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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Does Russia control the U.S. weather?

DailyPUMA is simply throwing the Mother nature, Mother Russia theory out there for people to think about. 

Several years ago a Weather Channel on air talent quit to investigate if Russia had learned how to manipulate certain aspects of the weather such as how low pressure systems and high pressure systems move. What if Russia had been able to divert low pressure systems away from California that can typically bring rain to California?

Perhaps now that Trump is president, might Russia rather give more rain to California and the U.S. to help buttress Trump's claim that global warming is not real? DailyPUMA can personally attest to the COUNTLESS times Los Angeles area weather forecasters would explain that a low pressure front would be missing Southern California, Probably hundred times DailyPUMA heard this during the last couple years of the California Drought.

But then October 2016 happened, and it most definitely started to rain in Southern California, eventually almost destroying the Oroville Damn Run off system in Northern California. Perhaps Russia's real goal was to help Texas, but to help Texas they had to also help California. Donald Trump would have fallen short of having enough electoral college votes if he had lost Texas. Texas apparently had some intense flooding after having been through a severe drought as well.

The October 2016 timing of California's remarkable improvement in weather came at a crucial time for the Trump 2016 presidential campaign. The rain in California made Global Warming seem less likely. California proceeded to have the most rain then the State has had in either 50 or 100 years. Although most of the rain came after Trump was elected, a significant amount came in October, 2016, well before the November 8, 2016 election. The October 2016 rains could have helped convince voters that Global Warming is a hoax, aka, no drought, no Global warming, and therefore Donald Trump was right.

Perhaps helping Donald Trump is not enough reason to change the U.S. weather patterns, perhaps Russia producing the most petroleum in the world in 2016, is. Apparently Petroleum is considered the number one or number two reason for global warming, so ending a drought is a good way to numb concern about global warming.

So, if Trump is removed from office, will we feel the wrath of Mother Nature, perhaps aka Mother Russia?

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Now we may understand Jill Stein's role in ruining Hillary Clinton's chances, and Stein's role in the Three Recounts.

Based on the photo below that comes with the Mother Jones article you can find here

now it becomes clear to DailyPUMA why Jill Stein wanted those silly recounts which Trump's lawyers then cut off at the knees with an overwhelming amount of objections. The biggest scam about the recount was if the recount vote total in a precinct was different from the prior, already established vote total, then the original vote count would remain valid!

So basically, if one wants to screw up a Presidential Election and has figured out how to change, alter, subtract or add votes to gin the vote for a specific candidate, all one would have to do is then add in a few more uncounted votes into the voting box, thus ruining the validity of ANY recount! 

So why would Russia want recounts? Perhaps to cover their tracks?  Jill Stein (pictured in the photo with the Russian diplomats and politicians) asks for the recount (and where did all that money come from so fast to pay for the recount, will we ever know?), then Trump's lawyers simply ask to disqualify the recount vote if the vote totals don't match the original vote total, thus burying the talk of voting inaccuracies that never seemed to match the polls. 

Another reason the pre-election polls may have never matched up more closely in certain states was that people went to vote only to find they were not on the voter rolls because they had moved, something that may have happened more often in predominantly democrat precincts. Considering that 45 governors out of 50 were Republican, gerrymandering voting qualifications cannot be ruled out.

Remember how Hillary Clinton did not want the recount but was dragged into it, then disparaged by Fox News and other conservative media types, perhaps that too was part of a plot to further discredit her.

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Monday, May 22, 2017

DaiyPUMA suggests U.S. should Offer North Korea Special NATO Status.

If North Korea agrees to end its nuclear weapons program and disarm, the U.S. should offer North Korea special NATO status, one in which North Korea could attend NATO meetings, speak at NATO meetings, but not be allowed to vote on NATO issues. Involving North Korea in NATO would give North Korea the stature they are in search of and presently think can only find by launching weapons. Speaking at NATO would be huge for North Korea as it would allow North Korea a method for creating a connection, and possibly commerce for their country.

In exchange NATO would agree to protect North Korea in the event North Korea is ever attacked and did nothing to provoke the attack. 

While there could remain the threat of North Korea becoming a "double agent" and reporting what goes on at NATO to both Russia and China, that could be defused by not allowing access to the sub committees of NATO where raw data is analyzed. Once a final decision is made, North Korea would simply be privy to the information before it is made public. DailyPUMA does not see any other way short of assassinating the North Korean leader, but even that approach would not guarantee disarmament.

Keep your friends close and… see if common ground can be achieved with non friends, after all, that is what our government expects of its own citizens.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Fun Game to play. Can anyone remember why Bill Clinton was Impeached?

I can't remember why Bill Clinton was impeached, can you? 

Something about the Republicans demanding that Bill Clinton admit to a private, consensual affair that he did not even initiate, even though the affair had nothing to do with anything other than to embarrass and destabilize his presidency, which was actually an act of treason by Kenneth Starr and the Republicans that went un prosecuted.

Yet Trump thinks he is the most harassed president, everrrr? Heck, Trump falsely harassed Hillary Clinton at virtually every campaign stop when he called her a criminal even though she had never even been charged with a crime.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

There Goes the Progressive Media, Shilling for Elizabeth Warren in 2020.

Sigh, here we go again, the same Progressive Media that is demanding Trump go, now is chortling about Elizabeth Warren winning against Donald Trump in 2020. Apparently Hillary Clinton was not even considered for the poll! 

Progressives assuming that Moderate Democrats agree with them on every issue may lead to a Trump, or, a different Republican's second term.

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

One Similarity between Trump's letter firing James Comey and the JonBonet Ramsey Ransom note.

JonBenet Ramsey's Ramson Letter included the following excerpt...

"You will withdraw $118,000.00 from your account. $100,000 will be in $100 bills and the remaining $18,000 in $20 bills"...

What makes that part of the Ransom letter so strange is the amount of the ransom money being asked for was identical to a bonus that JonBonet's father had recently received.

Donald Trump's firing of James Comey included the following,
"While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau"...
There is much subversive content within that one sentence that a college instructor could probably conduct an entire class session on it. For starters, the FBI has apparently already admitted that Donald Trump was under investigation. Most frustrating is the fact that the FBI did not publicly mention that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were under Investigation during the 2016 presidential race, and that not one reporter had the brains to think to ask the Trump / Sanders Investigation question of Comey at some point during his press conferences during the 2016 presidential race. 

Trump then brings in the Department of Justice, as if it was the D.O.J. that came to him and pulled Trumps arm to fire Comey. Is that really how it happened? It appears that after James Comey asked for more money for his Russia influence peddling probe that Trump may have gone to the D.O.J. to come up with reasons to fire Comey. If true, this level of disingenuous is disturbing. Usually Trump just says what he means, here, he appears to mimic the writing style of the JonBonet Ramsey Ransom note writer, and DailyPUMA finds that disturbing.

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Russia watches via DailyPUMA.

Too bad in this country with 50 million people unhappy with Trump, only a few hundred a day keep tabs via DailyPUMA when DailyPUMA offers live, up to date RSS feeds to dozens of blogs and news sites that monitor the Trump Administration. If your blog or news site is on DailyPUMA, why don't you link here? If you like to know what the newest news is, just look to the top of each column.

Yet somehow almost three times as many Russians are interested enough to check into DailyPUMA than Americans are.  Wow. 

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Friday, May 5, 2017

Trump Loves Syrian Babies, Bombs, and Chocolate Cake. Seth Myers skewers TrumpCare and Paul Ryan.

Donald Trump likes to combine things.
  1. Syrian Babies and US Tomahawk Missiles.
  2. Mother of all Bombs, and the most delicious chocolate cake you can imagine.
But when it came to Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney's baby, the Best Donald Trump could do was rush through a healthcare package that might not protect another American Baby born with the same medical condition as Kimmel and McNearney's baby.

Seth Myers skewers Donald Trump, and Seth Myers really skewers Paul Ryan and Ryan's topsy turvy comments about TrumpCare now versus ObamaCare back in the day.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Comey makes Capitol Hill appearance, will probably not be asked why the 2016 FBI Investigations of Sanders and Trump were kept secret while Investigation of Hillary Clinton was publicized on Two Critical Occasions.

The headline says it all, will anyone ask James Comey why he twice announced his investigation into Hillary Clinton emails while keeping quiet about both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump investigations that were going on at the same time?

(Update Wednesday, May 03, 2017, 11:11am.) Looks like Adam Schiff has mentioned the Comey Hypocrisy.

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Why Conservatives are not worried about Michael Flynn's Foreign Activities.

DailyPUMA heard this on a conservative radio show several days ago. Michael Flynn was vetted during the Obama administration, twice.  Check out what Politifact has to say about the Michael Flynn situation. 

Apparently Mr. Spicer has also said the same thing recently about Michael Flynn. DailyPUMA is concerned that the ongoing liberal media eagerness to see Donald Trump fail is causing the liberal media to incorrectly stack their accusations and beliefs upon some previous beliefs that may not be as accurate as the liberal media would like them to be.

Doesn't it look like Barack Obama was bamboozled or at the very least disrespected by Michael Flynn? Once this is all sorted out what was once an allegedly clear victory against Trump could completely reverse into how duplicitous was the Obama administration in not vetting people they had given clearances to?

DailyPUMA suggests giving a little listen every now and then to conservative radio just to see if what they are saying that the national media is not saying, actually comes to fruition.

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Donald Trump's "We've been trying to dump ObamaCare for the Past 7 Years" BattleCry makes no sense.

Why is Donald Trump including the three years of ObamaCare that happened prior to the 2012 election as years that the Republicans have "struggled" to end ObamaCare? If DailyPUMA recalls correctly, Barack Obama handily won election in 2008 which would mean the first three years of ObamaCare protests by Republicans, all prior to Barack Obama's 2012 re-election, DO NOT COUNT. 

After ObamaCare was passed under Obama's first term,  ObamaCare was not repealed in 2012 when all the Republicans had to do was defeat Barack Obama in the presidential election, which they did not.

ObamaCare continued for four more years after Obama's presidential re-election. So to count the first three years  after Obama's first election, or the additional four years of ObamaCare after Obama's re–election, as a Republican struggle to repeal ObamaCare is alternative math in its rawest and crudest form.

Has anyone in the media called Mr. Trump on his use of what can only be called inane, or alternative math?  

In other numbers, the alleged seven year struggle to get rid of ObamaCARE as Donald Trump repeatedly claims has actually been about a 90 day struggle to get rid of ObamaCare. Oh wait, perhaps Donald Trump's illogically perceived 7 year struggle in Trump Years is actually equivalent to a 90 day struggle in the Trump Time Machine. When Donald Trump talks about a 7 year struggle to take down Obama Care, he actually means a 90 day struggle.

There has been seven years of Republican dislike regarding ObamaCARE that was TWICE outvoted by those who wanted ObamaCare. From DailyPUMA's point of view, Donald Trump does not have the jurisdiction to call seven years of popular support for ObamaCARE as a seven year fight to repeal it, that goes against what the United States is all about, which is the majority rules, except when it comes to the popular vote.

Now when do you reporters DO YOUR JOB and challenge Mr. Trump's statistically fantastical view over how long the actual fight to repeal ObamaCare has really been?

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Before the Wall is Built, DailyPUMA makes suggestions about the Wall and its Purpose.

In the Tug of War struggle as to whether or not the U.S. should build a wall, DailyPUMA has come up with some ideas that might make The Wall palpable to many Americans currently against The Wall.

As one approaches The Wall what if there is actually an indent, perhaps 60 feet wide, maybe the indent is 500 feet deep. The indented, shaded spaces become a gathering place for those who wish to come to America.

In these indented spaces, perhaps all kinds of commerce is going on. Instead of paying a coyote 10,000 dollars to sneak a person into America using life threatening methods, the goal instead becomes reaching one of these Wall indents without needing a coyote at all. A person can hang out, there would be fast food outlets, relaxed atmospheres, places to freshen up if necessary. 

Perhaps there would be Skype like interaction with the American people where arrivees communicate with those in America. Towns hungry for workers might want to check out those who have dreams of coming to America. Businesses who want to export their Franchise idea might want to help a dreamer develop a franchise location in Mexico.

An immigrant trying to cross into America would have their chance to "pitch" an American citizen to "Sponsor" them.  The American citizen would take responsibility for the person pitching them to come into the country, perhaps even live in their home as a guest. Think of it as Shark Tank for Immigration.

There would be free bus rides back to Mexico leaving every hour, every day for those who gave it their best shot and now go home hopeful that the interaction they had with America in some way may bless them in the future. And all would be welcome to come back.

But other things would be simultaneously be happening. Mexican citizens would meet each other, friendships would form. Meeting someone just as determined as they are to make a better life is kind of a good thing, even if both go back to Mexico to wait and see if someone accepted their pitch to come to America. 

Maybe there would be American sponsors who would be willing to provide a new business enterprise in Mexico. Maybe the types of business that the Americans would sponsor would be in operation within the indents.

Maybe as new relations form, the drug cartels hold on Mexico weakens as more and more friendships mean more and more caring against those who think nothing of killing to create fear.  Maybe the drug trade would slow down as Americans hear all the problems they are causing in Mexico when they buy drug cartel drugs from their local drug dealer in America.

DailyPUMA sometimes thinks what gets forgotten is the desire to have hope and future dreams. Building a Wall does nothing for dreamers. Building a Wall that actually welcomes people to come and interact at The Wall might be the outcome that would actually satisfy many people currently on the fence.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How Trump can Build his Wall. "Help Wanted, Illegals only need apply."

Help Wanted, Illegal immigrants only. Work on The Wall and you will be given temporary housing, and upon completion of your part of the wall, you will be granted American Citizenship. 
You will also receive a free t-shirt that says, "I helped build the wall and all I got was this  fantastic T-Shirt and my U.S. Citizenship".

What I find strange about building "The Wall" is it was not that long ago that Ronald Reagan told Eastern Germany to "Tear Down that Wall", and now suddenly the United States is going to build it's own wall?

If the wall is built, I believe people  trying to get into the country will be catapulted over the wall with a mini landing parachute. Once over the wall the parachute will be set free so that it blows off course and does not provide a clue as to which way the catapulters went.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Trump with Lowest Presidential ratings after 100 days going back 70 years, But, 96% of those who voted for Trump would do so again.

If you are a Democrat Moderate, please don't believe everything that the Progressive Media tells you, or the WAY that they tell it to you. Most Progressive sites will state that Trump's Presidential ratings are the lowest after 100 days of any President going back 70 years. 

DailyPUMA will tell you that, AND DailyPUMA will also tell you that 96% of Trump's supporters still back him. DailyPUMA has already warned readers of this column that no matter how unpopular Mr. Trump is with Progressives, his base isn't running from him.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Democrats Cheering over the Wrong Stuff as Mario Lopez hosts segment on Bill O'Reilly.

DailyPUMA happened to catch the beginning of the TV show EXTRA the other night when the lead story was the firing of Bill O'Reilly. The irony was the Celebrity Host for the segment was Mario Lopez.  

DailyPUMA has read accounts that Mr. Lopez was one of the biggest hound dogs in his younger days as a Lead on the TV Show Saved by the Bell, and apparently, long after. and based on his autobiography, long before. Mr. Lopez admits in his own autobiography to losing his virginity at age 12, and it appears he doubled down going forward in his teens and early 20's, and apparently beyond that.
Lucky for Mr. Lopez the Internet was not around back in the 80's to chronicle his advances on many many young woman who simply wanted to make their mark as an actress on Saved by the Bell and perhaps had to deal with his advances as well.

So what is the connection to Bill O'Reilly besides Mr. Lopez hosting the segment? The Progressive way of thinking is, the uglier the man, the uglier the deed. A handsome man could do the exact same thing as a less attractive man, and Progressives would literally forgive the handsome one and then double down on the not so handsome man. This is why DailyPUMA believes in the superiority of a moderate democrat movement. The Moderates would treat both people equally.

Will Mario Lopez ever face his 80's demons, and apparently those that may have followed him well beyond his 80's? If Moderates were in charge, possibly, with Progressives in charge, probably never, because Mr. Lopez is probably a democrat, and physically handsome by most accounts.

Conservatives see someone like Mario Lopez hosting a segment on Bill O'Reilly's ouster and they just shake their head at Hollywood's double standard, and hold on even harder to someone like Donald Trump, whom they believe is the anti Hollywood candidate.

DailyPUMA asks when do we see Democrats celebrating actual successes rather than Republican failures?

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