Friday, November 20, 2009

David Letterman's Darkest Hour, his skewering of John McCain for "snubbing David" in favor of Katie Couric.

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There are so many things wrong with what David Letterman did when he skewered John McCain last year because McCain "snubbed" Letterman that I could make a list.

1. David Letterman's outrage at being snubbed for a woman news anchor who anchors the PRIME TIME news is one.

2. David Letterman ridiculing the importance of the bailout bill, that it is not enough of a reason for David Letterman to be snubbed.

3. David Letterman first honoring McCain's military career, than implying that that in no way compares with snubbing David Letterman. Are you kidding me? What kind of an egomaniac does that?

4. Olbermann as a guest actually having the gall to imply that it is ok to vote for McCain if he is being interviewed by Katie Couric because she has enough money to fix the economy, George Soros, his billions, and Olbermann's loyalty to Barack Obama in 2008 anybody? You all know that in part based on the hit job that Olbermann lobbed at Hillary Clinton, Olbermann's got a big fat pay increase.

5. Letterman implying that his being snubbed and McCain being interviewed by Katie Couric instead means McCain is not "alright".

6. Letterman implying that McCain did not allow Sarah Palin to take over the campaign because he was afraid to, when the suspension of McCain's campaign had to do with postponing the presidential debate to focus on the bailout bill, which actually has nothing to do with Sarah Palin since Palin could not face Barack Obama in the debates anyways.

7. Hey, David, was everything "alright" in your world while you were taking potshots at a presidential candidate war hero for wanting to treat the bailout like it was a very important issue? Were you actually going on camera berating another public figure and implying they were not "alright" while you had your own personal relationship problems swirling around you?

8. Hey David Letterman, didn't you take a time out on your own show while you told everybody you were being extorted over something you actually did? Wait, I thought snubbing you was more important than McCain helping to frame a bailout bill, but when it came time for you to do your show after being extorted, you called a timeout instead of going to your number two person, Paul Schaffer.

9. I didn't see Paul Schaffer take over for you David the way you thought Sarah Palin should take over for John McCain after you took a couple of days off from your own show because of your own bailout plan from an extortion attempt.

Even the comments left here all point to John McCain being afraid to debate Barack Obama even though McCain had already outperformed Barack Obama in the Rick Warren Saddleback Church debate.

10. Would David Letterman have admnistered such a skewering of John McCain IF Mr. McCain had swapped his time with a male news anchor rather than Katie Couric?

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