Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What Donald Trump might say about Bernie Sanders rejoicing after Golden State Warriors 3 game comeback to defeat Oklahoma City and Bernie possibly winning California in the Democrat Primary.

What Donald Trump might say about Bernie Sanders after Bernie was seen rejoicing over the Golden State Warriors comeback conference championship series win against The Oklahoma Thunder. 
"Can you believe this Sanders guy. The state of Oklahoma votes for him over Hillary Clinton, and he returns the favor by rejoicing when Golden State beats Oklahoma in the NBA conference finals. A back stabbing Socialist Peacnik celebrating the WARRIORS victory." "Nobody can twist the knife like Bernie can, I may have to hire him to help take out ISIS when I'm president."
"If Bernie is calling his chance for victory in California a comeback victory like the Warriors over Oklahoma, then clearly a California comeback is in play for the Republicans as well. Thank you Bernie for pointing that out."
"What's next Bernie, you just broke the collective hearts of the state of Oklahoma by cheering Golden State's victory over them, what about the state of Ohio, as in the Cleveland Cavaliers? Are you still rooting for Golden State to be beat Cleveland in the Finals? Oh, wait, Golden State will probably be the favorite, so does that mean you will switch your alliances AGAIN and root for the underdog Cleveland Cavaliers?"

The anchor calls Bernie Sanders attending Golden State's game seven playoff aligning himself with Golden State's comeback "political pandering", the exact phrase DailyPUMA used in a recent article.

Bernie "anti-fracking" Sanders continues to run a Slash and Bern race and in one news clip has actually given the Republicans fuel to use in three states, California and Ohio represent a total of 73 electoral college votes.

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