Monday, February 1, 2010

DailyPUMA launches SISTER SITE, My Third Party. Pumas and Politicians opposing Pelosi and Reid or those running as a third party will be featured.

My Third Party is now up and running. The defeat of any politician who disrupted the contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama BEFORE all democratic voters had a chance to vote need to be voted out of office.

My Third Party will link to politicians that are not part of the Reid, Pelosi and Obama Triangle, nor the Republican Equivalent. However, taking back the democratic party from the politically self absorbed who put their own career ahead of the welfare of the country must be dealt with first and foremost.

Mr. Reid is raising millions of dollars for his sham-paign, maybe if those donating to Reid had a chance to see the oppositions websites by simply going to My Third Party, they would see they have a choice and maybe his competition would get more donations and Reid less.

It took me a few minutes to track down Mr. Reid's top three opponents, now you can click on any of their web links in just a second or two.

Better still, My Third Party will auto update any news coming out of the blogs of those opposing Reid, Pelosi, and Obama and the Republican equivalent.

Additionally, My Third Party candidates can get their site listed as well and Jake Towne is the first that I have listed. If you have suggestions for candidates, please notify me here or at My Third Party.

I would like to extend an invitation to ALL HILLARY CLINTON SUPPORTERS and PUMA blogs who want to help bring politicians who oppose Reid, Pelosi and Barack Obama into the limelight. We can defeat the 2008 behind the scenes democrats who did not trust the democratic voters to make an informed decision, and instead hijacked the 2008 democratic presidential process for their own selfish agenda.

If you are a reader of DailyPUMA and see another prominent blog ignoring this effort, please challenge them yourself to get involved with this effort. The more PUMAS that share names of politicians running against the political infrastructure, the more My Third Party can create real change.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Alessandro for continuing to lead the effort to right the wrongs of 2008. This site will be an excellent resource.


Alessandro Machi said...

Thanks for your response freespirit. The only reason I just announced this publicly without approaching other puma blog owners first was that it just needs to be done.

I hope other PUMA blog owners don't feel slighted for not being consulted before the announcement, this is really for any PUMA who supports a fair and balanced democratic party.

No, Fair and Balanced is not a secret coded message, it's what I expected from my party in 2008 and never got.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alessandro!

My Third Party is a great idea.

We're presently unsure how we would fit in on My Third Party since we don't support particular parties. We do support candidates with whom we ideologically agree as well as candidates opposing those with whom we vehemently disagree. The site looks great and we can't wait to dig in and enjoy the diversity of ideas/information represented there.

Let us know what you think.

As usual, you're the hardest working man in PUMA Land and we truly appreciate all you do.

Best Wishes,


Alessandro Machi said...

I think we're on the same wavelength. My goal is to see less republicans and democrats in Congress this fall, but that doesn't mean I don't support the two parties at all, just that they need a wake up call.

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