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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Media Matters goes insane over Dr. Laura's use of the N word.

Click on image to enlarge the racist baiting tactics of my party, the democratic party.

Wow, Dr. Laura gets it right when confronted by a race baiting caller. Media Matters is trying to create anti Dr. Laura puffery over the race baiting caller's tactics. If you click on this link and listen to the call, the race baiting caller at one point attempts to white wash all older people as being racist for not voting for Barack Obama.

You know Barack Obama, the FIRST PRESIDENT in possibly decades to freeze social security payments at the same level they were the prior year but then add a one time 250 dollar payment as a way to circumvent the reality that he actually has frozen social security at the same rate it was the prior year.

The only way Barack Obama can AVOID the label of being the first president in several decades to freeze social security benefits is if the 250 dollar "benefit" is given out annually anda social security benefit increase is resumed for the next fiscal year. According to the race baiter who called Dr. Laura's show, older people were "racist" if they did not vote for Barack Obama in 2008.

Lol, apparently our "good friends" over at Huffington Post are trying to fan the flames on this non issue as well. Can we say "Journolist, the 2010 edition? However, I will credit HP for also posting an editorial from Ofar Hutchinson that takes a more cerebral and mature approach to the situation.

In the meantime, PLEASE, I ASK ALL PUMA BLOGGERS TO CONTACT DR. LAURA'S SPONSORS AND SHOW SUPPORT FOR WHAT DR. LAURA SAID. THE LEVEL OF INSANITY OVER THIS ISSUE IS VERY DISCONCERTING to me. The call made by a race baiter to Dr. Laura is a complete non issue and the person who did call, "Jade", seemed very keen on trying to accuse Dr. Laura of racism and older folks of being racist as well.

Speaking of older folks, let us not forget Sarah Silverman's plea to get racist old folks to vote for Barack Obama in 2008.
I am appalled at the level of disrespect being meted out against older people in this country by Barack Obama supporters.

As for Dr. Laura, let us not forget that it was Dr. Laura who kept quiet during the 2008 presidential race while Oprah Winfrey spewed her narcissistic political bile at every turn, never once considering that just because a candidate was half african american did not necessarily mean they were actually ready to be president.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for encouraging further consideration of the Dr. Laura issue. I'll have to admit that I didn't look below the surface before condemning her actions. I'm afraid my dislike of Dr. Laura justified accepting the accusations on face value - not a good way to reach an informed conclusion, I admit.

I'll do the research and give this issue more objective consideration after reading your article.


For the record - I dislike Sarah Silverman as much as I dislike Dr. Laura.

Alessandro Machi said...

I find Dr. Laura to be an interesting person who cannot be pigeon holed as easily as some people would like.

Over the years whenever I have listened to her show I found her to be well reasoned even if I disagreed with her. In this instance, I KNEW I would have to hear the phone call before deciding.

Jade reminded me of all that is wrong with the Obots and what I get out of the phone call is the hate the Obots have for their elders and how quick they are to use the race card.

The moment that Dr. Laura did not agree with Jade, then Jade brought out the race card.

Dr. Laura would have made an amazing PUMA although I assume she votes republican.

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