Friday, October 6, 2017

DailyPUMA's biggest gripe about Progressives, Immigration, Immigration, Immigration, when do they ever talk about our seniors?

Based on a lifetime of observing people, places and things, DailyPUMA believes that most Progressives care more about strangers than their own Parents. However, DailyPUMA believes that Moderates from both parties care MOST about their Parents than either Conservatives or Progressives.

Progressives and Conservatives can deny it all they want, but the truth is on the internet. Heck it's on DailyPUMA, where DailyPUMA can count. Thousands of RSS links to Trump's racism and his immigration issues, and perhaps there have been 25, yes, 25 headlines about screwing over the elderly.

DailyPUMA does not quite understand the unbridled passion for immigration at the expense, yes, at the expense of our seniors. Maybe its a relevancy issue. Progressives and Conservatives care more about people close to their own age, who they better connect with, than their own parents. Progressivism tends to skew younger, so perhaps Progressives view their own parents as still being in charge and in their own spotlight and don't need their children's help in any way. If anything, able parents who are not seniors yet may be found helping their children. 

There is probably a higher percentage of gays among progressives than any other political group, and most adult gays probably harbor some resentment against their parents who probably wished their children would marry the same way they did, and perhaps having to hide their being gay makes gays connect more with immigrants than with seniors.  

DailyPUMA was at a Townhall meeting just yesterday with their senior adult parent. The Townhall was specially designed for seniors, and the Townhall timing was amazing as the post card announcement arrived literally 3 to 4 days after DailyPUMA had complained to their local political office that too much energy was being put on the issue of immigration at the EXPENSE of seniors. DailyPUMA is sure the Townhall was already planned when the complaint was made, so the timing was amazing in DailyPUMA's book.

One senior woman stood up and stated, "Los Angeles plans to spend money on more shelters for the homeless, will you please make sure that some of that money is spent on seniors only shelters"? The idea floored the politician, who thankfully recognized a good idea when he heard it and immediately said so. 

But it also points to how easily seniors are being forgotten by the immigration first edict that California has adopted. Governor Jerry Brown, who never had to care for a parent and has no children, tried to end the MediCAL / In Home Supportive Services program several years ago during a budget crisis that he inadvertently may have helped cause the first time he was governor, when he helped hand out what turned out to be very lavish pensions for State Employees. 

Now California is a Sanctuary State, perhaps the first in the country. DailyPUMA just finds it arrogant how Progressive politicians are so fixated on immigration over elderly issues.
This may shock progressives, but some seniors are also immigrants. Progressives claim that Conservatives only care about the unborn and once born, its every baby for themselves. But Moderates also see that Progressives basically do the same thing, fight for immigration and gay rights, but once immigrants and gays become seniors, its every senior for themselves. 

DailyPUMA brought some literature to the Townhall for the politicians and was pleased to see some genuine interest in issues like why can't seniors deduct their home property tax payments from their annual stated income when applying for the MediCAL / In Home Supportive Services program.

So maybe there's hope. DailyPUMA is not yet a senior and maybe therein lies the problem, those who should be championing senior causes before they themselves become seniors are too few and far between, whereas immigration issues are all around us, all the time sucking up some of the attention that should be going to our Seniors.

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