Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Word of Caution about NewsMax and BreitBart's Big Government blog and other conservative blogs as well...

Conservative blogs can be relied on to expose ACORN and other illegal activities that have benefited Barack Obama and progressive democrats. However, I would like to caution PUMAS that NewsMax and BreitBart's Big Government blog will NEVER expose a Barack Obama misdeed as having hurt Hillary Clinton's chances in the 2008 democratic nomination even when the story absolutely calls for such disclosure.

It is up to YOU to try and discover how conservative stories that attack Barack Obama also spin away from including a pro Hillary Clinton angle. Blogs like BreitBart's Big Government blog and Newsmax won't mention how Hillary Clinton was hurt in 2008 in their anti Barack Obama articles even when such information is salient to the article.

A perfect example of this is the Ellie Light "controversy". Apparently, Newsmax and friends are trying to make a big deal out of a Barack Obama supporter writing to a couple of dozen newspapers and using the same name each time!
Wow, that was sneaky (sarcasm alert). Someone USED THE SAME NAME and posted their article to a few dozen newspapers.
This is such a laughably stupid spin on the story that it motivated me to write this article.
Show me who first promoted Ellie Light to the public (Ben Smith of Politico dot com), and now we may be getting somewhere.

There were three or four times where I tried to mention a Hillary Clinton angle on Breit Bart's Big Government blog comment section, and Breit Bart NEVER ONCE posted my responses.

I had to move Breit Bart's Big Government blog to the left side of Daily PUMA as a result. Breit Bart's Big Goverment may come up with interesting articles from time to time, but their deep rooted hatred of Hillary Clinton must never be forgotten.

Blogs like NewsMax and BreitBart's Big Government blog hate Hillary Clinton so much that if you asked them whether they would want 8 successful years under a Hillary Clinton presidency or four miserable years under a Barack Obama administration, they would chose the four miserable years under a Barack Obama administration, even if another democrat were to then be elected after the first four years! And that is demented beyond comprehension.
The message to the conservative blogs is simple. If you wish to expose Barack Obama actions now, that were also going on during his presidential campaign run, then YOU MUST MENTION THE CONNECTION TO THE 2008 DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY RACE, or you are just another "us or them" poser.


Anonymous said...

Allessandro, there are blogs from left ---> right and everything in between that won't post content they're not in agreement with. I recently experienced that with several blogs. My (all different)comments were respectful but in disagreement to some aspect of the thread and they were not posted by feminist, conservative or left-leaning blogs.

It's not just breitbart or biggov...It's unfortunately nearly everyone.

Alessandro Machi said...

I agree with what you are saying. I also think that remembering what happened to Hillary Clinton in 2008 can continue to be used by PUMA's to help identify the agenda of any story that tries to damage Barack Obama without mentioning who took the biggest initial hit, aka Hillary Clinton.

If Hillary Clinton does not receive redemption Barack Obama attack stories, then it is clearly a conservative driven agenda to harm the democratic party.

Right now I am a democrat in exile, and I won't accept the conservatives bashing Barack Obama for actions that hurt Hillary Clinton if they don't also mention that Hillary Clinton was hurt by those actions in the same article.

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