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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Hillary Clinton's Lost Opportunity.

Hillary Clinton could experience a public empathy boost if Robert Mueller's Investigation keeps finding evidence of how badly Russia Behaved towards the U.S. election.

Unfortunately Hillary Clinton, who in reality is a moderate, has dived so far left into progressive politics she has crystalized former moderate supporters against herself. Barack Obama's Trojan Horse gift of solid support at the 2016 Democrat Convention forced Hillary Clinton to be much less authentic than she had been in the past.

In 2008, Hillary Clinton spoke openly about saving homeowner's homes, about supporting the Rust Belt States through their economic transition into the unknown, even on being tough on illegal immigration. The heartfelt hyperbole of 2008 has disappeared. Now Hillary Clinton has been morphed into Animal Farm's Snowball character by Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton now rallys around younger ideas and people that don't actually acknowledge those who are 50 years old and older. 

Even Hillary Clinton's Onward together campaign featured political candidates that were basically 45 years of age, or younger. Our country was fractured by the social message that kids should move out of their parents home or they would not be considered adult. Now Millennials in their late 20's to early 30's have spent close to 100,000 dollars in rent, to strangers, many are living paycheck to paycheck, and at least some have ironically moved back in with their parents.

Can we take a moment and acknowledge the depravity of being ridiculed for living at home in one's 20's while saving money in the process, and instead moving back in with one's parent's a decade later, tens of thousands of dollars in debt? Imagine not being able to pay rent to one's own parents because the son or daughter owes it to credit cards or student loans.

I am not knocking the experience of being on one's own, I am knocking the cultural push that does not give honor to remaining home and saving money versus coming back home a decade later, in debt.

How does this relate to Hillary Clinton? Her Progressive push simply puts fear into the RustBelt States. Not calling Barack Obama out on his failed HELOC reset plan, (he didn't have one) probably lost Hillary Clinton millions of Moderate Rust Belt Votes in 2016.

Regarding what Hillary Clinton can still control, her lack of physical fitness plays into the meme that she is self entitled and as long as she can look good and speak well in public, she does not care if she is wearing a back brace or whatever else she may be hiding. We never heard Hillary Clinton liked to hike until AFTER the 2016 election. I recall a local Los Angeles Newscaster actually incredulous and saddened that the Hiking side of Hillary Clinton was hidden throughout the 2016 presidential election campaign.

There are rumors that behind closed doors Hillary Clinton could be very mean and angry to her own workers. I now believe this is probably true because that level of intimidation has probably mitigated anyone from ever offering her kind hearted and heartfelt advice, such as, why don't you get in cardio shape and eventually run a mile or two in some type of local run?  Why don't you get on an elliptical for half an hour while doing an interview?  These two physical fitness suggestions are what many Americans consider to be authentic example of a presidential candidate being like they are, multi tasking workers who end up having to do multiple things at the same time.

Instead, Hillary Clinton continues down the path of covering up physical fitness issues rather than simply working out everyday and getting in great shape. DailyPUMA has said this before and will say it again, if Hillary Clinton magically emerged 3 months from now, or 6 months from now, or even 1 year from now, and wowed everyone over how she reinvented her physical fitness, they would see her as 2020 presidential candidate. 

The one lesson that Hillary Clinton has apparently never learned is, we can't always control when others will deem us ready for a challenge, we can control how ready we are when a challenge appears. If offered the 2020 presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton would not be ready because of  physical fitness issues that are within her control.

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Donald Trump's July 2018 European Misogyny Tour continues.

Donald Trump's Misogyny Tour continues. First he made crazy comments in front of Angela Merkel about Germany getting 35% of its Natural gas from Russia. Germany is highly regarded in the area of Solar Energy so Trump's attack probably served several separate energy agendas at the same time. 

Trump then compounded his misogynistic flatulence with an encore performance against Theresa May, first showing up late at a dinner in his honor (maybe the Drive Thru line at McDonalds took longer then Trump had expected), then making statements regarding May having mishandled Brexit and that another member of her government would make a fine Prime Minister.

Compared to Trump's fawning over North Korean Prime Minister Kim Jung Un, the pattern being created is not a good one, Trump Gushes over Male Dictators who threaten the world's safety, while publicly insulting Women Leaders over matters of opinion.

Maybe this is a rite of passage for Trump. Maybe the public mocking is designed to toughen up the women, and the gushing over of male dictators is done to help appease the dictator, or is that giving Mr. Trump too much credit.

The problem is once a leader publicly shames another country's leader, how do the two get back on the same page? Does Trump really expect that if in the future these leaders do what Trump wants, and Trump complements them, that that will somehow make things ok?

DailyPUMA wonders, has Trump ever really gotten out of any mess he has created himself without a lot of help and forgiveness, the very thing he seems lacking within his own character.

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Donald Trump's Hurtful Lies about POW's and Migration.

Donald Trump is calling migrationists and illegal aliens "animals". This is really really possibly the most horrible thing he has done as president. Most Migrants are escaping some other real and present danger. They figure there are worse things then to be caught and sequestered at the U.S. Border.

Gangs come for a families oldest as soon as the son reaches a certain age, probably around 13. If the family refuses, the son may be killed. If the son accepts, then the rest of the sons in the family will be expected to join the gang as they age. To flee being indoctrinated into a gang does not make someone an animal. To be transported like an animal out of fear does not make one an animal, it means they are brave. Calling Brave people animals is unfair to animals, who are very brave, and its unfair for the sinister meaning the word animal is supposed to generate.

Trump has this pampered habit of calling people who either end up in a POW camp, or those who leave behind an absolutely untenable situation, as losers and animals. It's really appalling. Trump is the all time get out of jail free card holder, having been given tremendous financial breaks over his own debt on so many occasions that he never had to run away from his own bad decisions, let alone others chasing him.

Donald Trump is the last person on the planet who should be scorning POWs or calling escapees from dangerous situations, animals. I wish people in the military and law enforcement who Donald Trump routinely lauds and lavishes praise upon would refuse his advances. Please, don't accept being called a hero from a guy who calls families trying to save their own children from a life of gangs, animals, and don't accept lavish praise from a guy who never apologized to John McCain for mocking his five years as a Prisoner of War.

You can agree with Trump that too much immigration or migration too fast can cause those who have been here a lot longer to lose out on government programs, but that does not make people fleeing dangerous situations, animals.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

20% of the 2016 Presidential voters voted 56-41 for Trump because of the Supreme Court Justice Issue.

When Barack Obama was not able to get a Supreme Court Justice voted in before the 2016 presidential elections, it opened the door for non Trump conservatives to vote for Trump just because he would get to pick the next Supreme Court Nominee.

The Democrats probably figured Hillary Clinton would win and there was a rumor she might even select Barack Obama as a Supreme Court Justice. Mathematically speaking, if 20% of all voters gave Donald Trump a 15% edge over Hillary Clinton specifically because a Supreme Court Justice was to be selected, that equals an overall 3% gain in Trumps Voting percentage. So pollsters could be off by 3 percentage points on Trump's total because voters could honestly say they were not supporting Trump, while quietly realizing they would vote for Trump specifically because they would rather he select the next Supreme Court Justice instead of Hillary Clinton.

So instead of winning by a plus 2% margin, Hillary Clinton might have actually had a 5% winning margin if the Supreme Court Justice issue had already been resolved and the Democrat choice was not considered horrible to Conservatives. 

It's also possible that if Barack Obama had been able to get his Supreme Court Justice pick approved that the Supreme Court Justice issue would have been kept alive with Conservatives and Religious Conservatives warning that If Hillary Clinton was elected, she would surely pick an even worse Supreme Court Justice than Barack Obama if she were to get a new opportunity to do so.

Still one wonders if the fact that a Supreme Court Justice pick was absolutely going to be made by the new president gave Never Trumper Conservatives the motivation they needed to vote for Trump. The "Select the next Supreme Court Justice by voting for Trump" meme was loudly lobbied for on conservative religious channels and in public speaking events by well known conservative religious leaders, who then had their public speeches in front of large gatherings  also rebroadcast on conservative religious channels.

So to those who say that the polls were intentionally against Trump, that is not true. The polls most likely forgot to ask a few key questions, such as, absolutely showing that in a four person race Trump was closer to Hillary Clinton than in a two person race, and that voters who disliked Trump would still vote for him because of the Supreme Court issue. 

One wonders if Progressives and Bernie Sander's supporters might have changed their minds and exchanged their protest votes for a third, fourth or no candidate, for Hillary Clinton, if they realized that Trump could win because Trump non supporters were going to vote for him specifically because of the Supreme Court Justice selection the new president would reside over.

As for DailyPUMA, DailyPUMAs biggest issue is how Hillary Clinton has reacted over her loss. Hillary Clinton apparently can't be bothered to get in great physical shape to show those who were on the fence about her that she had the ability to keep herself in good, physical shape. 

Instead DP is watching a Norma Desmond masquerade in which Ms. Clinton continues to cover up her unnecessarily declining health rather than look inward and realize that being able to cover up correctable physical insufficiencies just plays in to the hands of her detractors who say she is not to be trusted. Being physically fit shows a certain humility to something bigger than ourselves, and it inspires others. Ms. Clinton has chosen to inspire those younger than herself while forgetting what an amazing role model she still could be to those 60 years and older.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Donald Trump's intentional abuse of the Media and why his Supporters love it.

The low point of Donald Trump's Presidency was shown on the John Oliver show. Donald Trump held up a huge envelope allegedly from North Korea and talked glowingly about the huge envelope and the contents inside of it for a minute or so. Less than 10 minutes later, as Trump was walking off, someone asked what was in the large envelope from North Korea and Trump admitted he had not seen the contents of the very Envelope he had raved about less than 10 minutes earlier.

This is what happens when the left throws everything at the president in an ongoing barrage, Trump can do really unacceptable things like talk glowingly about the contents of an envelope that he has not even read, and his supporters just won't care. 

The immigration and racism accusation simply draw Trump Supporters to Trump in greater numbers because the accusations reveal a flaw in the left's attack. The left wants to do away with privilege, all privilege, to level the playing field, and they then call racist anyone who disagrees with them. The problem is there such a thing as "Earned Privilege". Earned Privilege means someone has already been in this country for 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, years or longer and they don't want to be victimized or lose existing benefits or privileges so that others who are much younger can cut into their benefits. They recall paying their dues when they were younger, and now they would like to be granted the benefits they were promised  years ago.

However, it should be pointed out that the reason there is so much migration going on is because of wars that have decimated other parts of the world, and that does muddy up what many who support Trump see as a clear cut issue.

DailyPUMA would just like to point out to the left that Law Enforcement DOES NOT get involved when an ER commits elder abuse. The FBI, Department of Justice, and the Police, so far as DailyPUMA can tell, have no desire or will to investigate. So while the left calls the right racist for not protecting Migrants, the right and the left are not protecting seniors, and nobody seems to care. Once again, both sides suck and continue to do so by harping at each other with the same old talking points even as new issues emerge such as senior abuse, Harvesting and over drugging by Hospice Centers, and E.M.T.A.L.A. violations by the E.R. that go unrecognized.

It's Ageism to only concern oneself with people who are younger or within a rather narrow age window, and Ageism is an issue that neither party wants to acknowledge. Meanwhile Donald Trump has mastered the art of annoying the media to the joy of his own supporters.

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sixty Minutes reveals why Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in 2016.

In the end, it came down to physical fitness as the main reason that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential Race. Hillary Clinton's campaign refused to do true micro targeting on Facebook, Donald Trumps side embraced it.

So why did that happen? Donald Trump's Real Estate website contacted a hard working young man who began making nice web designs for a very low price.  Apparently the web designer made Donald Trump's for President first website for $1,500 dollars and took two days to do it. The more work he did, the more the Trump team relied on him. Eventually he had a staff of 100, plus Facebook employees teaching Team Trump how to make micro targeted ads.

Before Facebook Cable TV was the King of Micro Targeting. Rather than pay a broadcast channel several thousands of dollars for a thirty second spot that would reach areas that were just too far away for some prospective advertisers, Cable TV allowed advertisers to target in smaller regional areas.

However, even Cable TV advertisers ended up being priced out in terms of being a one store on one corner location wanting to advertise. Car dealerships did the best on Cable TV.  And small businesses with a couple locations within one Cable area also had a better chance to do well with their advertising.

It was obvious the trend to micro targeting was the next big thing. I knew it several years ago. Facebook was allowing advertisers to spend as little as one dollar a day on target ads. The targeting options were endless.

I just can't see Hillary Clinton having the physical strength to just move fast and handle shit. I see her as being smart enough to do everything that needed to be done, just not mobile enough. In 2008 one of the frustrating things Hillary Clinton had to deal with was acknowledging her long time supporters while welcoming the upcoming young money and influence.  In the end the ones who could not be fit at the table simply went over to Barack Obama. And by the way, Barack Obama's speech writer was someone who apparently bumped into Obama after a speech, before Obama was famous, and made some suggestion that caught Obama's ear and he was suddenly on his writing staff.

The ability to have a main point of focus while having the agility to recognize shooting stars and up comers has now twice thwarted Hillary Clinton. Sadly, she will never learn the real lesson, be mentally alert AND physically fit is what it really takes to be a winning leader.

I still believe that if Hillary Clinton reinvented herself and was able to turn back her physical fitness clock people might see her as a 2020 candidate. Although the damage may have already been done by all those micro ad Facebook torpedoes the Trump team shot at her without her ever knowing much about them because micro ads literally go to the person they are targeted for and no one else may ever see them.

Yes, I believe there was a lot of dirty shenanigans at the gubernatorial level by Republican Governors who controlled most of the country. Yes the James Comey second letter made a huge difference. But what actually created instant incredulity and outrage over anything Clinton was in part due to the micro targeting that made Trump supporters feel like they were directly connected to him.

Imagine if instead of all that money spent showing the same darn couple of ads with famous Hollywood Talent doing the voice overs, Hillary Clinton had actually targeted Republican leaning areas within her Democrat strongholds.

I believe if Hillary Clinton had promised REHELOC's via facebook ads to anyone who had an expiring interest only HELOC that was about to reset after the interest only 10 year period had run out, she would have won the election.

Micro ads may have been the best way to counter the surprising hostility that Hillary Clinton kept encountering from a media that was supposedly pro Democrat. But without being physically fit, Hillary Clinton probably just did not have the ability to stumble upon new ways of doing things.

Factor in that Bill Clinton was running the Clinton foundation which had a couple thousand of employees, were they ever asked how if Facebook Micro Ads were worth doing? Oh the irony in not asking Bill Clinton's team how to deal with Facebook, or Chelsea Clinton as well.

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Republican Revisionist History about Russiagate begins Anew.

One or more Republican candidates started the dossier, not Hillary Clinton. The dossier was probably created by Republican Rivals of Trump and LATER given to Hillary Clinton because of how obnoxiously Trump spoke about many of his Republican rivals during and after the Republican Nomination campaign.  

Hillary Clinton was twice outed by Comey BEFORE the 2016 election, if Trump was being investigated prior to the election, he was NOT outed prior to the election, and we can "thank" Obama for that. If a Trump Investigation had been known before the election, the millions of moderates who switched to Trump, some would have switched back to Clintonl probably enough to flip the election back to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

Lets make out our own Priceless list of Republican Rambling points including one in which something the Republicans benefited from is now reversed.
  • Democrat emails released, not Republican emails.
  • Clinton publicly outed twice prior to the Election by the FBI, Trump not publicly outed by the FBI.
  • Trump won the nomination by bashing his opponents, then when his rivals created and shared a Dossier with Hillary Clinton, it's Hillary Clinton who created it.   
  • Hillary Clinton regularly slammed by Trump Supporters The Globe and the National Enquirer, The Globe and National Enquirer actually pay money for stories that would embarrass Trump, and bury the story.
  • Priceless.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Fox News Denies DailyPUMA RSS feed Access. Seriously?

Not only do very few people read DailyPUMA, but in an effort to hear both sides of the story and be truly moderate, DailyPUMA recently added three conservative blog RSS feeds. One of them was FoxNews.com.  Here is what happens when DailyPUMA clicks on that link.

Wow, DP has never gotten an Access Denied graphic before.  An RSS feed actually allows for Fox to get the word out, and the RSS feed simply allows for the DailyPUMA browser to visit the latest breaking news from a Fox.com story. 

DP supposes that it is possible that Fox News does not want to have its google ranking "contaminated" by a lowly blog that has an RSS feed to their website.  But all that does is prove that there is a vast right wing conspiracy that is driven by a desire to have the highest possible ranking at all costs. 

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Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Claim that Donald Trump is an Economic Racist versus an Actual Racist just took a huge blow, Waffle House Hero James Shaw Jr. has yet to be recognized by Trump for Shaw's Heroic Actions.

(Monday, May 14, 2018 3:01pm Update, Fox News claims Donald Trump has now talked to James Shaw Jr. as a few hours ago.)

ShareBlue has pointed out that it has been 2 weeks since the Waffle House Shooting in which James Shaw Jr., an African American Hero, disarmed a caucasian gunman before the caucasian gunman could kill more people with his assault weapons. 

Donald Trump has yet to congratulate James Shaw Jr. for his bravery. This is really really bad for anyone who thinks that Donald Trump is only an economic racist. Very very bad.

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Seth Michaels incoherently Ridicules Donald Trump's comments about a Space Division for the U.S. Military.

Normally Seth Myers has something to say, but every now and then he gets caught up in his own web of anything Trump says must be stupid. Last night Seth Myers ridiculed Donald Trump over Trump's Space Military comments. The problem is Seth couldn't be more wrong. 

Whether we like it or not, more and more of our economy is based on using satellites, the ones orbiting around in space. Satellites assist in the controlling of drones, cars, planes and trains. Space may be the place where our economic wars happen, the kind warfare where suddenly almost everything can be shut down because satellites are either hacked, disabled, or destroyed.

Why Seth Myers is wrapped up in his childish take down of Trump over a Space Military probably has to do with no matter what Trump says, it must be coming from a ridiculous mind set. Seth Myers probably benefits many times a day from satellite technology, the idea that we should not be protecting satellites, as Seth Myers is basically stating in his own unwitting way, is really, really stupid.

This is why DailyPUMA keeps reminding the few readers who come here, don't believe everything that either a Progressive or Conservative spouts off about, most have become so tunnel visioned that being able to constantly ridicule a politician from the opposing party seems to be what motivates their very reason for living, and making a living.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Planned Parenthood, Teacher's Union, and the ACLU form strange alliances.

One of the reasons that the elderly can be "offed" by denial of service from an ER is the relatively low compensation that wrongful death and medical malpractice suits can generate. It's not the only reason, but it is one big reason in many states, including California, which has one of the lowest caps on lawsuit awards for those who believe they have been a victim of medical malpractice or the wrongful death of a loved one.

It was to DailyPUMA's surprise to discover that Planned Parenthood, The Teacher's union in California, and the ACLU were all OPPOSED to a ballot measure that simply would have allowed a 35 year old California cap on Medical Malpractice awards to keep up with inflation.

Apparently the right to choose now extends to the right for an ER to choose who gets treated and who does not when it comes to the elderly, and Planned Parenthood, The Teachers union and the ACLU are ok with that. 

This type of political single mindedness by supposed stalwart democrat groups who should have just stayed on the sidelines and kept quiet are why I believe it is demonic to hate either political party as if they are cause of all ills. If you believe that either party is the devil, get help.

If DailyPUMA has to spell it out for you its probably this simple. Planned Parenthood does not want the 40 year old  250,000 dollar medical malpractice cap raised because it could adversely affect doctors who perform abortions. So the price some of us may one day pay is to see a senior who still wanted to live and still had reasons to live, simply not treated by an ER because the ER knows that even though they are violating the law the worst that may happen is they get a fine, but no lawsuit.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

NBC Nightly News over edits Donald Trumps comments, others blame Trump for Ronny Jackson nomination even though Jackson was also Barack Obama's doctor.

Maybe DailyPUMA no longer understands. Was watching NBC nightly news last night and saw horribly over edited  Donald Trump podium comments about his Nomination of Ronny Jackson for Department of Veteran Affairs.

Why is Trump being eviscerated for nominating a doctor for Department of Veteran Affairs when that doctor was also Barack Obama's White House doctor? At some point, we should expect fairness from the media and Democrat Politicians whether or not they approve of Trump.

Otherwise should a Democrat win the presidency in 2020 it will be just the same level of hostility coming from the Republican side.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Supreme Court Allegedly Rules Violence Guideline as a Reason to deport a US legal immigrant must be struck down, a huge fine should have been ordered instead.

Apparently Donald Trump's Department of Justice attempted to apply a "violence as a reason to deport an illegal immigrant law" to a case involving a legal immigrant, who was not violent. That is just the beginning of the madness.

CNN and Fox News are reporting that the Supreme Court Justices struck down the violence by a illegal immigrant law as being too "vague". This makes no sense to DailyPUMA. 

The Trump D.O.J. administration simply misapplied an existing law. All the Supreme Court had to do was excoriate the Trump D.O.J. for trying to apply a law where the law did not apply. Perhaps even fine the Trump D.O.J. and give the money to the falsely accused victim. There was no need to actually throw out the law.

What is this world coming to when laws or rules are simply struck down because the law is used incorrectly? Once again, our polarized, radicalized, "America is choosing sides" mind set has half the country applauding the throwing out of the law because it punishes Trump, the other half doesn't understand how a violent act by a illegal immigrant can be construed as a vague law, even if it was misapplied in this particular instance.

DailyPUMA simply points out that no law should be thrown out by the Supreme Court simply because the law was used incorrectly. Fine the Trump D.O.J. a million dollars for over reaching with a law that is perfectly easy to understand. But to simply throw out the law because it was used incorrectly seems over reaching as well by the Supreme Court.

If the law that the Supreme Court allegedly struck down instead had fines attached every time it was used incorrectly, I am pretty sure the Trump D.O.J. would reel in when they used the violence  / illegal immigrant card. 

This is truly a sad day for America, A., because Trump's D.O.J. can't tell the difference between a legal immigrant versus an illegal immigrant and the use of violence between no use of violence, and B., because the Supreme Court simply threw out a law when they should have been invoking a fine for the abusive and over reaching use of the Law in question by the Trump D.O.J.

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George Stephanopoulos, the first to ask James Comey why it was ok to mention that Hillary Clinton was under Investigation, but not Trump.

Kudos to George Stephanopoulos for asking James Comey why it was ok to announce that Hillary Clinton was under investigation, but not Donald Trump.

Comey's answer to Mr. Stephanopoulos's question needed a follow up question, however. Comey basically stated that Trump was not under investigation, that it was people around Trump who were under investigation.

But this begs another question, why was a private citizen allowed to go less scrutinized, perhaps even unscrutinized versus a public official?

The Clinton emails in question were several years old. Why wasn't Trump being investigated as well? And wasn't Bernie Sanders also being investigated?

And, was investigated the right word? Wouldn't the word vetted have been the right word to use? "The FBI is vetting all the presidential candidates…"

Anyways, if Hillary Clinton had been elected president, she might have been under incredible pressure from the Progressive wing of the Democrat party AND the Neo conservatives who have come to hate her, that I am no longer sure she could have gotten anything done of note as president.

There is too much web money to be made hating on Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton does not appear to have the gift of feeling the pain of her supporters. If she had felt her supporters' pain she would have used her time off after being Secretary of State and prior to running for president to try and heal wounds and mend fences. Plus she should have gotten in better cardio shape so her physical fitness would have impressed the younger generation. 

DailyPUMA guesses that Bill Clinton told Hillary Clinton to lay low and avoid public scrutiny and be a doting grandmother, not realizing that even that sage advise could backfire if it meant not being involved in Clinton Foundation on site projects, getting into good cardio shape, and possibly avoiding the lucrative wall street talks or at least instantly donating most of the money to Clinton Foundation projects.

And Bill Clinton should have accepted an annual salary for running the Clinton Foundation and then used stats to show that his salary as head of the Clinton Foundation was lower than any other Foundation head in terms of ratio to total money raised, or lower than the top 1000 Fortune 1000 businesses. Asking Clinton Foundation donors to then make a separate donation to fund Bill Clinton is not against the law, but it allowed for Clinton detractors to make it seem both scandalous and against the law.

Perhaps Bill and Hillary's biggest mistake was not confiding enough in Chelsea Clinton, who probably would have made the right call on Hillary Clinton's path to the White House, if only she had been asked and have her observations respected.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

A simple question about Syria, Sarin Gas and Chloride.

Is it possible to camouflage Sarin Gas and Chloride detectors into everyday housing items such as roofing materials? How about some CIA construction guys installing Sarin Gas and Chloride detectors into places one would never think twice about?

So far, we have Russia and Syria inviting workers in to determine what happened, and the US and its allies saying that Russia and Syria are stalling for time so they can get rid of evidence. Both scenarios are plausible.

Maybe it would take too many Sarin Gas and Chloride detectors to accurately cover a wide enough area. If so, why not have Sarin Gas and Chloride detectors ready so they can be brought to the scene of an alleged attack within a half an hour to an hour away?

Could Sarin Gas and Chloride Detector Drones be launched to the site of an alleged attack to gather readings? Something better is needed than a back and forth in which both sides seem to have justifiable cause for their actions, aka, verifiable truth.

Of course, once Sarin Gas and Chloride have been found, can it be proved who detonated it?  Why does Syria have Sarin Gas and Chloride? If they did not have it stockpiled, then it could not be launched nor stolen by terrorists.

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