Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Families in Foreclosure

Families in Foreclosure - Click on the Families in Foreclosure link to see the heart wrenching ABC video about a US Vet now working in the private sector who was injured on the job and went on disability. Husband, wife, daughter, son and family dog are being evicted from their home in Mason, Ohio, not for credit card debt nor for living beyond their means.

In my opinion the Video takes a creepy turn at the end when it focuses on the neighbors helping the family leave by midnight so the family can collect a 2,000 dollar check from the realtor.

The video tries to create an "It's a Wonderful Life" feeling because the neighbors pitched in to help the family move out by midnight. It was a nice gesture by the neighbors for sure, but what were the actual details surrounding the eviction? Was it really necessary? The man had no credit card debt and drove a ten year old car, and the family home was an econo-town home.

The townhome had dropped over 20% in value from when it was first purchased SIX YEARS AGO. I'm just throwing this out there, he may have been injured in a private sector job, but it is also possible it was a pre-existing condition from the time he spent in the military.

I say this based on my discussion with a former vet who actually hurt his back in the military and refused disability and works to this day lifting and setting up equipment. They tend to have a level of personal pride that is just not matched by society's upper crust, the ones that tend to sit around counting their every shrinking profits.

In the meantime, I am really suspicious why, if he has to be evicted, he could not just rent the place out instead. The home was not that expensive, the monthly rent could have easily paid the house payment and even given him an extra hundred bucks or two.

I hope he was not taken advantage of by the system.


Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

Mason, OH is a few miles from me.... maybe 15 to 20. How sad it was to watch.

And, as a pet rescuer, I can't help but wonder where that dog is now... on death row somewhere? I know that the pound in that area is ruthless.

The neighbors are like many Ohioans. We tend to rally when the going gets tough...

Thanks for posting this.

Alessandro Machi said...

Thanks for the feedback. I would be real interested to know what it would have cost to keep this man and his family in that townhome. I bet less money than if they continue to downward spiral.

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