Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Simplifying the Barack Obama Citizenship Issue even as Media Matters Attacks Lou Dobbs for bringing the discussion up on his Television Show.

Apparently, Media Matters is outraged that Lou Dobbs brought up the Barack Obama citizenship issue. "How dare he", Media Matters is complaining, "time to shut up Lou Dobbs" they chortle.

I propose a different idea. Can we talk LESS about WHERE Barack Obama might or might not have been born, and focus some discussion on the citizenship status of Barack Obama's FATHER? Can anybody explain what Barack Obama's father's role is in determining whether or not his son can be natural born or not?

Is there any behavior or action that a father can do that would negate his child being considered a natural born citizen even if the child was born in the United States? Think about all of our past presidents.
How many past presidents had fathers who became US citizens BEFORE their sons ran for Vice President or President, the fathers REMAINING US citizens for the rest of their lives, or until their son ran for president? If the answer is ALL OF THEM, until Barack Obama, then "Houston, we have a problem".
If Osama Bin Laden had been a US citizen earlier in his life, then recently snuck back into the United States and fathered a child, and then snuck back out, leaving the child behind, would that child still be considered a natural born US citizen?
If the answer to Osama Bin Laden fathering a child on US soil and the child is declared a U.S. citizen, but NOT a natural born citizen, then other scenarios, involving ALL FATHER'S behavior and motivation, exist as well, and some of these scenarios may relate to Barack Obama's own father as well.
A lot of energy is being spent on where Barack Obama was born and almost none appears to be being spent on Barack Obama's father's path in life.

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NYCgirl said...

Hi, Alessandro,

I agree that the BC issue is a distraction from the real issue of BO's citizenship as defined by the constitution. There is a different requirement for POTUS than for any other elective office. Most people are not aware of the distinction.

Meanwhile, we should all support the rights of Lou Dobbs and others to exercise "freedom of speech" if they choose to air the subject of BO's eligibility. Many PUMAs are also not aware that Lou Dobbs was the only reporter on CNN to call attention to the media bias against Hillary in the primaries. He was very fair to Hillary, and he still is. I wrote a post about this last week which appeared on the Dept. of Homegirl Security blog:

Everyone please support Lou Dobbs and his right to free speech.

Alessandro Machi said...


Anybody know of any presidents who were elected with a father who was a foreigner, or who had citizenship and then lost the citizenship before their son ran for President or VP?

Still4Hill said...

Hi Alessandro,
One other case of a known usurper (as designated by Article II SectionI) and that was Chester A. Arthur whose father was a British subject at the time of Arthur's birth. He later became a U.S. Citizen, but he was not when Arthur was born - making Arthurs ALSO a Brit subject as was Obama at birth since his father, who NEVER became an American citizen, was a British subject when Obama was born. Place of birth is almost irrelevant. If he was born in Hawaii, he was a US citizen, but due to hi father's citizenship, not a Natural Born Citizen as designated in Article II Section I.

Alessandro Machi said...

So I get two interesting points here.

Not being a US citizen at the time of one's offspring's birth is not necessarily a deal breaker AS LONG as the father becomes a US citizen PRIOR to some point in time.

Either the offspring running for president OR perhaps while still a minor?

I thought Barack Obama's father was a US citizen at some point, but then lost that privilege prior to Barack Obama becoming an adult. If Barack Obama's father was never a US citizen, than that pretty much leaves Barack as the only president to have a father that was never a US citizen?


Still4Hill said...

Actually, the parent must be a US citizen at the time of birth. Becoming one later does not grandfather in a child born of a non-citizen This is why Arthur was a usurper despite his father having become a citizen when Arthur was 6.

Bobby Jindal is another one whose parents were not citizens when he was born 9or atleast one was not). H can never be POTUS either.

Obama's father was never a US citizen. Obama is not eligible.

Alessandro Machi said...

If Garfield could be president, then so should Obama. However, I still think it makes a huge difference that Garfield's father DID become a US citizen as it shows a loyalty to this country versus having a dad who actually was a political operative of Kenya later in life.

The differences are staggering between the two fathers.

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