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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Russia is completely innocent of any and all wrongdoing ever committed regarding hacking, doping, and providing escorts for Donald Trump's Trump Escorts, see the proof.

Click on Image to Enlarge and see the 75% of all hits from all countries that Russia has had to Daily PUMA in the past 24 hours. Or, maybe it's just that Hillary Clinton is liked all over the world and she is very popular in Russia and she was just nominated to be the first female president in the United States.

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Bob Harrison said...

I'm also catching some of the fallout. Russia has jumped up to 6th on my list. Since I don't care about ads or anything like that, I've paid little attention to hits etc. but I believe that represents at least a 50 country jump. btw, I would love to see Joe or you do some work on the Trump escorts. I've tried but haven't found much beyond what Joe posted.

Alessandro Machi said...

Antenna TV is running reruns of the Johnny Carson show, and Carson does a riff about both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, from 25 years ago. I think Johnny mentions Trump having a mistress on the side. Look at his wives, other than Marla Maples, don't they all have Russian names, how did THAT happen?

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