Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Love Boat Docks at Haiti for Good Times and to donate some supplies as some of the on board tourists express outrage.

Yahoo has posted a story about a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship docking at a Haiti Resort that they own so their guests can jet ski and have some fun on the beach while the rest of Haiti suffers from their devastating earthquake. Click here to read the story. 

Royal Caribbean defends its actions by claiming they have donated supplies from the ship to Haiti, and that by docking they are actually helping the resort workers by bringing them commerce.

Some of the people on the cruise ship apparently have freaked out over Royal Caribbean using a remote part of Haiti so their tourists can have fun and frolic, while bodies are being piled up in the streets of Haiti.

The solution cannot be found on board the ship that has already docked. The solution could be found if Royal Caribbean were to SEND ANOTHER SHIP, chock full of donated supplies and volunteers.

So while everybody continues to argue over the outrage of the first ship docking... Does Royal Caribbean Cruise Line have a spare ship nearby?


Unknown said...

This is Kimmy from M80, a marketing agency working with Royal Caribbean. In light of Tuesday’s earthquake in Haiti, Royal Caribbean is providing various relief efforts to the region. They have teamed up with Food For The Poor, a relief organization that provides direct assistance throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Anyone interested in assisting can make a donation, http://foodforthepoor.org/royalcaribbean. For regular updates on Royal Caribbean’s humanitarian relief efforts, you can visit President and CEO, Adam Goldstein’s blog: http://www.nationofwhynot.com/blog/. Thank you.

Alessandro Machi said...

As I stated in the article above, in which you may or may not have read, a SECOND SHIP would be amazing.

One filled with donations, doctors, and those who want to volunteer.

Alessandro Machi said...

Lets talk economics for a second. All of this money is pouring in. In a mad rush to get food and supplies in, buyers can push their weight around.

"We want this, this, this and this, NOW!"

"Sure, but its going to cost you EXTRA because we have to use helicopters and speed boats and motorcycles to get your stuff faster.

A BIG BOAT, as in a cruise liner, is probably the most efficient way to bring EVERYTHING to HAITI that HAITI NEEDS.

Part of the cruiser could have emergency hospital beds, part could have supplies, part could have sleeping quarters for the doctors that are only sleeping a couple of hours a night.

And those speedboats could be used to ferry people and supplies to and from the ship if the ship can't quite get close enough.

The first wave of support, assuming it consists of fast and mobile modes of transportation, can then be used when another cruise liner arrives to ferry everything to and from shore to the cruise liner.

Would have been nice if this plan was already in place, but doing it now would be amazing and would stretch the dollars being used to bring in supplies more effectively.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of Haiti...I own a SunOven and had the pleasure of meeting the President of the company last year...they have been working in underdeveloped countries for ages, helping people who can't afford fuel so they can cook.

I received this message yesterday and would like to pass it on. Believe me, the SunOven folks have been doing humanitarian work for years and I would trust any organization they wer working with.

Here's the message:

As you know we are committed to distributing Sun Ovens in developing countries around the world. Sun Ovens International has been working in Haiti for the past 11 years. During that time the deforestation has increased and the need for an alternative to cooking with wood and charcoal has increased. The recent earthquake has intensified the need for solar cooking and water purification even greater. Hundreds of thousands of Haitians are homeless and camps will need to be opened to provide food and shelter for Haiti’s Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Plans are under way to provide Sun Ovens to the IDPs in Haiti. We are partnering with the Friends of Haiti Organization (FOHO) to send as many Sun Ovens as we can to Haiti. On January 28, 2010 FOHO in partnership with Feed My Starving Children will be sending a shipping container with 270,000 meals and Sun Ovens to Port au Prince Haiti. There is room for additional Sun Ovens to be included with this shipment and additional shipments are being planned.

Donations of any amount will be greatly appreciated. Checks should be made payable to the: Friends of Haiti Organization
PO Box 222
Holland, OH 43528
(Please note the donation is for the Sun Oven project.)

FOHO is a 501C3 nonprofit organization so all donations will be tax deductible. 100% of the donation will go directly to sending Sun Ovens to Haiti no administrative expenses will be deducted. FOHO has been working in Haiti for 45 years and has sent over 1,400 Global Sun Ovens and 12 Villager Sun Ovens to Haiti.

Please let me know if you have any questions or there is any additional information I can provide.

Warmly yours,
Paul M. Munsen

SUN OVENS International, Inc.
39W835 Midan Drive
Elburn, IL 60119
Web site: www.sunoven.com

--P.S. Alessandro, InsightAnalytical is PUMA blog!

Alessandro Machi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alessandro Machi said...

I wonder how the Sun Oven mission panned out.

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