Friday, May 27, 2016

Bernie Sanders busts a move in California and why Hillary Clinton should care. Meanwhile Move on Dot Org email, Hillary Who?

(Friday May 27, 4:12pm update: Hillary Clinton ads did start appearing this morning. Yeah. However, I would strongly recommend an ad that is specific to California, California people, places and things, and it should be in color. Right after I posted this I saw a second Hillary Clinton ad, this one in color, about a young girl worried her parents are being deported. I hope there is one more coming where Californians see California in the ad, we're funny that way.)

DailyPUMA leaves a comment on Cannonfire about Bernie Sanders trying to finish with a lot of momentum by winning California and about half an hour later Move on dot org sends an email basically stating Bernie Sanders is trying to win strong on June 7th as a way to ensure the progressives dominate the democrat platform committee and agenda. 

Move on Dot Org professes to now have a progressive majority on the Democrat 15 person committee and are encouraging members to help Bernie finish the remaining Democrat Primary races on a very high note to reinforce the concept of "Hillary who?".

Sanders has been on a whirlwind tour in California, hitting 3 or more locations a day while also running television ads strategically placed just before Memorial Day and probably through Memorial day weekend on all the local news broadcast stations in Los Angeles. I believe Bernie Sander's goal is to pack the 15 person democrat planning committee with a majority of progressives (which Move on Dot Org claims they now have) and basically bypass Hillary Clinton and the direction of the democrat party even if she is the nominee.

This is not the time for Hillary Clinton to be cobbling together money to use against Trump with the rationalization that Sanders is irrelevant. If Sander's wins California and does well in the other states on June 7th he will just become a bigger and bigger fly in the ointment and will give more fuel for Sanders followers to believe he was robbed even though he will still be a couple million votes behind in the popular vote.

Plus, if Sanders wins more pledged delegates on June 7th he gets to proclaim that he is the more popular candidate with growing momentum because it means Sanders won the last two months (May and June) of the democrat nomination season after losing the first four months (January, February, March, April). Sanders will probably be able to create a graph that shows he actually cut into the percentage of Hillary Clintons lead by a bigger and bigger margin with each passing month until he inevitably started actually winning the pledged delegate race once May hit, implying that he really is on a six month momentum bender.

In professional team sports, teams that have big leads but then barely cross the finish line ahead of their rivals usually don't win championships. A team wins championships by finishing the regular season strongly rather than ignoring their rivals because their rivals have too much of a gap to make up. Ignoring a rival as if they don't exist is a form of taunting, and fans don't like that, especially from the team being ignored/taunted. Yes, ignoring is a form of taunting.

If a baseball team is ahead of the second place team by 9 games with 10 games left to play in the season but then loses the final 10 games of the season and finishes just one game ahead at the end of the season, that's actually not a cause for a first place victory celebration. 

Fans of the losing team don't like it when an opposing team knows they are going to win first place in their division even as they keep losing the individual games leading up to the playoffs. This is where being a woman who probably doesn't follow team sports hurts Hillary Clinton. She has a lead and is content with that lead, even if it keeps shrinking, as long as she wins. That's actually an unacceptable premise in both team sports, and in politics.

What does Hillary Clinton want, an extra 25 to 50 million dollars in her political coffers to battle Donald Trump, or soundly beating Bernie Sanders in California now? Let's not rationalize losing to Bernie Sanders by 10 points in California as being irrelevant if at the same time the California delegates Hillary Clinton does win puts her over the top for the democrat nomination, as it will truly be a pyrrhic victory. And Donald Trump will be all over it as well..."Talk about entitlement, she lost the last 10 of 15 democrat contests and she's the democrat nominee!…" "She went splat and her guts rolled over the finish line ahead of a hard charging Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton calls that a victory." Trump can wax on and on about how Hillary Clinton had to keep losing so she could win the nomination.

Hillary Clinton is probably being advised by former Barack Obama campaign people to "stall and ignore" like Barack Obama did near the end of the 2008 democrat campaign when he ignored Hillary Clinton and basically used the same speech day after day, that approach may backfire in 2016. I hope Hillary Clinton sees through this year's wall of male consulting incompetence better than she did in 2008 when  her political advisor told  her that California was a winner take all delegate state, and SPENDS SOME FUCKING MONEY in California on commercials, preferably starting this memorial day weekend. 

Hillary Clinton not spending money with the local news channels means she is not ingratiating herself to them in terms of how they cover her California campaign activites. The local Los Angeles news reports are basically having a Bernie Love  fest which goes like this…"Bernie Sanders held rallies today in T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z locations"…."meanwhile Hillary Clinton held two fund raisers". The LA News reporting just sounds so crass and elitist, yet, apparently that is the truth. "Bernie is working his butt off" (AND paying the television news stations commercial advertising money), while "Hillary Clinton keeps fundraising" is the not so subliminal message I am witnessing.

I hope the Clinton campaign runs television commercials about why people like Hillary Clinton, not why Hillary Clinton wants to be president.

If Hillary Clinton limps to victory, she may be ceding too many progressives on the democrat platform committee and find her power usurped even if she is the nominee. Hillary Clinton may not convince a significant portion of the Sander's followers that Bernie Sanders was truly beaten if Bernie does better than Hillary Clinton on June 7, 2016 since we all know that Super Delegates ride around on winged unicorns trumpeting bad publicity about Bernie and good publicity about Hillary.

In the sports world, when fans truly believe their team was the best team and if they had just had a few more contests to play they would have caught and surpassed the leader, those types of supporters won't settle for supporting the team that barely beat them, even if winning team makes it to the Super Bowl or the World Series. The fans whose team finished second but in their hearts believe were the better team and just needed a few more games to play to prove it, may actually support the other league's playoff team out of spite or disgust rather than the team that they were still gaining on as the season ended.

Here is Move on Dot Org's "Hillary who?" email in which learn that the goal is to make Hillary Clinton and her ideas, irrelevant even if she is the nominee.

Dear MoveOn member,
Bernie Sanders won "unprecedented say over the Democratic Party platform" this week and named progressive powerhouses, including climate change author and visionary Bill McKibben and Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chair Keith Ellison, to the party's platform drafting committee.1
Progressives now hold a majority of seats on this committee, which will set the Democratic Party's policy platform for the next four years.2
Every vote and every delegate that Bernie wins will give Bernie's committee members more leverage to write the "strongest progressive agenda that any political party has ever seen” at the Democratic convention.3
Will you join other MoveOn members this weekend to help get out the vote? Click here to search for the nearest volunteer event.
Or click here to sign up and make calls from your home.
Democratic Party operatives typically appoint the 15-member drafting committee. But the strength of Bernie's political revolution forced party officials to the table to negotiate with Bernie’s campaign.
Bernie was able to appoint five members, who will be fighting for the Democratic Party to officially embrace a $15 minimum wage, break up big banks, ban fracking, and end our corrupt campaign finance system.
If Bernie wins big on June 7, his team will have the momentum and power to shape the Democratic Party platform for the next four years and beyond.
Will you join other MoveOn members this weekend to help get out the vote? Click here to search for the nearest volunteer event.
Or click here to sign up and make calls from your home.
Thanks for all you do.
—Matt, Mark, Hannah, Emily, and the rest of the MoveOn for Bernie team
1. "Sanders wins greater say in Democratic platform; names pro-Palestinian activist," The Washington Post, May 23, 2016
2. "The Democratic Platform Committee Now Has a Progressive Majority. Thanks, Bernie Sanders." The Nation, May 24, 2016
3. Ibid.

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PAID FOR BY MOVEON.ORG POLITICAL ACTION, Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
This email was sent to Alessandro Machi on May 27th, 2016. To change your email address or update your contact info,click here. To opt out of "MoveOn for Bernie" emails, click here. To remove yourself from the list, click here.   end of email.

I still don't understand how Move on dot org can reach out to all democrats to get as big of an email list as possible and then take their full email list and simply start supporting one democrat candidate over another while maintaining their non-profit status.

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1 comment:

Alessandro Machi said...

Hillary Clinton changed her schedule and is headed back to California. I have other really great suggestions for HIllary Clinton's campaign but I have been ignored when I emailed them to her campaign.

Bernie Sanders attended the Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma Sooners game last night and then compared himself to the Golden State Warriors in terms of a comeback victory. Golden State was down three games to one but ended up winning the next three games for the playoff series victory.

Kind of eerie how the sports analogies have now crept into the political race, for real, as had already mentioned in the article above that has now been out for several days.

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