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Saturday, October 27, 2012

If Bill and Hillary Clinton want to save America, they should buy Current TV from Al Gore.

Current TV is a news channel create in part by Al Gore that is aimed at the next generation MTV crowd. Amazingly, Current TV only generated 19.7 million in ad sales in a full years time in 2011. By contrast, Current TV collects around 82 million dollars in revenue from cable companies that carry the channel.

If Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton want to save america, they could go a long way towards that goal by buying and converting Current TV to a MODERATE democrat and MODERATE Republican based news channel. PBS for the masses.

The second trick would be to leverage the price per household that Cable TV pays Current TV and move the channel number above 100 to the general vicinity of Fox, MSNBC, CNN and CNBC. Perhaps the purchasers of Current TV could offer a price freeze and even rebates based on total ad revenue for the next four years. In exchange for that perk the Cable TV and dish networks move Current TV into the 60's numbers where the other Cable News Network channels can be found. 

We are done with change in this country as long as the progressive led radicals on the left continue to duke it out with the neo conservatives on the right. It is actually the moderates from both parties who get things done. 

However the new George Soros / Arianna Huffington instituted formula is too scare the party moderates from each political party back towards the progressive and neo conservative flank within each party.

The result is political polarization. Those who called Hillary Clinton a polarizing figure in 2008 were the real polarizers. 

Current TV may prove to be the best chance our country has to systematically bring the moderates from both parties back into the leadership roles of the democrat and republican party.

If the Clintons are serious about undoing the damage from the years 2000 through 2016, they need to start NOW, and buy Current TV.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.


Bob said...

Interesting idea!

Alessandro Machi said...

And a DOABLE one as well. But who will advise the Clintons? I don't seem to have their phone number nearby.

Sandy Shaw said...

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