Monday, October 16, 2017

Bernie Sanders was big on Coal, Global Warming, and Pot for all, now his own State of Vermont wants to proceed with caution regarding Pot, Just like Hillary Clinton advocated during the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

It's really important to keep reminding the World how full of shit Bernie Sanders really was during his 2016 Presidential Campaign. And I say this with the acknowledgement that Bernie Sanders is a fine speaker and a solid thinker. 

But when a 2016 presidential candidate can be for Coal yet acknowledge Global warming at the same time, we basically have a rope a dope candidate who did nothing more then alienate a few million Democrat Voters who would have voted for Hillary Clinton until Bernie's B.S. began to propagate for far too long.

Speaking of Dope, Bernie Sanders was for Pot for all, yet now his own State of Vermont has taken a cautionary approach regarding the free and easy use of Pot. Vermont has has taken exactly Hillary Clinton's position in 2016, that the States that had already legalized Marijuana should be studied for a couple of years to see what the cumulative effects of legalized pot were producing.

So to repeat, Bernie Sander's own state of Vermont is basically giving Bernie Sanders a no confidence vote in regards to Sander's position on marijuana while giving Hillary Clinton's 2016 position of caution on marijuana a super big thumbs up.

If anyone out there wants to blog, DailyPUMA would encourage a Bernie's Bullshit blog that would go back in time and point out how Bernie kept going to the left of Hillary Clinton so that he could paint her as a Washington Insider, yet how foolish many of his going to the left of Hillary screeds really were. DailyPUMA will even give you a top spot on one of the DailyPUMA columns for free. (Ok, their all free but a top spot is even better than free).

And if someone were take on this Bernie's Bullshit Blog, don't forget to take a few shots at the Bern Report as well.

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