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Friday, March 16, 2018

My Beautiful and Amazing 91 year old Mother was refused service at her local E.R. for a wheezing chest and died three days later. I am Devastated.

91 year old Fortunata Machi was refused service
for a Wheezing Chest by the E.R. even as her
Caregiver Son Alessandro Machi begged
 the E.R. Staff to treat her wheezing chest.
Fortunata Machi and her son were both forcibly
escorted out of the E.R. by Hospital Security.
She died three days later.
You can learn the full story by going to my Facebook Group Page. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Florida Shooter PBS story appears to have a very glaring conflict.

From the PBS article about the 2018 Florida school shooting.
"Initial local media aerial footage showed students and staff being escorted in single file to safety as a phalanx of officers descended on the grounds of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Police said the suspect weaved in and out of the building before he was eventually arrested later off the school grounds"
End of first PBS article quote.
"The suspect was arrested without incident, Israel said, in a Coral Springs, a nearby community. He had fled the scene by mixing in with the students and faculty that were being escorted out of the building, the sheriff said". 
End of second PBS article quote.

Are not these two explanations from the same story in conflict with each other? Either the shooter left early enough to avoid being seen, or he left amidst the students who were walking single file and there should be footage of him in the line walking out, no?  

Everything about the shooter's profile and history adds up that he must have done it. But, once his personal life story has been established as a ticking time bomb, whether or not he actually did the shooting, just say he did it and everyone will believe it. Apparently just being within the vicinity after the shooting occurred, then backtrack that he did it, and everyone will believe it. DailyPUMA believes the shooter did it, but….

Why was an image of the shooter walking amidst the students who were all walking single file not released to the public?  

That one image would tie everything together, no? What is DailyPUMA not understanding. Please explain in the comments section. Are the two quotes cited above in conflict with each other, or not?

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Trump's aluminum, steel tariffs comes mere days before Pennsylvania Race, GOP exonerates Trump in the Russia Investigation one day before key Pennsylvania battleground race.

At first nobody would link the real reason Donald Trump suddenly wanted aluminum and steel tariffs, the upcoming election in Pennsylvania between Rick Saccone and Connor Lamb. DailyPUMA seems to recall to it took several days before a quid pro quo was alluded to by the mainstream media in regards to the Alumininum and Steel Tariffs. Is the Mainstream media that slow to figure out the obvious?

Now we have the GOP exonerating Donald Trump ONE DAY BEFORE the Pennsylvania race between Rick Saccone and Connor Lamb in regards to the Russia Investigation. 

Democrat Connor Lamb is running as a Moderate. Hillary Clinton used to be a moderate, until several male candidates ganged up on her, forcing her to go more and more progressive. If the Democrats truly want the rust belt states back, they need to run Moderate, not Progressive.

In the meantime we have two Republican tactics timed to try and push Saccone over the finish line in a race he is being gained on at shockingly fast pace by Connor Lamb.

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Putin Plays One Dimensional Chess as he threatens nuclear reciprocation while allowing North Korea to Taunt the U.S. with Nuclear threats.

(DailyPUMA update - March 12, 2018, 3:25pm, just a mere days after writing this article, North Korea and the U.S. announced a timetable for discussion over the issue of nuclear weapons. The push towards talks was apparently deftly handled behind the scenes by  Moon Jae-in, President of South Korea.)

While the U.S. media has much to munch on, Valdimir Putin's recent statement that Russia has Nuclear Weapon technology that can reach anywhere on the planet and that it would be used if his region is ever hit by a nuclear weapon….needs further vetting.

Did Putin just state that no matter what North Korea does or says in regards to their own Nuclear Weapon's stash, it is irrelevant as to how Russia would proceed in the event of a North Korea firing of a Nuclear Weapon and then the U.S. responding in kind?  

Putin's statement seems to be implying that the U.S.  better not react nor respond to any North Korean aggression because Russia resides next to North Korea. This just seems to confirm that Putin is all in on North Korea and because he feels he has control over North Korea, he does not care what North Korea says or does in regards to the United States.

As all the players present themselves at the nuclear card table, nobody seems capable of a strong hand that does not actually destroy the planet. Donald Trump had his own daughter allegedly lead a negotiating team at the Winter Olympics that was to interact with North Korea. For this to make even a modicum of sense, Daughter Trump would need to know how to discuss, negotiate and how to bargain. 

Trump's and Tillerson's position of saying no bargaining until North Korea disassembles their Nukes is not the answer. Putin stating that the U.S. better not retaliate no matter what happens, is also not the answer. Trumps giving his daughter authority to be intertwined with North Korea on such an incredibly delicate situation, is most certainly and insanely not the answer. Ironically, the Clintons have much more positive sway over North Korea than anyone from the Trump team, but Trump burned that bridge when he illegally used FCC airwaves to make false claims about Hillary Clinton during and after the 2016 Presidential Race and Election.

The very reason that Trump won the presidency, the use of a toxic manifesto that made Trump believe he could lie and assassinate the character of his political rival without any punishment or retribution, is why he is the President. But it is also why he has been under investigation even though no on one will admit to that. 

Yet one wonders if Trump's refusal to impose sanctions against Russia, and Russia in turn helping North Korea by breaking existing sanctions already in place against North Korea seems like a too cozy scenario that needs to be investigated. They all seem to be complicit so they can keep the world in fear, or they are all to incompetent to deal with the situation before they make an unmanageable mistake.

As DailyPUMA has suggested numerous times in the past, M.N.N.A., Major Non Nato Ally designation for North Korea in exchange for the disassembly of their nuclear weapons may be the most logical path to take. Does the MainStream Media, or Ivanka Trump, even know what M.N.N.A. stands for?

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Gun Control Idea. Why not make lifetime Income Requirements a pre-requisite for owning a gun, any gun.

Donald Trump and those who know him claim that Trump's perceived insensitivity to those of other races is economically driven, not racially driven. Donald Trump seems to support pretty much anything that he perceives as creating jobs or profits, so there is some truth to this statement. DP will refrain from mentioning some other issues out of respect to the topic at hand, guns in the hands of the young, immature, and unemployable.

DailyPUMA would like to suggest that the NRA, Donald Trump and the Republican Party embrace the concept of a Minimum Economic Wage Threshold before being able to purchase a gun, any gun. While this may not have prevented the Las Vegas shooting, it most likely would add a significant layer of protection to student on student shootings, which is the issue of the moment, as it should be.

Why should anyone who has not earned at least 100,000 dollars in wages verified by the IRS income tax process, be allowed to purchase a gun of any kind? If a person cannot show a significant income history, then the likelihood exists that they really don't have much in the way of property to protect anyways, nor have they learned how to properly interact with society long enough if they have not earned at least 100,000 dollars in wages. It takes a certain level of people skills to stay employed long enough to earn 100,000 dollars over the course of a few or several years time.

The 100,000 dollar income verification threshold before a person can buy a gun in the U.S. allows for the maturing of individuals prior to purchasing a gun. The writers of the Constitution, in one way or another, were either significant wage earners or writers of news that influenced the day's thinking. If we are going to cite the second amendment, then lets at least acknowledge that the founding constitution writers had an expectation that they were speaking about wage earners and laborers.

What this country does not need are young, unemployables buying weapons. Would anyone really argue against this point. Young people who have not earned 100,000 dollars in wages and still want access to weapons can join the military.

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Saturday, February 24, 2018

The MainStream Media's complicity in getting the Lying and Deceitful Dickhead Elected President in 2016.

DailyPUMA apologizes for calling our present president a lying dickhead, however, Donald Trump continues to call Hillary Clinton "Crooked Hillary" and other contemptible names without a shred of evidence that has been adjudicated in a court of law. Therefore, the Lying Dickhead will exist as long as Trump continues to lie about other political candidates. (attention mainstream sheeple media, the above is a DISCLAIMER, something you don't have the backbone to apply to Trump's accusations that he presents as facts.)

After Hillary Clinton, the leading 2016 Female Presidential Candidate, released her Income Tax Returns both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump attacked her for making money by giving Wall Street Speeches and then not releasing the Wall Street transcripts.

Was it ethical for the media to give two Male Presidential Candidates who did not release their own Income Tax Returns (Sanders hid his wealth under his wife's name so even releasing his own Income Taxes would not have provided enough relevancy) media time to attack the leading Female Presidential Candidate's reputation based on Income Tax Return information that both Male Presidential Candidates refused to release to the the public?

Is it acceptable for the media to simply report on what the Presidential Candidates are publicly saying about each other when these same Candidates are not all releasing or allowing the same access to the same type of information? Whatever happened to the concept of a DISCLAIMER being placed every time a lying dickhead makes a deceitful, unproven charge?

When the press went hog wild over the Democrat National Committee email hack, was it actually ethical to do so when the Republican National Committee would not release their own emails? If yes, it was ethical, then explain why was it ethical to not remind the viewing audience via a disclaimer that the Republican National Committee is refusing to release their own emails. It's the mainstream media's failure to notify their audience of the "Gotcha's", the similar information that the accusers are not themselves releasing that continues to gall DailyPUMA.

When Donald Trump responded that he would release his own income tax returns when Hillary Clinton released her "30,000 emails", was Donald Trump also going to release all of his own emails?  It sounds like Hillary Clinton was to surrender her Income Tax Returns and her "30,000 emails and in exchange Donald Trump would release his Income Tax Returns, but not his own personal emails.

Lets add up the list, Hillary Clinton was to release her own income tax returns, her "30,000 emails", the DNC emails, and the Republicans would only release Trump's Income Tax returns. This level of palpable absurdity was embraced by the MainStream Media who never once provided a disclaimer  that what the lying, deceitful dickhead wanted was not actually an equitable exchange nor were his accusations ever proven in a court of law.

What is even crazier is everyone knows where Hillary Clinton flew during her entire time as Secretary State, but nobody knows where Donald Trump flew or who he cavorted with via his own private airplane during that same time span. We also don't know where the Donald Trump's kids traveled to on Trump's airplane prior to Trump becoming a Presidential Candidate. 

Every time the Lying Dickhead accused Hillary Clinton of meetings that put Clinton ahead of the country, did the media then add a disclaimer that Trump has never revealed who he cavorted with during the same time period, or that Trump was expressing his opinion, an opinion that has never been proven in a court of law. Just because Trump was a private citizen during a certain time span then becomes irrelevant once Trump becomes a political candidate, yet somehow the mainstream media just did not get it. And the mainstream media still does not get it. 

When Trump demands that Hillary Clinton be investigated, the media does not provide a disclaimer  to its audience that Donald Trump is the first president in the history of the United Stated to Instruct Justice upon the Justice Department and it is unknown if it is even legal to do so.

DailyPUMA believes the mainstream media has reached a crossroads in which they have to decide if it is ok to allow politicians access to their audience without then making a disclaimer if they are not being allowed equitable access to the accusers own business, personal and political histories. 

The mainstream media seems to think it is ok to simply report on what a politician says, with no clarifications or disclaimers. 

If Trump calls Hillary Clinton a "criminal", or "Crooked Hillary", should not the media also provide a disclaimer that Donald Trump's views have never been proven in a court of law and are simply his own unproven accusations. 

Why did the media allow Trump to say whatever he wanted about another politician without any correction or disclaimer? If I were a billionaire, I would be suing the mainstream media so they never again allow a lying dickhead like Donald Trump to say whatever he wants about another person's reputation without inserting a disclaimer if the accusation has not been proven in court.

The Media enforced a double standard during the 2016 Presidential election, one in which those who did not abide by the rules could then publicly reprimand those who did. Sadder still, those who were allowed to ransack the media were male while the one who had to take the inequity and damage to their own reputation with unproven accusations was female.  

You Republicans who are "outraged" that the "Me Too" movement has "demanded" you condemn some of the bad behavior of your Republican politicians who deserve it, it is because Trump was given such a long leash to lie and deceive people while no one from the media did the ethical thing and reminded their viewers with a disclaimer that the Lying dickhead was making claims that have not been proven in a court of law.

Did the Lying Dickhead ever prove the following message that he tweeted himself was true, or that it was his opinion?
Lying Dickhead Trump never proved his Most Corrupt Candidate Ever allegation nor did he not say that it was his opinion. The Lying Dickhead stated his opinion as fact. 

Why wasn't the Lying Dickhead's Twitter Privileges suspended? Could you or I do the same about another person as Trump did in regards to Hillary Clinton? Mainstream Media elected Donald Trump and won't admit it, all because they were too afraid to add disclaimers to the Dickhead in Chief's false, unproven missives. No wonder the Lying Dickhead mocks the Media, the Lying Dickhead KNOWS he should have been disclaimed every single time he lied, yet rarely if ever was a lie told by Trump, or an opinion presented as fact, disclaimed by the Mainstream media.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

CNN's Jack Kingston attempts to trivialize the U.S. youth anti gun movement.

The Fake Newsers within the Republican Party can't seem to word control their own message. The latest in a salvo of Fake News accusations by Republicans involves Jack Kingston, a former Republican Senator who claims that kids don't have the where with all to put together a country wide anti gun protest unless it is being supported by the rich elite left.

Jack Kingston's Syncopatic put down of the planned nationwide anti gun protests inspired by teen anger over ongoing school shootings is extraordinarily obtuse. Kingston's comments almost felt like a hastily put together verbal assault planned behind the scenes by the NRA.

Kingston's condescending belief that teen fear and loathing  of the ongoing Republican / NRA lovefest that has now been fueled by school shootings is nothing more than young kids being manipulated by George Soros or the far left speaks to an inbred political narcissism borne between feuding Hatfield and McCoys power brokers. 

Here's hoping that Mr. Kingston quickly circles the drain.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Time to split up the NRA.

It would be wrong to assume that everyone who is in the NRA agrees with the NRA on all of their legislative lobbying. When Trump's first legislative action after becoming President was to loosen gun ownership restrictions on the mentally ill, DailyPUMA wonders if it was a quid pro quo arrangement. 

What did the NRA do that compelled Trump to make appeasing the NRA the very first thing he did as President?

The NRA may have helped Donald Trump get elected with unknown tens of millions of dollars of advertising revenue, perhaps even figuring out a way to gin the vote in various critical precincts while also working as a conduit with Russia. Then Trump's first legislative action is to repeal gun ownership restrictions regarding the mentally ill and domestic abusers??? 

As Rachel Maddow recently pointed out, not only was Trump's first legislative action the relaxing of restrictions on gun ownership for those with mental or domestic violence issues, but apparently the photos that were taken of Trump's first legislative Pro NRA signing have never been released to the public even though apparently many have tried to get the image of Donald Trump signing the easing of gun restriction legislation into law.

Going forward, how can the smoldering anger over ongoing gun violence in schools be used to usurp some of the NRA's Power? One thing DailyPUMA learned from the 2016 Presidential election, if Barack Obama's support gives Hillary Clinton 10 million votes, but 7 million Hillary Clinton Moderates switch to Trump because Hillary Clinton refused to speak poorly of Barack Obama, the net result is a four million vote loss for Hillary Clinton. This win many, lose more scenario can also be used to loosen the NRA's influence over congress if NRA members had another gun  membership lobby option.

If a competing Gun Membership Lobby option could sway just 33% of NRA members, suddenly politicians would have an alternative option to negotiate with. Additionally, hemorrhaging 33% of NRA membership will probably cause the neosubversive elements within the NRA to soften up just a bit.

Another approach would simply be to focus on membership for those who oppose the NRA, in essence neutralizing the NRAs reach by simply having an alternative source of lobbying funds available to promote more sane answers to what is in fact a mental health / gun problem in the U.S.

One thing the gun lobby does not want to accept, but should, is that guns are possibly the only thing made on the planet that do not decompose. Sure, guns rust, or some part may need replacing, reoiled, or refiled, but virtually any gun can be restored. So, over time, guns become like cockroaches, except they never die, instead they hibernate until needed.

The NRA is partly responsible for the weaponizing of the planet, which in turn increases the percentage of military expenditures by our own government versus more humane forms of government relief, like healthcare, abundant funding for schools, and so on. The Clinton era was the last time that the federal budget deficit was shrinking, which would have led to more funding for peaceful use. Without intervention the growth of guns on the planet will continue to exponentially expand.

This is not about taking an NRA member's guns away, this is about creating an alternative lobbying viewpoint about guns that more closely simulates the view of guns by those with a disdain for the never ending increase in gun creation. Right now the NRA represents a Monarchy, a Dictatorship of lobbying power. 

Rather than allow the NRA to continue within a vacuum, lets come up with an alternative gun reform association   for those who want to have a choice when it comes to gun lobbying groups.

Many believe that if "the people" don't have as many guns as they want that government will become emboldened over their citizens. DailyPUMA agrees with this belief. However, Why not set up an earned income clause in which once a person has earned $100,000 dollars worth of income, they can buy a gun. The idea being that by working first, people have to learn to assimilate with others via work, and could make younger people less of a threat to shoot up a school.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Before Florida Shooter did the wrong thing, he did the right thing.

The Florida Shooter who murdered 17 unarmed people actually did something that should have prevented the killing. Back in September of 2017 he posted on Youtube that he wanted to be a Professional School Shooter. 

The comment was so disturbing a bail bondsmen from the Midwest reported the Youtube comment to the FBI and to YouTube. What did YouTube do, they removed the post, and apparently nothing more than that. Most likely because Youtube probably does not have an actual division that personally interacts with those filing complaints about scary content left on their site.

The FBI has claimed they could not verify the Youtube account that made the post. Is this because Facebook and Google and Youtube all demand we give them a cell phone number rather than a land line phone number when registering? It is not even an option! It's cell phone only! Why?

It appears that it is easier to send fraudulent messages via cell phone than land lines, especially to police and ambulance services because the cell phone messages for police and emergency services cannot be verified as easily as a land line. 

The drive to kill land lines could be a big mistake. Yes, scam artists can spoof on land lines, but the land lines still seem to be a better way to prove where a call is coming from versus a cell. Plus, landlines that run through cable companies seem to now block spam calls. The phone rings once, then no more, the spam land line call has been blocked by the cable company after one ring.

If a person with mental issues basically posts his mental issues online, and society cannot help that individual, then why is everyone still focusing on gun control? If we don't have the ability to help those who let us know they need help, then discussing gun control actually harms the issue of mental illness. 

A digitally created public cry for help by a mentally unstable person that goes unheeded and unaided by  corporate powers and the FBI should not be converted into an issue about too many guns or gun control. Gun control and mental illness are separate issues.

In this particular instance, while the school massacre screams gun control, first and foremost is why did a cry for help from a mentally ill person go unheeded and unaided?

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Can Florida School Shooting Deaths be linked to both Facebook and Youtube having no Customer Service Phone Numbers?

DailyPUMA literally has no budget, so DailyPUMA uses hunches to do google searches to see if a hunch can be corroborated. In this instance, the hunch was that Youtube and Facebook have no phone based customer service. The hunch is corroborated by NPR story just released at the end of January, 2018, by clicking here.

While it may too early to come to a conclusion from the Valentines Day Student Shooting Deaths, one bit of data provided from the FBI was that the killer had announced their intention to be a professional school killer via their Youtube account. Allegedly, the FBI attempted to verify the youtube account, which was in the killer's actual name, but apparently could not confirm or verify the account.

It appears what we have here is a situation in which an actual person states their intent to kill students on their YouTube account, and the FBI cannot verify the person? Is this even possible? Does this mean that the FBI attempted to contact Youtube and had no way to do so? Does this mean that Youtube either refused to give any relevant data to the FBI, or the FBI could not contact Youtube?

We can focus on the issue of the gun used to kill 17 students in Florida on Valentines Day, but isn't the fact that the shooter gave the FBI over a year's advance notice an even bigger issue?  Isn't it time that both Facebook and Youtube, Snapchat and Instagram all start providing phone based customer service?

Yes, at first it would be a logistical nightmare for these companies, but how about providing Customer Service jobs for Americans with that nice juicy  Corporate tax cut that was just given out?  If the FBI is made aware or notices a comment online that needs additional information, are they somehow being thwarted from furthering their investigation because major online corporations offer no human interaction? If the answer is yes, then this lethal nonsense has to be corrected.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Is Kirsten Gillenbrand being groomed to be Bernie Sander's VP choice for 2020 in exchange for Targeting the Clintons?

If you want a history lesson on just how dirty and intertwined with both Donald Trump and Eastern European politics Bernie Sanders and his Political Advisor Tad Devine are, please read S. Novi's recap.

It seems more than coincidental that Kirsten Gillenbrand's recent meritless and inconceivably misguided perception of what really happened during the Clinton years could be a quid pro quo to quash the Clinton legacy and pave the way for a 2020 Bernie Sander's run with Gillenbrand receiving the VP position for her role.

You can run in 2020, Bernie Sanders, but DailyPUMA and others will be quick to remind Democrat Moderates how you sabotaged Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential chances in the most deceitful of ways.

Not only did Gillenbrand throw the Clintons under the bus, Gillenbrand also screwed over Monica Lewinsky by taking attention away from the FACT that Monica Lewinsky was abused by the FBI, Kenneth Starr, and the Republican 12 and should be in line for reparations from the FBI.

DailyPUMA believes Gillenbrand to be a Moderate Republican posing as a Progressive Democrat for the purpose of destroying the Moderate Democrat base, which is what Sander's helped accomplish in the 2016 Presidential election.


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Monday, February 12, 2018

Kirsten Gillibrand Admits on 60 MInutest to speaking on issues before knowing enough facts, then does it again regarding Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton.

Kirsten Gillibrand admits in a Sixty Minutes Interview to forming political opinions without having enough facts, then majextically screws up her view of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Monica Lewinsky seduced Bill Clinton, it was not the other way around, yet Gillibrand seems to be clueless about this, and about how it was the FBI, Kenneth Starr, and the Republican 12 who actually abused Lewinsky, and owe Lewinsky reparations.

Gillibrand continues to flog the Clinton's in the Lewinsky situation while continuing to profit from it politically. Gillenbrand has stolen Monica Lewinsky's victimization at the hands of the FBI, Kenneth Starr and the Republican 12 for her own personal political gain because once again, she hasn't done her due diligence, a habit see repeatedly admits to during the 60 Minutes Interview.  

Gillibrand should be demanding that the FBI, the Republican 12, and Kenneth Starr ALL apologize to Monica Lewinsky. Gillibrand appears to be a Moderate Republican posing as a Moderate Democrat, but one who Progressively supports Women's Rights, except for Monica Lewinsky receiving reparations from the FBI.  

And as if it couldn't get any goofier, Hillary Clinton is still Gillenbrand's role model. Gasp.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Is Mike Pence's religious background compromising his stance on North Korea's Nuclear Arsenal?

Mike Pence continues to state that North Korea gets nothing but economic sanctions until they disassemble their nuclear arsenal. This misses the entire point of what North Korea did. North Korea did what they did, now the primary way to unwind what North Korea did is to reward them in some way.

Imagine your teenage son or daughter starts building a motorcycle over your objections. You keep warning and warning your son or daughter not to build the motorcycle, then one day, suddenly the motorcycle is operational. Now you tell your unresponsive teenager to get rid of the motorcycle, no ifs ands or buts. 

That is just not the right way to deal with the situation.

In exchange for disassembling the motorcycle, what are you going to offer your teenager? As the parent, you HAVE to offer the teenager something or risk alienation or some type of retaliation.

Vice President Pence just does not seem to be seeing the situation in the right frame of mind, and one has to wonder if his religious backyard is compromising his ability to discern how to proceed.

Clearly, North Korea is expecting some type of respect in return for creating their Nuclear Arsenal, and until that happens, Pence's John Wayne stance threatens the sanctity of the entire planet.

DailyPUMA has suggested in the past (as has sister blog AlexLOGIC) that designating North Korea as an M.N.N.A., Major Non Nato Ally, in exchange for North Korea disassembling their Nuclear Weapon's program, could be a very enticing carrot to offer to North Korea.

As it stands now, punishing your own teenager for building a motorcycle from scratch is certainly not the correct path to take.

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Monday, February 5, 2018

Trumps Lawyers borrow from Lawyer who proved that the FBI had framed Hillary Clinton with their Baseless Search Warrant of Huma Abedin's computer.

E Randol Schoenberg petitioned the courts to reveal the contents of the FBI Search Warrant Request of Huma Abedin's computer. The Judge concurred with Schoenberg's legal brief that the FBI did not submit substantive evidence that would justify a search warrant of Huma Abedin's computer in October of 2016, approximately one month before the 2016 presidential election.

Now Donald Trump has used the exact same FBI Unnecessary Search Warrant Tactic in an attempt to exonerate himself in the Russia Investigation. However, what Trump has actually done is reinforce the judge's finding that Hillary Clinton was wrongly pursued by the FBI last October with their last minute search warrant based on a nothing burger.

So the only way that Trump can vindicate himself now is to agree that Hillary Clinton was also the victim of an over aggressive James Comey led FBI witch hunt last October that handed the Presidency to Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump's Anti NFL stance just another reason his Income Tax Returns going back at least 20 years need to be examined by the Mueller Investigation.

When Donald Trump the President purports to be taking a stand against an American Institution such as the NFL under the guise that the Institution is Unpatriotic, it becomes imperative to see if Donald Trump is hiding other secret motives for his dislike of the NFL.

Many may not know that back in the mid 80's Donald Trump owned the USFL's New Jersey Generals football team, a football league that briefly attempted to compete with the NFL but folded around 1985.

In 2001 the XFL attempted to crash the NFL's party, this was done through a Donald Trump acquaintance, Vince McMahon of the WWF.

In 2003, Donald Trump's friend and supporter, Rush Limbaugh, stepped down from ESPN and apparently was later banned from being an NFL Ownership Partner for what were construed as racist comments regarding Philadelphia Quarterback Donovan McNabb. DailyPUMA conjectures that this did not sit well with Donald Trump.

Now there is a new attempt to bring back the XFL in 2020. The constant NFL business badgering involving Trump's friends and possibly Trump's own fringe involvement, then reinforced by Donald Trump's own tweets and jibes against the NFL, is highly irregular for a standing President, or even one that eats cheeseburgers in bed. 

The Clintons kept being accused of mixing the Clinton Charitable Foundation with business, yet Donald Trump lives and breathes the co mingling of his business interests with his presidency on an almost daily basis, and it's all been hidden because his income taxes have not been released to the public for the past couple of decades.

Now Trump wants to install his own IRS Lawyer to run the IRS? Seriously? Hard to believe that a Standing President can actually conduct his own internal coup to such a degree, but it sure seems as if that is what Donald Trump is doing.

Donald Trump's ongoing axe to grind with the NFL and the NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem as being so distasteful and controversial may be rooted in his ongoing attempt to be part of a competing Professional Football League. DailyPUMA sees the mixing of personal business ventures with Presidential Tweets seems to be unbecoming of the position of the presidency, especially as long as Donald Trump's past Income Tax Returns remain vaulted.

Here's hoping the Mueller Investigation does the right thing and subpoenas Donald Trumps IRS records going back to 1995 to see if Trump is using his position as president to buttress his business interests at the expense of the Country.

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