Saturday, September 30, 2017

DailyPUMA Believes Donald Trump is probably not a Racist but most likely a Below Average Business Whore who only values people with Wealth.

It's hard to say how successful Donald Trump has been as a businessman. Donald Trump's business career reminds me of the Buster Keaton / Charlie Chaplin character who keeps walking around the same block, stepping onto an open sidewalk grate and falling through, but then popping back up a minute later as the hydraulic lift (his bankruptcies, IRS questionable deductions, possible money laundering or  Russian loans or both) elevate him back up to street level so he can keep circling the same block again and again, falling into the same open grate, and then popping up via a lift of some sort all over again with all the same rescuers there to help him out of the financial abyss he just can't seem to keep revisiting. 

It seems inconceivable that the FBI allowed a debtor to run for president without revealing his income tax returns, and even more inconceivable that FBI's James Comey chortled twice about Hillary Clinton being under investigation while saying nothing about investigations going on during the 2016 presidential campaigns regarding Trump and his associates. 2016 sure seemed to be a guys versus gal theme all over again, just as 2008 was as well.

If we all just look the other way as to how Mr. Trump gets back up on his feet, he can be considered a successful business man. But if we don't look the other way, the issue of whether Donald Trump is a racist or just a shoddy businessman comes into play.

DailyPUMA is leaning towards Trump is a shoddy businessman who relies on the mistakes of others to get temporarily ahead, only to lose whatever he has gained from an "artful deal" because of the gaudy lifestyle he feels he must exude to keep his celebrity edge, including getting two scoops of ice cream for his pie while his political guests only get, one, gasp.

Most shady businessman generally don't like dealing with POOR minorities because they probably feel they will be gamed by the poor before they can game the poor, and even if the shady businessman games the poor first, there is just less to take and it takes a lot more effort.

A perfect example is Puerto Rico. People are saying Trump showed his racism card when he had to throw in his "of course, Puerto Rico owes a lot of money to Wall Street that must be paid back", comment. Sane people were confounded that Mr. Trump had brought debt into a life and death situation, and therefore Trump must be racist since Puerto Rico has more non-whites than whites on it.

When Donald Trump stated that Puerto Rico would have to pay back Wall Street for already accrued debts, it may have looked like he was racist in creating a quid pro quo between prior Wall Street Debt and Puerto Rico now receiving Natural Disaster aid, but DailyPUMA believes there is another explanation. 

DailyPUMA believes Mr. Trump was actually mirroring his own quagmiresh situation with the Russian Oligarchs that he allegedly owes a few billion dollars to. "Donald, we don't care what you do or how you do it, but we expect to be reimbursed for your prior debts with us"…The Russian Oligarchs might have recently said to Mr. Trump. And there was Donald Trump, basically parroting the same message about and to Puerto Rico. Donald Trump may be the Puerto Rico of the Russian Oligarch's world, "we'll grudgingly keep helping you now, Donald, but we expect to have your prior debts with us paid off sooner, rather than later".

So while every Progressive continues to see Donald Trump as a Racist, a Moderate sees the signs of a Below Average Entrepreneur who likes to keep his foot on the gas pedal while the brakes are locked up. The Trumpmobile moves forward, tires spinning a mile a minute, the burning smell of rubles, er rubber spewing and engulfing every one in its wake. The burnt rubber smell so suffocating we all have to stand back and let the slash and burn Trumpmobile screech on by lest we be poisoned by the toxicity of his trajectory. This is Trump, hear him roar. If Donald Trump ignores you and you are a minority, it's probably because he can't make a dime off of you as quickly as he can off of the middle class whites, and that could possibly be because of past discrimination issues that have given some minorities less economic opportunities going forward into the present. Trump cares less about past oppression and more about profiteering in the present.

DailyPUMA believes that even Barack Obama kept the knife a little too close to Middle America when he was president, keenly making new banking rules that were just too stiff and did not take into account a Home Owner's prior Home ownership longevity and past reliability while placing refinancing cuffs on those trying to save their homes. 

The insult of having to go into default before the government would offer Homeowner's help was an indignity primarily felt by White America. While no Progressives or Moderates accused Obama of being a racist for the economic bitch slap he gave to middle white america, there were conservatives who saw Obama's constant apologizing for past U.S. behaviors in other part's of the world and his banking guillotine as its own form of reverse racism. This would explain why some of Hillary Clinton moderate supporters from 2008 shifted to Trump for 2016. It wasn't Hillary Clinton's fault, but once she accepted Obama's support for her Presidential run, she was put in the position of not being able to say anything negative about Obama's eight years in office and that offended just enough of Middle America to tilt the race to Trump, assuming of course we don't find more suspicious acts regarding the 2016 presidential race results.

Trump could just be one of those rare instances where it can look like a duck, walk like a duck, talk like a duck, but actually be about profiteering and what produces the best bang for the buck, rather than being about racism. Any time Trump is accused of racism, ask yourself what is the economic agenda that Trump was trying to actually move forward and see if that matches better than the racism label. In the case of Puerto Rico, Trump was probably helping out his rich billionaire buddies who probably have invested in loans to Puerto Rico and are freaked out they may not make any more profit off of their prior loans.

Can a president be both a racist and an economic whore who only values people who he can make the most money off of, sure. But to prove Trump is a racist, either prove that Trump never does business with rich, affluent minorities to prove the racism accusation, or, and we can thank NBC's The Blacklist and their first episode of the 2017 fall season for this, prove that Donald Trump looks the other way when racist skinhead drug cartels distribute drugs throughout the U.S., then DailyPUMA would wholeheartedly agree that Donald Trump is racist. 

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