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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Viet Nam war widow ready to practice civil disobedience against Chase Bank home foreclosure practices.

I'm 99 percent sure that the following letter and actions being taken by home foreclosure protestors would not have been necessary under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Dear Friends and Family,

I have made the decision to participate in a peaceful civil disobedience action at Chase headquarters in San Francisco this afternoon. 

 I am going to stand up for the thousands of homeowners who have already lost their homes and for countless others who have pending foreclosure sale dates. It is the right thing to do. I will not be alone and let us not forget that today is the Feast Day for Saint Michael the Archangel who is my patron saint. 

 I have prayed daily about this and now it is time for me to demonstrate the courage of my convictions.I do have some fear about what lies ahead. I will be at ACCE today to be trained in how to do this without being hurt. ACCE has an attorney on call for us. This is a peaceful civil disobedience action. 

We will have a sit in at the bank and have a demand letter -- demanding a negotiation with Jamie Dimon himself. I will not be alone -- I have God and the angels with me. I will be brave for the sake of my family. I am deeply humbled.

My message is this: We must put an end to this government sanctioned nationalized fraud that is destroying our homes and our communities.

My family history is one of patriotism and not running in the face of difficulties. I descend from at least 8 ancestors who fought for our freedom in the American Revolution. I carry the blood of the Pekowi Shawnee and Cherokee in my veins. This is something I am doing for my children and my grandchildren. It must be done.

Please pray for the safety of all of us who are going to march today and who will be alongside me inside the bank. Pray that we are instruments of God today.I love you all.

-Brenda Reed (end of letter).

The robbing of home equity from homeowners and the foreclosing on homeowners for being one day late on a payment occurs because the banks and our own government created a vicious loophole in the legislation and rules that govern the banks. The legislative loophole that the elite are using to rob main street of its wealth comes from one simple missive, 
...The Restructuring of a debt is an automatic default.
That one simple sentence is causing the loss of home ownership, the prevention of jobs, and the continued erosion of main street's  wealth. 

It's why politicians, who have apparently never met a banker they did not like, demand rule of law. Politicians demand rule of law so they can come up with the simplest but orneriest of rules such as , ...The Restructuring of a debt is an automatic default, that steal half of the world's wealth from main street. 

It is also why the popularity of elected officials is at historically low levels of around 12% as protests grow and movements all over the United States begin to take root.

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