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Friday, November 20, 2009

Clingy Cat Annoys Texas Cop

CLINGY CAT ANNOYS TEXAS COP, CLICK HERE TO FIRST SEE A 30 SEC COMMERCIAL, THEN THE ABC NEWS VIDEO CLIP. I have no control over the commercial that precedes the video clip, nor the KY Jelly commercials ABC sometimes puts up just before their "families in foreclosure" clips either, but the clingy cat video is worth seeing.

Memo / hint to ABC, how about you let me select what type of commercial will run before the video clip that I want others to see? If the first thing thing someone sees when I recommend an ABC video clip to them is a KY Jelly commercial, that's not necessarily a good thing depending on whom I am telling about the video clip, no?

Back to the clingy cat story.---------------------------

Was that really a kick? I don't think it was really a kick. It wasn't even a punt. It was more of a lift and separate manuever. Perhaps the clip could be renamed, Clingy Cat Cuddles Cantankerous Cop, except that the cop was not cantankerous.

And, just how did the cat get on the cops shoulders? Claws sure can come in handy, can't they? I wonder what the cat was trying to tell the copper.
"Don't give them a ticket, seeeee, you can be petting me right now if you weren't writing that ticket, seeeee, you, you, you dirty rat you, pet me, pet me, it's always about me".

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