Thursday, January 28, 2010

TAKING BACK THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, Time to make up a DONATIONS LIST for those who supported Hillary Clinton in 2008.

Lets face it, I am not keen on seeing the Republicans get back all the power they frittered with from 2000-2008. However, I am for closer margins between democrats and republicans in both the senate and house.

It is pretty clear that Barack Obama's first agenda as president was to pay back those who supported him in the 2008 campaign, primarily the banksters, and community activists via ACORN. In that spirit, it is just as important for PUMA's to support politicians who supported Hillary Clinton in 2008 or at the very least, supported the democrat voters by remaining neutral until after all democrats had voted.

While it is important to make contributions to the democratic party, it is MORE IMPORTANT to make donations to those who supported Hillary Clinton or at the very least, remained neutral.

Compiling a list of the politicians who either stayed neutral during the 2008 democratic party or supported Hillary Clinton supported Hillary Clinton, and ONLY PROMOTING THOSE CANDIDATES is essential to helping dissolve the mange that has taken root in the higher echelons of the democratic party.

While I'm not sure who is truly a democrat and who is truly a republican among the many puma groups that continue onward, can ALL of these groups agree that supporting any politician who supported Hillary Clinton, or at least was willing to wait until the last democrat had voted before supporting Barack Obama, as the obvious next step?

Lets make this list, and ALL agree upon it. And then lets all post this list on all of our PUMA websites. The cumulative effect of supporting the core Democrats who either supported HIllary Clinton, or at least waited on the sidelines so as not to try and get the race prematurely stopped should be one step that all true PUMA's can agree on, no?

The cumulative effect over the next two years of all puma blogs promoting only those candidates who supported Hillary Clinton or the democrat voting process could be a difference maker in helping to regain control of the democratic party from those who chose to thwart the process and install their own choice before all democrats had voted.

A price MUST be paid by those who try and over influence the democratic primaries before all voters have voted and showing ongoing support for Hillary Clinton and those who respected the democratic voting process is one way to ferret out the elitists who want to control every aspect of our lives.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Even if (god forbid) Hillary was no longer even in the picture, the actions of the DNC and other Dems,to circumvent the will of the voters by selecting Obama as the party nominee would still require strong response and consequences. If we PUMAs, regardless of our current political leanings, fail to send a message to the Obama-Dems that they cannot subvert democratic process with impunity, we will have missed an opportunity to support true democracy, and to act on behalf of justice.

We recognized during the primary that the party had no intention of listening to our pleas for fairness or to our protests. We made thousands of phone calls, sent countless emails and protest cards imploring that the party to treat Hillary and her supporters fairly. Did they listen? Hell no! They took her votes and gave them to Obama. They failed to respond to our demands that they stand against the sexism with which MSM and Obama's campaign treated Hillary. They turned a deaf ear when we called for a true and accurate vote in Denver. They never had any intention of allowing Hillary Clinton to become the nominee, even if they had to cheat and lie to ensure that it didn't happen.

I sincerely hope we Pumas can and will band together as we did during the 2008 primary to bring about election losses for the Democrats who acted against democracy in 2008. Ir will be through such losses that the party will begin to repair itself. At least one would hope that would be the case.


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