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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Judges Suddenly paying attention to Banksters that abuse the system and are starting to take them on! Better now than never.

The more people blog about bankster abuse, the harder it will be for judges to ignore the situation. News reporters are finding it easier to gauge home owner and credit card user's experiences by googling. This in turn makes it easier for the reporter to focus on the judges. It appears some judges are starting to turn the tables on the banksters.

I could see this particular case being overturned on appeal based on one technicality, the couple had no equity in the home and the bank could probably argue that they needed to put their resources into helping homeowners that had at least some equity in their home.

However, if it turns out that the bank was basically trying to scoop up as many homes into foreclosure as they could, then the case may hold up even on appeal. I wish the judge could have found a case where the homeowners had equity in their home, but, at least the judge is making a statement to the banks, and that is the most important thing of all.

The next step would be to pass a federal law that nobody can be evicted from their own home without a judge's decree. This would ensure that the bank follows the proper guidelines before evicting a homeowner.
Presently, tax payer funded law enforcement is being used by the banksters to evict homeowners without any judicial notification or approval, and that needs to change.

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