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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Did Ellie Light help expose Ben Smith's Clinton Derangement Syndrome and that he probably is a shill for Barack Obama?

Ironically, Ellie Light has the right to write to as many newspapers as she like, and therefore is a NON-STORY! What I want to know is, how did it come to be that Ben Smith was ONE OF THE FIRST to post Ellie Light's letter? Once again, the real scam is being obfuscated by an allegation that basically shames anyone who has ever written to more than one newspaper about the same issue.
If Ellie Light used the same name in all of the editorials that she wrote, SHE HAS NOT DONE ANYTHING WRONG! If we come to find out that Ms. Light wrote to 20 different newspapers at at a time, then changed her name, and wrote to 20 more newspapers, then that could be construed as a scandal.

By making the issue be about Ellie Light rather than Ben Smith's connection to Ellie Light, Barack Obama, and being demonically against Hillary Clinton, the entire populace will be distracted into the wrong issue by the media.

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