Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How some anti puma blogs get away with their defaming accusations without being shut down.

In my opinion, bloggers who insult, defame, libel and slander other bloggers while not using their own real name are comitting defamation of character, especially if they use the real name of the blogger that they are attacking.

I won't publicize the anti-puma bloggers who seem to tourette foul language with every reply they vomit about a puma blogger, but I have figured out one loophole they may be using from which to make insulting replies to anyone who they think is a puma.

Apparently wordpress dot org, NOT wordpress dot com, has no supervision. Wordpress dot org is an open source platform so there is nobody to report their actions to.

I believe defamation of character is a line easily crossed by bloggers who don't use their real name while attacking the reputation of other bloggers who do use their real names.

So if blogger A chooses to attack the reputation, standing, intelligence, or character of blogger B, but blogger A does not use a real name while Blogger B does use a real name, then that could rise to the level of defamation of character.

If neither blogger uses a real name, then knock each other out, who cares really, unless the name is trademarked.

If a blogger wishes to accuse another blogger of being a racist, or stupid, or some other word that is considered opposite of ethical, then the blogger should use their real name in their blog, or, not do the attacking.

I am willing to pursue this matter and make an attempt at shutting down the anonymous anti puma idiots who attack pumas without even using a real name, I'm just not sure who to complain to. Suggestions are welcome.

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