Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Response to Cannonfire's Blogging will end topic.

I've blogged a counter argument in the past on how to stop the copyrighters from overstepping their bounds.

Big obnoxious warnings need to be placed on each and every copyrighted piece of material that is being sold that warns the buyer they can only consume the product, they can never show it to anybody else nor edit it nor comment about it on a blog, yada, yada, yada. This will instantly create a backlash from consumers who are offended at such a heightened level of arrogance from the studios. Eventually, a compromise may be reached where bloggers and internet users can buy super low priced "releases" that free them to discuss or show clips of copyrighted content.

In turn, if bloggers actually create sales for the content providers by discussing the content on their own blog, the bloggers would get reimbursed as well. Until we reach that compromise, Other inconsistencies abound as well. Studios regularly use illegally created actor demo reels to help determine who they may hire in the future. These actor demo reels don't have releases, yet the studios view this contraband material to help determine who they will hire AND what they will pay them.

It becomes inconsistent for studios to sue consumers for putting content on youtube when the studios actually gauge the number of viewers the content receives and then make educated decisions based on viewer response. The studios are double dipping, suing consumers for the very same illegal practices they engage in themselves. On top of that, the studios actually use YouTube popularity to determine what new hot talent they might hire, yet who did the studios pay for this worldwide research? Nobody.

However, I do have empathy for the studios because a LOT of people are stealing content. The studios and the consumer need a third party that will fairly assess and address both sides needs, fairly. This is exactly what killed the automobile industry in this country. Greedy executives and greedy labor union leaders at the bargaining table forgetting that the consumer, aka their customers, is what mattered most.

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