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Saturday, July 4, 2009

FATWA against Homosexuality in Moradabad, India Announced by Muslim Clerics.

Homosexuality was just legalized in India, then immediately greeted by an announcement of a Fatwa against homosexuals by Muslim Clerics. The main reason given by the muslim clerics is that homosexuality is against the laws of nature.

Is out of control population growth a "law of nature" as well? lol, maybe it is.

However, nature is full of examples of non reproduction due to homosexuality, or non reproduction due to a myriad of other reasons, such as eating one's young. Is it natural to eat one's offspring, or one's lover? Those acts go on in nature. Acts of non reproduction can actually prolong all life on our planet as it helps to control out of control population growth.
If homosexuality were truly not a "law of nature", then it would take exactly one life span for all homosexuality to disappear from the planet.
To paraphrase Groucho Marx, why would you force someone to procreate who may not want to be a member of the pro creating race?

Wouldn't it be fascinating if we lived in a world where Muslim Clerics encouraged homosexuals to artificially procreate because they were the minority and their view of life should be preserved specifically because it was not the "majority view"?

Maybe instead of a fatwa against homosexuals in India, a compromise could be worked out instead. Don't ask if someone is homosexual, and don't tell if someone is homosexual.
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