Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beware of Laura Kelsey and her idiotic Prostate Cancer Articles.


I am just besides myself over the idiocy this person has started spewing on the internet about prostate cancer. Did you know that if you have prostate cancer you can take a vaccine and be cured? Yeah, me neither, but Laura Kelsey knows. Kelsey is not giving out the name of the vaccine, but hey, that's just a technicality, right?

Of course I will listen to anybody that wants to defend Kelsey's position. My fear is that it is either a sick joke or someone trying to cobble together prostate cancer articles so they can make money on the internet based on hits.

Here is the link to Kelsey's "profile", feel free to read the prostate articles, they seem to pop out at the rate of one every day or two, some information is common knowledge, and then there is the don't worry if you have prostate cancer because it is curable crap that is being spewed out as well.

I am personally offended as I witnessed my father's 10 year battle with prostate cancer that ended with his death earlier this year. On the one hand, I was lucky to have him around so much longer after the diagnosis, on the other it was a form of slow motion agony to watch and not be able to really help stop the cancer.

I have a rule about not calling out non-celebs on a title post, but I have broken it just for you, Laura Kelsey.

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