Monday, January 4, 2010

Donald Trump name Goes Kerplunk for Some Investors.

Check out these two links about Investment projects in which Donald Trump adds his name only and investors collectively lose millions of dollars.

In at least some instances investors lost their retirement savings investing in Trump name projects. Yet Donald Trump just keeps on ticking with new ads that seem to be making outrageous claims.


The ad above is running on facebook and the claims that scroll across the top of the ad, in my opinion, are over the top. I don't feel comfortable linking to the ad because I don't know if some secret facebook software program will grab your IP and put you on a suckers list for future Trump ads.

I seem to recall that the Mexico resort project was touted on the Apprentice show by Trump himself. Why can't NBC contribute the profits from the Apprentice show to the investors who were apparently misled into thinking the project, whether profitable or not, would at least be built.

It is important to note that people invested money in what they thought was a sure thing, that the building would be built. Even if the investors lost money, at least they would have part ownership of SOMETHING.

Lets say an investor put up 300,000 dollars for a condo suite. Lets say when all is said and done, the condo suite is only worth 200,000 dollars. The point is the suite exists and the investor can at least live in it.

In this instance, NOTHING WAS BUILT! This is so outrageous that at the very least, Trump's future earnings, along with his kids, should be garnished until the investors are paid back, plus interest, and NBC should help as well. I seem to recall that Trump trumpeting how amazing these investment properties would be during the broadcasting of the show "The Apprentice".

This gave the project instant credibility and since all the parties, NBC, Trump, and his kids, were profiting from the show, they should all take responsibility for implying the project was a can't miss on television to millions of viewers.

It is entirely possible that portions of the Apprentice could have been used to promote the resort project to investors, and that shold make the show, NBC, and the Trumps fair game.

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