Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mobile Advertising Madness, Vegas Strippers on Display in a see through Cargo Van.

A couple of years ago I noticed a car with a television screen that was easily visible to nearby cars.

I wondered how long it would be before someone got cited for either distracting other drivers with video images, or perhaps even showing inappropriate material to a minor that might see the video from another car.

Just now I found this story on ABC News....
....about exotic dancers in Vegas being driven around in a plexiglass Cargo Van as they promote a local strip club.
Rather than wait until they were either sued for distracting drivers and causing accidents or worse, the strip club shut down the van, themselves.

Here I was wondering about the possible distraction a television monitor in someones car could cause to other drivers, whereas in Vegas they couldn't be more in your face, actually driving a see through plexi glass cargo van with live dancers inside for all to gawk at.

I find the entire episode disconcerting. I find it surprising, to say the least, that it was up to the strip club itself to stop the activity. As the woman in the news video aptly pointed out, the girls inside the cargo van that can be seen dancing look really, really young, too young.

On a comical note, could you imagine seeing a dentist or a chiropractor working on patients in a similar type of vehicle! Click here to see the ABC video (warning, 30 second commercial will play before the news clip starts).

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