Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Donald Trump is Probably Clueless about how easy it has become to disable another country's economy through nuclear warfare in the upper atmosphere.

CannonFire has just released it's own warning about an EMP Attack from North Korea. If North Korea were able to do incomparable damage to our Electronics, Satellites and Electrical gird, Trump's only counter move would be to annihilate North Korea, assuming our missiles could still be accurately launched.

What would result is a small country playing mayhem with our "satellites and things", while we in turn would be killing, maiming and destroying millions of North Korean lives instantly, because Trump's only counter move would be to drop nukes on North Korea.

Who would get the rest of the world's sympathy in the above scenario, the country that played a very dangerous prank, or the country that simply nuclearized tens of millions of people.

The reason we know that Trump is not up to the challenge at hand is TRUMP DEFUNDED, or let lapse, the department that actually studies defending against Electro Magnetic Weapons, as Cannonfire has pointed out.     

North Korea's bluster over launching a nuclear weapon into the U.S. may very well be a real threat, but exploding a nuclear weapon high up in the sky, where it will decimate satellite transmission and possibly our entire electronic and electrical gird could be North Korea's stealth plan.

One wonders how many satellites it would take to re-establish a satellite network and one wonders how many replacement satellites the U.S. has ready to relaunch at a moment's notice. Probably nowhere near enough.

When Trump talks of InfraStructure, Trump visualizes big heavy dump trucks pouring asphalt, when DailyPUMA thinks of InfraStructure, Images of triple the number of satellites needed to maintain an economy and buildings being built round so they can withstand hurricane force winds while also being elevated to prevent flood damage.

Trump is so outmatched right now it truly scares DailyPUMA.

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