Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hillary wins the 2016 Washington Democrat PRIMARY after Bernie Sanders won the Washington cacas er, caucus.

In  2016, Hillary Clinton, after losing both the 2016 Nebraska and Washington caucuses to Bernie Sanders, has actually won both the 2016 Nebraska Primary and the 2016 Washington Democrat Primary, lending further credence that Hillary Clinton is more popular than any other democrat candidate when voters have a primary to vote in versus a caucus to navigate.

Primary voting is the way that votes are cast for the actual presidential race in November, Caucuses are not.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, play the "Mommy Card".

If we take a step back, the "Donald Trump attacking Hillary Clinton regarding Bill Clinton" strategy is rather odd. The same Donald Trump who invented a new hue of facial red out of protective anger for his wife and retaliated by posting a picture of Ted Cruz's wife with melted lipstick next to a picture of his own trophy wife, attacks Hillary Clinton for protecting her man from attacks. 

Is the pedantic Mr. Trump so obtuse that he can't see his own shadow regarding protecting his wife as being no different than Hillary Clinton protecting her husband? Is Donald Trump the pimp, who may have been associated with Trump Escorts, and who REGULARLY trades in his late 30 something wife for a 20 something replacement, that obtuse?

Donald Trump, a man, attacks Hillary Clinton, a woman, for standing by her man even though he did the same thing as Hillary Clinton. Trump thinks that another man's boorish behavior should determine whether Hillary Clinton is qualified for office. Does this mean if any of Donald Trump's former wives ALLEGEDLY did something unacceptable that Donald Trump would back out of the presidential race? What about any of Donald Trump's relatives, like his canned hunt killing sons?

Bernie Sanders, a Man, verbally assaults Hillary Clinton (she can take it, I get that) and financially assaults Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Hillary Clinton has  had to play the boys will be boys card while Ms. Schultz has also played the adult card and by granting that 5 of the 15 democrat platform committee members be selected by Bernie Sanders. 

Why stop at spouses, what about son's and daughter's behavior, shouldn't that matter as well? What about Donald Trump's sissy sons engaging in the most cowardly act of all, canned hunts, aka shooting a SEDATED Lion at close range and then having the Lion's head imported into the United States? 

If family behavior matters so much to Donald Trump, George Bush senior probably has the most baggage of all. His son's wife accidentally killed a former boyfriend when she drove through a stop sign and hit his car. George Bush Sr. was alleged to have had a very young protege who he took massages with. One masseuse mysteriously died not too long after giving Mr. Bush and his protege a massage just hours before the debate he won against Bill Clinton. 

Mr. Bush's grand daughters have had numerous run ins with the law and behaved badly in public on numerous occasions and I think have been to rehab. When Mr. Trump brings up alleged crap about the Clintons, it simply becomes a gateway media stunt that gives opponents the opportunity to air dirty secrets about ANY prior Republican president and their families as well. The fact that Mr. Trump has no visionary skills to see beyond his nose is the fear factor many moderates have in this country.

While Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of playing the woman card, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has had to play the adult card to a childishly bombastic Bernie Sanders. It's pretty evident to me that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are playing the "Mommy Card" as they throw tantrums and accusations and false innuendo towards women politicians in an effort to get their way without caring about the consequences, and that indeed is playing the "Mommy Card".

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Minnesota moves fast, Changes from Caucus to Primary for the 2020 Presidential Race, will keep caucuses for local races.

Minnesota has done the right thing. Seeing the overwhelming voter turnout for the 2016 Presidential caucus races, Minnesota will switch to a Presidential primary system for the 2020 Presidential race.

One assumes that both the Minnesota Republican Presidential Race and the Minnesota Democrat Presidential Race will be primaries. And, those voting in 2020 will have to declare as either supporting a republican or democrat party credo. That may drive Sanders supporters nuts.

Eventually I can can envision the Republican and Democrat parties splitting into two additional categories, Independent Democrat, Independent Republican. Presidential Candidates can register in one of the four categories and then the top Republican and top Democrat category vie for the presidency in November.

If this scenario had been in play this year, Trump would have been the Independent Republican candidate, Sanders the Independent Democrat Candidate. Based on vote totals, the fall presidential election would pit Independent Republican Donald Trump against Democrat Candidate Hillary Clinton.

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bernie Lost me when….

According to Daily News Bin, "Bernie Lost me when"….. is trending on twitter.

Although DailyPUMA was never a Sanders supporter, "Bernie Lost me when"…. I realized Bernie doesn't understand how Credit Card Debt actually works, used having unnecessary Credit Card to "carny" his followers into making them believe he had no wealth, his wife may have embezzled funds from the college she was president of, and Bernie had a knack for handsomely paying his close relatives and friends and hiding his wealth in his wive's IRS filings, which they never released.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton wins her 22nd Primary, Bernie Sanders well behind with only 9 Primary Wins.

Many Clinton supporters realize that Bernie Sanders does better in the caucus contests because his supporters are younger, more aggressive, and are willing to put in the many hours it takes for a caucus to run its course. 

Many Hillary Clinton Voters have other people in their lives who rely on them and can't afford to take all that time to travel extra distances for a "caucus", to caucus, and then to vote, in many instances with either not enough chairs, or no  chairs at all.

A primary contest allows these same Clinton Voters all day and more locations to fit in among their other responsibilities when they vote. For Clinton Supporters, Primaries cast a fairer reflection of how democrats vote. Closed Primaries an even fairer reflection.

Many Independent Voters are put into an oxymoronic situation of automatically voting anti-establishment, which makes the term "independent" rather an inaccurate term since many independents simply are looking for a third party candidate to vote for, they are equal parts protest votes and independent vote.

As of May 18, 2016, Hillary Clinton has won 22 Primaries, Bernie Sanders has won 9 primaries. However, Sanders has deluded his supporters by claiming that primaries are inaccurate representations because Independents can't vote for Sanders if they are registered Independent.

It appears that between Sanders and Trump there are actually more Independent voters than either Republican or Democrat voters, yet that is an oversimplification since the two candidates appear to be so far apart on many issues that what we probably have are independent democrat and independent republican. So the reality is the Republican party and the Democrat party still would probably finish top two in votes, with two independent factions finishing 3rd and 4th. Keep in mind that Trump was only around 40% of the Republican vote total for quite awhile and if he had run as an independent other republicans would have stayed in longer and kept Trump at 40% or lower of the total republican vs independent republican vote totals. 

So when voters have all day to vote but don't have to take all day to vote, aka a Primary, Hillary Clinton is clearly the more popular candidate than Bernie Sanders, and she is doing it while spending less money than Bernie Sanders has month after month after month.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton wins 2016 Kentucky Primary, CNN illustrates no matter how the SuperDelegates are allotted, Bernie Sanders would still be many hundreds of Delegates behind.

Hillary Clinton has won Kentucky despite the Sander's supporters criticizing Hillary Clinton talking tough about coal even though Sander's supporters are vehemently against fracking. So are Sander's supporters for coal production? They make no sense, all they care about is repeatedly criticizing Hillary Clinton.

CNN Super Delegate article exposes Sander's Super Delegate complaints as being red herrings. Even if the Super Delegates were allocated the way that Bernie Sander's wants, he would still be hundreds of delegates behind Hillary Clinton.

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Time to re-edit Bernie Sander's "America" commercial.

Esquire writer Charles P. Pierce says this is the best political ad he's ever seen in regards to Bernie Sanders "America" commercial. I'd love to see an update which starts out the same for the first 7-8 seconds then shows the Bernemies literally assaulting Hillary Clinton supporters at various Clinton rallies, all done to the same piece of music used in the original commercial.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Clinton Derangement Syndrome and Clinton Concern Trollism both found in the same short article, Amazing.

Sometimes you have to take a step back to really digest the garbage disposal shrapnel that doubles as news commentary. The headline reads…

No need to show anymore of the article. The headline alone accomplishes the task of "Concern Trollism." Why is this Hillary Clinton's problem? 

Isn't opposite gender appeal also Donald Trump's problem since he does even more poorly among women voters? Shouldn't the article headline have been, "Just like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton may face a battle of the sexes problem".

The original headline inflames the haters to make hostile attack comments in the comments section against Hillary Clinton. 

But wait a minute, Hillary Clinton wasn't interviewed for this story, it's just the opinion of the writer that is in play here. Yet the Clinton Derangement Syndrome crowd spews hostile comments in the comments section. 

If you click on the comments section you will see that I personally responded to the Clinton Derangement brigade.  You can too.

Awesome Pantsuit color, by the way.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Independent Voters who only Vote Independent, an Oxymoron, no?

The complaint from Sander's supporters that they were shut out of closed Democrat primaries otherwise Bernie Sanders would have won more states fascinates me for the oxymoronic underpinnings that the Sander's supporters don't seem to grasp.

When Sander's supporters do the math, they basically are calculating that almost 100% of Independents would vote for either Trump or Sanders, whereas a significantly lower percentage of Republicans and Democrats vote for a Republican or a Democrat candidate. 

In other words, the so called Independent voters are blindly and fastidiously voting for any non Democrat or non Republican, whereas both Democrats and Republicans are actually taking the time to think it over and possibly cross over their votes to non-Democrats and non Republicans such as Trump and Sanders.

So the Independent voter is dependent on voting for Independents every step of the way, whereas Registered Republicans and Registered Democrats have crossed over in larger percentages. 

Just who are the real Independent Voters?

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Google Search Suppresses 2016 Hillary Clinton Nebraska Primary Victory over Bernie Sanders.

Try googling and finding any result that shows Hillary Clinton beating Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democrat Nebraska Primary. Even when I added a minus sign in front of the word caucus in my search, Google still forced me to look at the Nebraska Democrat Caucus results. 

No mention of Hillary Clinton's 2016 Nebraska Primary Victory over Bernie Sanders can be found anywhere, at least not without having to go through 2 different links to find the results.

Below are the 2016 Democrat Nebraska Primary results that I had to find by going to one link, then clicking on that link to go to the Nebraska Secretary of State's page and then clicking on a link to the president's race. I guess that was just too much work for Google to do themselves.


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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

When more people vote, Bernie Sanders LOSES, as is the case in the 2016 Nebraska Democrat Caucus vs Democrat Primary.

A 2008 article of mine statistically shows how Hillary Clinton gets treated unfairly in democrat caucus contests. That trend continued in 2016 once again, below is the proof.

It's pretty comical watching Sander's fanatics freak out over the news that Hillary Clinton won the Nebraska primary when they are quite sure Sanders won the Nebraska caucus a few months back. 

For a Sanders supporter, it's always ok when Sanders wins more delegates while many less voters actually vote, and for a Sander's supporter it's also ok when Hillary Clinton wins the same state in a primary where many more voters voted, just as long as Nebraska doesn't redistribute the delegate wealth to Hillary Clinton. 

I guess even socialists know how to say "mine, mine, mine". 

As far as Sander's voters are concerned, Hillary Clinton can win the Nebraska primary vote by a Yuuuggge margin, as long as Bernie Sanders gets the majority of the delegates from the caucus contest that was previously held. You know, where fewer voters vote and the younger voters tend to dominate and over represent the fair reflection of that state's voters demographics.

When Bernie Sander's says "when more voters come out, he wins", he's actually wrong. DailyPUMA reported that inaccuracy six weeks ago.

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Monday, May 2, 2016

Bernie Sanders starring in the Pledged Delegate / Super Delegate Switcheroo.

First Bernie Sanders points out how "close" he is to Hillary Clinton in pledged delegate count, trailing by "only" around 350 pledged delegates, which just so happens to be a much larger lead than Barack Obama had over Hillary Clinton.

Then Bernie Sanders points out that the super delegates in the handful of primaries he won (Bernie likes to call it 17 primaries and caucuses he's won when it's more like 5 primaries and 12 caucuses won, a big difference because his younger, more fanatical supporters will make sure he wins the caucus state contests but they can't infiltrate a primary), should pledge for him.

But Bernie juxtaposes being behind by 350 PLEDGED delegates with the notion that if the super delegate vote were more equitably distributed the Pledged delegate differential would drop. This is patently and completely false.

Bernie Sander's mixed up message is that he could close the 345 pledged delegate lead if he got more super delegates. If Bernie Sanders were to get more super delegates, it would NOT affect the pledged delegate counts at all, it would simply cut into Hillary Clinton's plus 800 overall delegate lead a tiny bit.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Why Donald Trump being a Bi-Polar Politician probably does not affect his popularity.

Because Donald Trump is male, his Bi-Polar political behavior has been embraced by many.

It's stunning to me that Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of using the Woman's card when Mr. Trump has gotten a pass on being Bi-Polar, something no woman politician would ever get a pass for.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sanders and Kasich and Disingenuous Math.

John Kasich has 8.4 million LESS VOTES than Hillary Clinton, yet Mr. Kasich claims he would beat Hillary Clinton if he were the Republican presidential nominee.

Bernie Sanders has 3.1 million LESS Votes than Hillary Clinton, yet Mr. Sanders claims he would beat any Republican candidate by a wider margin than would Hillary Clinton, even though it is somewhat obvious that those polls are skewed by Sanders supporters purposely voting for the Republican opponent in the Hillary vs Republican candidate polls.

Kasich and Sanders COMBINED only have 4 percent more votes than Hillary Clinton. I thought men were supposed to have a more natural interest in math than women do, when it comes to disingenuous math, definitely so.

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