Monday, January 21, 2019

Democrat Party, the Party of Nyet, and Proud of it, Plans on Nyetting it all the way through Winning the 2020 Presidency.

Why is this ridiculous Nyet posturing by the Democrats going on? Within 2 years there will be another Presidential Election, if the Democrat party wins they can rip up the 3 year Dreamer agreement and create a new one.

The Democrats equate 5.7 billion dollars towards the Wall as somehow being permanent, while the 3 year Dreamer extension is not permanent. This is flawed logic. 5.7 billion won't build the entire wall. Partial Wall equals Partial Dreamer Agreement. Both to be continued after the Next Presidential Election. Trump's proposal is totally logical, but the Democrats are stuck in Nyet mode, and it may come back to haunt them in 2020.

So what is the Party of Nyet, afraid of? Are they afraid of losing in 2020? They sure seem smug these days. It is the same smugness that beset the Democrat Party in 2016. Hillary Clinton warned not to be too confident about winning the Presidency in 2016, and she was right. Yet here we go again. Democrats will Nyet anything Trump says or does as they coast to the 2020 Elections.

Any poll that uses California in it is a poll you should not trust because California keeps inaccurately skewing the actual sentiment of the rest of the country, you know, the racist part. So if 45% of the Country says they want the Wall, Subtract California from the Poll and the percentage rises to 55% to 60%. And this is after the ongoing and perpetual Media coverage of suffering families at the Wall, and that the Wall won't do any good even if it was built.

The Anti Wall rhetoric has gotten so insane that one half of the Democrat and Media argument is that the Wall is not needed because Undocumented Immigration attempts have leveled off without a wall, while another argument is that a record amount of Undocumented's just recently went both under and over a part of the Wall that already exists. So according to the Democrats and the Media, the Wall shouldn't be built because people will figure out how to get over and under the Wall, and also because undocumented attempts have leveled off, and because its racist. Is 500,000 undocumented attempts per year a lot? It sure seems like a lot to me. And apparently the number has gone back up in the past 12 months.

California has gone wacko, possibly siphoning as much as 1/2 billion dollars on an annual basis from Senior MediCAL and Healthcare programs so the money can go to other programs that align with real Democrat interests such as no border, raises for School Teachers, fighting against the Border. 

The Teacher's Strike is DIRECTLY RELATED to no Wall. The LA Teachers are demanding smaller classroom sizes, a direct result of having no Border Wall. Even though the reason for the larger sized class rooms is related to the lack of a real border wall, Democrat allegations of racism for Wanting the Wall continue to erupt over any mention of a Border wall if a correlatipon to excessively large Los Angeles Classrooms is made. The entire Teacher's Strike has been a Fake News Scenario involving Democrat Politicians on the National Level, the California State level, and the LA Mayoral level in solidarity with the Teachers. Yet No Math Teacher's are involved in the Contract Negotiations and numbers were never discussed. Because Numbers tell a different Story.

There is no real mystery to the Teacher's Strike. The Union's claim of a 2 billion dollar Rainy Day fund fails to mention that it took 6 to 7 years to create that fund. Simple math tells us that about 300 million dollars a year is being saved. The logical conclusion is 100 per year million goes towards the Rainy Day fund, 100 million per year goes toward the excessively bloated Pension obligation, and 100 million per year goes toward the Contract talks. 

100 million a year will come nowhere near giving raises and hiring new teachers so classrooms can be reduced. while also adding much needed Nurses and roving Teacher's Assistants. Rather than face the actual Numbers, theatrics have been introduced. David Vs Goliath, it's literally a Footloose Mentality in which one side just wants to dance, and the other side allegedly hates dancing. If the money is found, just remember that present MediCAL has stealthily figured out ways to siphon 500 million dollars a year from California Seniors and the HealthCare Programs that were designed to give them some home healthcare assistance in their retirement years.

If the Magic Money is found, it will be available through additional taxation, and the "reallocation" of services for Seniors to other parts of the General Fund. No discussion of the bloated Pension obligation for Teachers, or their excellent Healthcare, was discussed by the Media. Yes, Fake News Scenarios do exist. Create a David vs Goliath story and run with it, even if it hurts Seniors and the Middle Class who will end up paying for it by additional taxation ideas.

California isn't done yet, we are supposed to keep welcoming in the undocumented while proposing Healthcare for all, and through it all, no Wall. Gasp.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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