Sunday, August 21, 2016

The New Republican Strategy of Posing as a Democrat, will work and can defeat Hillary Clinton this fall.

With every new regime change at Trumpland comes the opportunity for reinvention. Each opportunity for reinvention in Trumpland actually impresses existing Donald Trump supporters who think to themselves, "he's so agile", and each reinvention also creates the opportunity to attract new supporters impressed by Donald Trump's willingness to "change".

The National Enquirer is now assaulting Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton on a weekly basis, the latest attack claims Hillary Clinton gained 103 pounds and Bill Clinton is dying from Parkinson's Disease and won't survive election day. It should be noted that "The Globe" said Bill Clinton only had six months to live, about four years ago I think it was.

The point is, tens of millions of people are being exposed to the weekly National Enquirer Trash screeds, and millions more will be inspired by Donald Trump's foray into the Presidential Apprentice on the road motiff in which Trump goes into New Orleans and hands out Play Doh to flood victims.

Can I see Hillary Clinton wearing a white headband, sweat glistening from her forearms after an obvious cardio workout, that would send media heads ablazing and into a frenzy, and it sure would make the Trump camp and the National Enquirer look foolish in regards to their scurrilous claims against her and her health.

Hillary Clinton can win the intellectual war against Donald Trump and still lose the election based on the physical war  Donald Trump is on in which he galavants to places in crisis, ironically enough, feeling their pain. Donald Trump interacting with victims in need while Hillary Clinton begins to look the parental version of Betty Lou Who from The Grinch, whose feet we never seen moving.

Ellipticals are the ideal exercise machine for working up a cardio sweat, just sayin.

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Conservative Media asks why Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are not in Louisiana for the worst flooding in a very long time.

It is a legitimate question, why isn't Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in Louisiana helping the flood victims. The most compelling response is Louisiana elected officials actually don't want outsider politicians invading the area for personal gain via photo ops of every step they take because those visits actually tie up local police and government resources that are already in action helping flood victims. 

If a politician shows up for a photo op, like Donald Trump did, it actually usurps the amount of local government resources away from actually helping people and onto Trump and his merry band of Play Doh Gooders. 

This Republican "Feel your Pain" ruse is still a very effective one and should not be taken lightly by either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Trump Answers Louisiana's Cry For Help, even if it is Play Doh, it's still charging up his fans.

Trump was there, tying up local law enforcement personnel, but it is easy to spin the story in his favor as this video shows. Even if Donald Trump was giving out Play Doh and barely stopped to handout much of anything, just the fact that he was there is all that really matters, according to conservative media. The video below is from infowars, associated with Alex Jones I am presuming.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

National Enquirer continues its relentless attacks on Hillary and Bill Clinton, won't stop until after the 2016 Presidential Elections.

It is going to be up to the Hillary Clinton voters out there to start flipping the National Enquirer magazines over so the backside is visible instead of the grotesquely inaccurate and inflamed anti Hillary Clinton headlines.

Those National Enquirer Magazines are probably seen by 20 to 30 million shoppers every week and when presidential elections are won and lost by margins of 2 to 3%, clearly the National Enquirer can be a difference maker for Donald Trump and against Hillary Clinton.

So, do your part, Just Flip it. Flip it real good, or, Flip it, Flip it, Just Flip it. It really is up to you.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Donald Trump's Private Jet Flight Plans since the early 1990's, where are they?

According to Donald Trump, every single email that Hillary Clinton ever wrote as SOS is in play as a reason to indict her, therefore shouldn't the media get to see the Trump Jet  Flight Plan for every single flight that Donald Trump and his sons flew since the very early 90's.

I also would want to know how many people were on Trump's planes and if Donald Trump ever brought illegal aliens into or out of the country via his jet plane.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Did Donald Trump personally cause Bankruptcy Laws to be excruciatingly tightened because of his own Bankruptcy back in the early 90's?

Donald Trump walked away with hundreds of millions of dollars in assets when he was actually in debt by almost a billion dollars. Because Trump controlled around 3.5 billion dollars worth of assets back in the early 90's when he could not pay his debts, the banks felt it was better to just give him a portion of the assets he controlled but had already default on, versus dealing with Donald Trump in court.

I suppose it would be like owning four cars that are nowhere near being paid off, the car owner defaults on all of the payments but the bank lets the car owner keep one car free and clear while re-possessing the other three. lol, have you ever heard of a regular consumer being treated that well?

Ironically the rest of us lucked out because Bill Clinton became president in 1992 and Trump's bankruptcy shenanigans in which he walked away with 900 million dollars of wealth would be put on the backburner until after President Clinton left office. Bill Clinton was busy creating wealth for the country and didn't have time to focus on making life more miserable for consumers, again.

But George Bush jr., he was quite ok with making Bankruptcy so onerous that there are probably millions of americans out there right now damned no matter what path they take going forward. And for that, we have Donald Trump to thank.
Trump, author of the autobiographical books "Trump: The Art of the Deal" and "Trump: Surviving at the Top," said in a series of interviews that he fared as well as he did largely because his bankers trusted and respected him. "They love me because I'm good and I'm honest," he said. 
"I've developed a great respect for bankers," he added. Many Trump creditors gave a different explanation for the outcome. Mainly, they were guided by their fear of what might happen if their conflict with Trump escalated into a bitter bankruptcy proceeding, they said. "I did it because it was the only practical solution," said one banker, who declined to be identified.
I finally understand the meaning of "Blowhard" because of Donald Trump. One blows out their version of reality so loud and hard that they have time to step away, put on different attire, and then applaud themselves at all future times and places by referring back to the still resonating wind bag of approval they themselves falsely proliferated years earlier. I guess its what a blowhard does when they don't have the "Back to the Future" News Prediction Book in their hands.

It makes one wonder, did Donald Trump try and at least give his perspective to the George Bush team so that the new bankruptcy laws would not shift the pendulum too far from in favor of the businessman and consumer to way too far in favor of the banks. I am betting Mr. Trump just sort of let it all roll off his teflon business suit and probably just hired a few more lawyers instead.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Republican Party, FBI Director James Comey, and Donald Trump probably caused the execution of Iranian Nuclear Scientist, decide to blame Hillary Clinton and her emails.

Did anyone think that Donald Trump recruiting hackers from around the world to find old Hillary Clinton emails would lead to anything good? Will Donald Trump take responsibility for repeatedly publicizing an issue that can only hurt people?

As long as the Republicans can blame Hillary Clinton for their own idiocy in constantly fanning the flames about emails that are FOUR to SEVEN YEARS OLD, they will be happy, happier still when people die and they can blame Hillary Clinton and emails nobody knew about until the Republicans brayed about them over and over and over again.

Well, when one is afflicted with Clinton Derangement Syndrome, then any death that can somehow be linked to the Clintons is a good thing. 

The choice is clear, Republican rat fucker politicians, James Comey, and Donald Trump can all shut the fuck up about the emails and lets move on, or, Republican rat fucker politicians, James Comey, and Donald Trump can refuse to shut the fuck up about the emails and continue to intrigue hackers all over the world as to how much death and disruption 4 to 7 year old emails can cause today, with the fall back plan of then blaming Hillary Clinton for the mess the Republicans keep regurgitating.

The Spin now being claimed is he was tried in 2011 and was just now executed. With the Republicans crying bloody murder over the 400 million dollars recently released to Iran, there was no way Iran was going to release the scientist. So either way, its the Republicans constant public blathering about private matters that is killing people.

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Donald Trump had almost a billion of dollars of debt forgiven in the early 90's.

Not only did Donald Trump have almost a billion dollar of debt forgiven in the early 90's, he was allowed to escape having to pay any interest on a significant portion of the debt as well. Read about it in the Washington Post…Trump went Broke, but Stayed on Top. 

Donald Trump has a way of talking nicely about bankers who out of fear of losing everything, gave Trump a huge break just so they could get something back in return.

Did you know that nowadays ANY restructuring of an existing debt by you or I is deemed a Default by the banking industry. We probably have Donald Trump to thank for that.

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Does Donald Trump have a Bimbo Eruption Problem?

Wright tweeted a picture of the Cleveland Cavaliers Championship Celebration that featured thousands of fans,  knowingly and falsely attributing the Cavaliers Championship Celebration photo taken in Cleveland as instead coming from a Donald Trump Rally in Jacksonville, Florida. Then Donald Trump commented about the image, apparently not knowing it had been faked, to tell his supporters that maybe the polls are wrong that show Trump Trailing Hillary Clinton.

Is there a bevy of Russian bimbos out there who support Donald Trump? Will they come to the surface or have they been paid off by the Trump Machine? Has Donald Trump been using his own Private Jet to ferry himself and his sons to parts unknown for behavior not suitable for the media to find out about? 

How does Donald Trump keep finding Russian women to either marry, or that are willing to lie in writing and with pictures on Twitter? Tatiana Wright knowingly posted false information about a photo on her twitter account that painted a Donald Trump rally in a favorable light, yet later on proudly admitted in writing that she publicly lied so Donald would benefit. 

Some might see Tatiana's defiance as somewhat terroristic in nature seeing as how she was not born in the U.S. 

Other's might see Tatiana's actions as salacious in nature, a Russian woman living in the U.S. who is willing to lie for her man, then defiantly say she would do it again and that she is not sorry. Some might wonder if Donald Trump's public display of approval of Tatiana's actions has some deeper meaning between the two.

Of course normal americans, the kind who will vote for Hillary Clinton, would simply see Tatiana as an american citizen who probably never learned that it is not ok to knowingly lie when writing or posting photos.

Just how big is the loyal group of Russian women who seem defiantly loyal to Donald Trump?

Why aren't Russian immigrants on Donald Trumps No Enter list?

How many of Donald Trump's wives are Russian? How does that happen?

Why aren't American women good enough for Donald Trump to marry? 

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Crazy? Russian Immigrant willing to post lies on Twitter that benefit Donald Trump.

So as long as the immigrants are in favor of Donald Trump, Donald Trump seems to have no problem with them no matter how unethical their behavior is. 

Cue Tatiana Wright, a Russian Immigrant who falsely tweeted a picture of the Cleveland Cavaliers Championship parade as belonging to a Donald Trump rally in Jacksonville, Florida. Click on each Image to Enlarge. Click here to go to story.

The Donald seems to have his share of Russian Fans, Supporters and Wives with Russian names. You just can't make this stuff up.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Donald Trump's Fake Steakgate, or, How Trump learned to sacrifice the success of others for his own personal gain.

In case you missed it, Donald Trump made a mockery of the 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination race back in March of 2016 when he attempted to debunk Mitt Romney's claim that Trump had had a lot failed businesses.

Somewhere hidden away in a sanitarium is a Donald Trump doppleganger, aka the one who did not get away. Meanwhile the Donald Trump who did escape has proudly learned to sacrifice the success of others for his own personal gain.

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Donald Trump doubles down on saying the election is rigged so he wins no matter what the outcome.

Isn't it evident that before the 2016 Presidential election cycle is complete Donald Trump will have pretty much said everything, about everything?

When Donald Trump says the 2016 election is rigged, not only does he fire up his base, but he creates a no lose scenario. If Donald Trump wins the 2016 presidential election, Trump can claim he won DESPITE the alleged election fraud. If Donald Trump loses the 2016 presidential election, he can of course state it was because of the alleged election fraud.

During the 2004 Kerry vs Bush presidential contest, I watched the live accumulating vote totals for both presidential candidates on CBS. Kerry would continually make very steady popular vote gains and it would look like he was going to pass Bush's popular vote total, then suddenly Bush's vote total would jump a million votes or more ahead. Kerry would then steadily chase down the vote total difference, only for George Bush to suddenly jump a million votes ahead, this quixotic vote total chase happened all night long. 

I found the steady popular vote gain, then suddenly be down again by a lot, suspicious. So who knows, maybe Donald Trump is right. But as we know, in 2004 the winner of a potentially rigged presidential election was the Republican party, not the Democrat Party.

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Friday, July 29, 2016

When Donald Trump Speaks, Russian and French Hackers Listen.

There was a dramatic spike in hits to DailyPUMA from both Russia and France AFTER Donald Trump made a public plea to Russian Hackers to look for the allegedly missing 30,000 emails. 

Donald Trump has an interesting connection to Russia. 3 of his 4 wives have Russian first names. Trump Escorts was run out of a Trump owned location back in the 90's. And when Donald Trump asks his Russian Hacker friends to find missing emails, DailyPUMA (we don't have them by the way), is hit with 75% of all traffic suddenly coming from Russia, then the next day it's 90% of all visits from Russia and France.

It makes one wonder if there is some type of quid pro quo in place in which whenever Donald Trump goes on a rampage about terrorism, a terrorist act seems to occur in France or some other part of Europe.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton's biggest night ever, Her acceptance of the 2016 Democrat nomination night, Russia and France account for 90% of all page visits to DailyPUMA.

This spike in hits from Russia and France occurred AFTER Donald Trump asked Russia to hack into the DNC. Is it possible that some of the terrorist bombings in Europe, which all coincided right after Trump warnings of terrorism, are connected as well?

When Donald Trump talks terrorism, do terrorists listen, and act? Click on the Image Below to enlarge it and see for yourself.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Russia is completely innocent of any and all wrongdoing ever committed regarding hacking, doping, and providing escorts for Donald Trump's Trump Escorts, see the proof.

Click on Image to Enlarge and see the 75% of all hits from all countries that Russia has had to Daily PUMA in the past 24 hours. Or, maybe it's just that Hillary Clinton is liked all over the world and she is very popular in Russia and she was just nominated to be the first female president in the United States.

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