated by Al Queda.

The idea that heightened security would have absolutely prevented an escalation in violence is NONSENSE.  There is no way to know for sure.

Isn't it ironic that no matter what president Obama does with his foreign affairs policy, the republican politicians are there to cut him to the quick. Drone strikes instead of military force, Republicans feign outrage.  Reduction in troop strength in Afghanistan and Iraq, the republican politicians scream Obama is weakening America's resolve. Track phone numbers, the way they do every week on CSI (name your city) every week, Republicans feign outrage. Kill Osama Bin Laden, Republican politicians almost seemed annoyed.

The Republican strategy of outrage over any and all foreign policy actions that Barack Obama takes are just not much different than an Al Queda terrorist. I guess somebody had to come in and fill the void left by Osama Bin Laden.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Republican Politicians and Fox Television News bring out the Attack Bill Clinton playbook regarding Benghazi by obstructing progress now so they can blame the democrats now and later.

Political Cover-ups nowadays have a different meaning than in the days of watergate. Back during watergate, cover-ups were done to hide absolutely illegal behavior.  

Nowadays, coverups are done to cover up.... screw ups. The problem is Republican politicians would prefer to live in the past and associate cover ups with impeachment rammifications rather than the less noxious odor of democrats simply not giving the opposition an opportunity to create more political gridlock. Create more political gridlock, an oxymoron and then some, but it appears it's the only thing that Republican Politicians excel at.

So what was the potential alleged cover-up about Benghazi? 

This is strictly my opinion, I think the potential cover-up about Benghazi was caused because there were no true "red phone emergency" plans in place for our U.S. embassies and consulates worldwide in which the actual people in the embassy could initiate a call for immediate military assistance.

On the surface no true red phone emergency option sounds egregious. However, Military Intelligence protocol most likely dictates that those within the Military Intelligence circle initiate the use of force, offensive or defensive. 

Suddenly, a situation arises in which an emergency military "request" is made for additional security by non military intelligence personnel, and there in lies the conflict.

Imagine reporting a fire and the person on the other end needs to get verification that there is a fire before officially calling it a fire and sending out fire trucks. Kind of scary, no?  

But when one realizes the worldwide reach of the U.S. government includes 294 embassies and consulates the idea that any one embassy can initiate military response by simply making a phone call becomes implausible. And if I'm not mistaken, didn't the republicans reduce the budget that would have allowed for more proactive protection for these 294 worldwide locations?

In Los Angeles, police are having trouble with rogue cell phone emergency calls, called "swatting", in which anonymous people using anonymous pre-paid cell phones call in false home emergencies involving celebrities. Verification before the use of military force will always be a fulcrum issue, so lets treat it as the issue rather than only a subtext for attempting to bring impeachment proceedings against a standing president.

If Republican politicians truly cared about the U.S. more so than their own "me driven" selfish agenda, they would be demanding a review of the military response process for our embassies and consulates for the purposes of streamlining it and making it more pro active in the future.

Here is what I just can't comprehend, if it is generally agreed that orchestrating all of our interests all over the world without loss of life is the goal, then how are the republicans achieving this by demanding we all focus an immense amount of attention on this one incident? 

Are the republican politicians confident that as they distract and obstruct government resources towards endless hearings and accusations and media posturing against the president; they are not in any way weakening the United States towards preventing the next embassy or consulate tragedy?

If the republicans take back the white house in 2016, will they obstruct now during Obama's term, and then later blame the democrats that it was the policies in place now that caused tragedies to occur on their watch?

That is what the republican politicians did to Bill Clinton. They obstructed Bill Clinton in his foreign policy pursuits by accusing him of doing whatever possible to distract attention away from his consensual affair with Monica Lewinsky, then blamed Bill Clinton for 911 by saying he didn't do enough to get Osama Bin Laden when he was in office.

No matter how annoyed or angry I was over the 2008 democrat nomination process, I can't stand by and watch republicans play their same old stupid games, can you?

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