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Saturday, December 3, 2016

There cannot be a legitimate Presidential Recount if the Precinct Signature Book that each voter signs prior to voting is not being Reexamined.

Once Again the media does not do it's job in regards to explaining how the recount works. First there was the posturing from several different media groups that the recount should not be done.  

Now that the recount is simply a verification that each candidate got their correct share of ballot votes, the media has once again ignored the elephant in the room, literally I might add.

The total number of votes per precinct should match up with the total number of signatures in the signature precinct book that each voter signs when they vote.  Maybe each state does it differently, but in California each voter first signs the precinct signature book and then they are handed their ballot. They then walk directly to a voting cubicle, slide the ballot into an ink a dot receptacle, and fill out their ballot. The voter then inserts their ballot into a machine that registers their vote.

The recount reporting has been so atrocious that DailyPUMA has no idea if the three states being recounted use signature books, or perhaps each voter signs the actual ballot or the paper holder that each ballot is placed inside? I am presuming the voters use precinct signature books to sign that they voted.

Are the total number of signatures from the Precinct signature books matching up to the total number of ballots being cast for that precinct? And, were the rest of the unused ballots returned so that each precinct returned the exact same number of ballots that they received?

Simply having volunteers inspect a ballot and then count that ballot completely misses how voter fraud would occur. 

Fraud happens when one person fills out multiple ballots. Simply verifying that a potential fraudster filled out the multiple ballots correctly, without comparing signature totals per precinct to the number of ballots filled out per precinct, does not promote voting integrity.

Furthermore, the signatures in the books need to be evaluated to see if a certain handwriting style may have signed on behalf of several people who may not have voted.

There is also the issue of the NRA being allowed to volunteer on November  8th, 2016. Since the NRA was one of Trump's biggest PAC's, their members should not have been allowed within a hundred feet of any voting location unless it was to vote, and then leave.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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