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Friday, November 11, 2016

Stunning Revelation, FBI suppressed Donald Trump's FBI Dossier during the Presidential Campaign while Publicly Exposing Hillary Clinton's FBI Dossier on Multiple Occasions.

Is the good old boys network still in play? What else can be said for the FBI suppressing their dossier on Donald Trump while publicly revealing their dossier on Hillary Clinton throughout the presidential campaign, you know, when millions of americans were trying to decide who was a more ethical candidate?

The FBI publicly revealing Hillary Clinton's FBI email dossier on multiple occasions while suppressing  Donald Trump's FBI Tax Evasion dossier created an un level playing field in which Donald Trump could chortle at every stop he made that Hillary Clinton was under criminal investigation, and therefore a criminal (a slanderous leap I might add) while Hillary Clinton could not counter that Donald Trump was under investigation as well, because the FBI suppressed their Donald Trump dossier.

In case you missed it, the IRS has apparently allowed Donald Trump's 20 year, almost 50 million dollar a year tax dodge without any real investigation. The US vs IRBY court case from 2012 specifically states that the statute of limitations for Income Tax Fraud does not start until the actual tax evasion act ends. 

So even though Donald Trump filed for his almost 1 billion dollar tax write off 20 years ago to the tune of around 50 million dollars a year for 20 years, the statute of limitations on Donald Trump's filings don't start until the last of his tax evasion efforts have been completed, which may have been in just the past year or two, well short of the six year or ten year statute of limitations that apply to most cases.

Meanwhile, FBI director James Comey suppressed the FBI dossier on Donald Trump possibly funding his entire presidential election run with tax evasion money from the American People even as James Comey was publicly  commenting on numerous occasions about an FBI investigation against Hillary Clinton.

This  has to be made to be right. You protestors need to focus your protest on the IRS building and the FBI building.  The IRS needs to be held accountable for trying to fix massive Donald Trump tax evasion fraud issues behind closed doors with a wink, wink, nudge nudge, and the FBI has to be held accountable for not publicly disclosing their dossier on Donald Trump and his tax evasion issues in a manner comparable to how they publicly "handled" their Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Don't believe the FBI when they deny they were investigating Donald Trump. Anyone who tax evades a billion dollars and then uses that tax evasion money to run for president of the U.S. has a dossier with the FBI. Why the FBI chose to suppress their Donald Trump tax evasion dossier while publicizing their Hillary Clinton email investigation is something the FBI and James Comey need to explain, immediately.

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Dennis (yeah, THAT Dennis!) said...

What utter nonsense. You have no idea what a "dossier" is yet you bandy it about, you know, as if you do. Continue to prey on the ignorant, Mr. Puma and, while you're at it, add your name to the List of Ignoramuses ; )

Alessandro Machi said...

Why would I not know what a dossier is? Does the spelling of the word make you think it's some high brow word that a lowly person like me would not know the meaning of? It's the exact correct word, look it up if you are still skeptical.

Alessandro Machi said...

Dennis, you have 19 profile views June of 2011. So why would you presume that we would know who you are? Who are you?

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