Saturday, December 10, 2016

Breaking News, Republicans May Have Forced FBI Director James Comey into Hiding until After the Electoral College Voters have Voted.

The Republican National Party may have forced James Comey into hiding until after the Electoral College Votes have been cast. Here is a link to the Electoral College Timeline. There are several key dates, Apparently Dec. 19, 2016 is one key date, but Electoral College votes may attempt to have Electoral College Votes cast before that day as well?

Perhaps the Republican National Party will attempt some end around to try and get the Electoral College Votes passed ahead of the December 19, 2016 date.

The Republicans know that if FBI Director James Comey were to answer questions about his second press conference concerning Hillary Clinton's emails that he held just 10 days before the election, his honest answers could sway more than enough Electoral College Voters away from Donald Trump to deny him the presidency.

Questions the Republicans don't want FBI director James Comey to answer before the Electoral College has voted include:
  1. Was Donald Trump being Investigated for anything, or was only Hillary Clinton under Investigation?
  2. Once Donald Trump declared during the third presidential debate that the Upcoming Presidential Election voting was rigged, did the FBI have boots on the ground for the Presidential Election Process to ensure a fair election?
  3. Did the FBI have boots on the ground for the Presidential Election Process knowing that the biggest  anti Hillary Clinton Pac, the NRA PAC, would be volunteering at Voting Locations in several key battleground states?
  4. Was assigning FBI agents to a second batch of emails so close to election day more important than ensuring an unrigged election by having FBI  agents on the ground actually profiling if the NRA had infiltrated the voting polling locations as volunteers?
  5. Are you aware of the close relationship between the NRA and Russia? Did that you give cause for concern?
  6. Do you agree that Hillary Clinton had built up a considerable lead prior to your second email press conference that you held just 10 days before Election day?
  7. Who do you think would have won the 2016 presidential election if you had not called a second press conference so close to election day?
  8. Why was Donald Trump not being investigated for anything?
  9. Do you consider the possibility that Donald Trump's Income Tax Situation, which he refused to publicly release, could have meant that he FUNDED his entire presidential campaign with Income Tax Evasion money?
  10. Are you familar with U.S. vs Irby?
  11. If you had to do the Election Year over again, what would you do differently?
  12. Would a Electoral College Voter be within their rights as a reasonable person to undo the damage that your second press conference about emails caused?
  13. Donald Trump repeatedly called Hillary Clinton a criminal during the campaign even though Hillary Clinton has never been charged with a crime nor convicted of a crime. Did it concern you at all that Donald Trump was enriching himself and his chances for the presidency by intentionally lying about his opponents record to such an inflammatory extent and using the public airwaves to do so?
  14. Were you investigating ties between Donald Trump and the National Enquirer, which repeatedly made outrageous Headline Claims about Hillary Clinton. The Enquirer even reported their version of the future as fact in their Headlines. Considering that perhaps 10 million supermarket customers see those lying, damaging headlines every week, should not someone from the government stepped in and done something?

If James Comey were to answer the questions up above prior to the Electoral College Vote being made by the electors, the Republicans are in fear that enough Electoral College Voters could shift away from Donald Trump as to deny him the presidency.

Calling James Comey, your country needs you to do the right thing and come out from hiding and hold a press conference where you answer questions rather than make accusations.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Was Comey's second press conference about Hillary Clinton's emails 10 days before the presidential election just a ruse to keep FBI Agents waddling in emails rather than observing the NRA's potential infiltration of Voter Polling Stations on Election Day?

Just how much damage did James Comey's second press conference actually do to Hillary Clinton's presidential chances? Perhaps even more than has been conveyed up until now.

Besides instantly reversing the upwardly trending popularity for Hillary Clinton and instantly increasing the popularity trend for Donald Trump, Comey's second press conference just 10 days before the 2016 presidential election may have had other deep consequences as well. While Comey made the Abedin emails a top FBI priority, FBI manpower that could have been deployed for election day fraud prevention was instead pulled, to check emails.

Hillary Clinton's feud with the NRA was known by everybody. The NRA PAC had raised 31 million dollars to defeat Hillary Clinton. Did the FBI deploy any manpower to make sure that Rogue NRA members, (we're literally talking less than .1% of NRA membership), were not volunteering at voter polling stations in key swing states on election day to possibly fill in ballots before the opening of voting, or to simply add votes for Trump or exclude votes for Clinton in other nefarious ways?

It would not take that much effort to add an extra 100 votes here and there at some of the thousands of precincts throughout several key states. Now comes word that the NRA had cozied up with Russia well before the presidential Elections. Forget internet hacking, what about just infiltrating voting locations on the day of the presidential election!

Was any FBI manpower devoted to checking into an alliance between the NRA and Russia?

We now find out that Michigan won't allow recounts to count if it is discovered that a precinct recount does not render the same vote totals that were tallied on election day! This basically means that any fraud done on election day at any precinct becomes valid once the fraud is counted on election day, and can never be undone!

The list of shady vote counts grows, Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina all LOWERED Donald Trump's vote count total once it was known that the recounts were going to happen. 

We now find out that the same Detroit area that had a notoriously low vote turnout in the Michigan primary, also may have had dozens of broken voting machines in the actual presidential election. And if any new votes are found, then the new results are invalidated because it changes the vote total from election day and the prior vote results are the ones that are counted instead!

Meanwhile, James Comey is analyzing redundant emails. Apparently, whether it's wabbit season or duck season, for James Comey and the FBI, it's always email season.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

NRA Russia connection would mean no Internet Hack of 2016 Presidential Election Required to Alter Vote Counts.

All three Recount States reduced Donald Trump's victory margin by tens of thousands of votes before the Recount began.

The NRA has 5 million members. The NRA PAC raised 31 million dollars to defeat Hillary Clinton. Why were NRA members allowed to volunteer at the precinct voting stations the day of the Presidential Election?

It would literally take just a few thousand Russian/NRA members out of Five million NRA members to volunteer at key precinct stations to each add an extra 100 votes to various out of the way precincts in favor of Trump. 

The ballots would be filled out before the voting locations opened, and the votes added at some point early on or any point during the day when the station had no voters to observe the fraud. Could have even  happened after the polls closed.

Perhaps there is no direct evidence of an NRA/Russian connection, but if nobody looks for a possible connection, they won't know if one exists.

If Russia, through the NRA, was able to stuff ballots in small out of the way precincts, then the last laugh is on the U.S. for the accusation that Russia hacked the election. The stranger than life comedy is Russian NRA members could have just walked right in and done it as volunteers via the NRA on election day. It would only take .1% of NRA members (5,000 members) to alter the 2016 election results.

So when does the FBI investigate how many NRA members volunteered to work at a precinct voting station on November, 08, 2016? Were there precinct voting locations that featured a cluster of NRA members? It would actually take an incredibly small amount of Russian NRA members (500) to lead other NRA members who truly believed that Hillary Clinton wanted to take their guns away. 500 Russian NRA members out of 5 million equals .01% of the NRA membership.

Doesn't anyone investigate anything anymore?

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

ReCounting the Votes in Wisconsin apparently only involves recounting ballots. Deplorable Ballots that may have been fraudulently filled out will simply be counted again as being valid.

According to Wisconsin Recounting Rules, Recounting Wisconsin Votes simply means re-checking all the ballots that were submitted as votes. However, a fraudulently filled out ballet will look no different from a valid ballot using this rather simple recounting method.

The NRA had a PAC that raised 31 million dollars in support of Donald Trump and the idea of just one percent of NRA membership being able to tilt the election to Donald Trump is beyond alarming.

If just one percent of the NRA membership had served as precinct volunteers on election day and engaged in vote fraud by filling in ballots with Donald Trump as president, those votes would simply be counted again in a recount. And, if rogue NRA members had disposed of Clinton votes, those votes would not exist in the recount either!

DailyPUMA strongly suggests that ALL NRA Members who volunteered on November 8th, 2016 to serve at precinct voting locations be tallied up to see if there were clusters of NRA members at any precinct voting locations.

One percent of NRA membership serving as rogue volunteers would mean FIFTY THOUSAND members participated as volunteers. Considering the vote differences from the three states being recounted is barely over one hundred thousand votes, that would mean a mere five extra votes by each NRA rogue volunteer would have EASILY changed the results in the swing states, the states Trump had to win to win the election.

Why is DailyPUMA harping on the NRA? Hillary Clinton openly went after them during the campaign, and it's just not a stretch to imagine one percent of the NRA being Deplorable enough to engage in illegal voting activity.

The Precinct Signature books MUST be analyzed to verify the voting totals match between signatures and ballots cast. And then, the signatures need to be checked to make sure one person didn't sign the book on behalf of others who didn't bother to vote.

And then, the unused ballots must be added into the total to make sure that all ballots made it back.

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

There cannot be a legitimate Presidential Recount if the Precinct Signature Book that each voter signs prior to voting is not being Reexamined.

Once Again the media does not do it's job in regards to explaining how the recount works. First there was the posturing from several different media groups that the recount should not be done.  

Now that the recount is simply a verification that each candidate got their correct share of ballot votes, the media has once again ignored the elephant in the room, literally I might add.

The total number of votes per precinct should match up with the total number of signatures in the signature precinct book that each voter signs when they vote.  Maybe each state does it differently, but in California each voter first signs the precinct signature book and then they are handed their ballot. They then walk directly to a voting cubicle, slide the ballot into an ink a dot receptacle, and fill out their ballot. The voter then inserts their ballot into a machine that registers their vote.

The recount reporting has been so atrocious that DailyPUMA has no idea if the three states being recounted use signature books, or perhaps each voter signs the actual ballot or the paper holder that each ballot is placed inside? I am presuming the voters use precinct signature books to sign that they voted.

Are the total number of signatures from the Precinct signature books matching up to the total number of ballots being cast for that precinct? And, were the rest of the unused ballots returned so that each precinct returned the exact same number of ballots that they received?

Simply having volunteers inspect a ballot and then count that ballot completely misses how voter fraud would occur. 

Fraud happens when one person fills out multiple ballots. Simply verifying that a potential fraudster filled out the multiple ballots correctly, without comparing signature totals per precinct to the number of ballots filled out per precinct, does not promote voting integrity.

Furthermore, the signatures in the books need to be evaluated to see if a certain handwriting style may have signed on behalf of several people who may not have voted.

There is also the issue of the NRA being allowed to volunteer on November  8th, 2016. Since the NRA was one of Trump's biggest PAC's, their members should not have been allowed within a hundred feet of any voting location unless it was to vote, and then leave.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

What Voter Fraud really looks like.

Look at the Voter Signature books that every Voter signs. Look to see if different signatures look like they could have been signed by the same person. Add up the signatures in the voter signature books, compare that total to the total votes cast at that precinct.

My vision of 2016 voter fraud is an NRA member sitting off somewhere in a corner filling out ballots, and the above scenario is one way to verify that no one was stuffing the ballot box.

And once again DailyPUMA asks, why were NRA members who all belong to a pro Republican PAC that raised 31 million dollars allowed to be volunteers at voting stations?

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Recount Volunteers needed, Deplorables need not Apply.

Please go to this link to get more info on how you can be a Recount Volunteer.  

If you are an NRA member and worked at a voting booth on November 8, 2016, or the days leading up to November 8, 2016, and definitely if you were still there November 9th, 2016 ginning the vote, please go to your local police station and turn yourself in for being within one hundred feet of a voting location for purposes other than voting, while also belonging to the biggest Anti Clinton PAC in the country.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

NRA ReCount Smoking Gun. How many NRA members were allowed to work at voting locations for the 2016 Presidential Elections?

NRA members should not have been allowed to work at any voting locations since they were dedicated to defeating Hillary Clinton and even had their own Anti Clinton Super PAC that raised well over 10 million dollars.  Wait, make that 31 million dollars.

How many NRA members were permitted to work in some capacity at ballot locations? There are approximately 4 million to 5 million NRA members. The NRA membership represents about 1 in 15 Trump Voters. The typical voting location requires between 5 to 10 people to operate. So statistically speaking, if we use 7.5 people per voting location, one out of every two voting locations would have one NRA member!

Jill Stein should petition each state that they have the right to know if NRA members were manning voting locations and the right to review and recount the results from those locations.

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Monday, November 28, 2016

How Hillary Clinton could win the three recount states and still lose the presidency, Remember Florida and Michigan in 2008?

If there were voting "errors" in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and the "errors" either tip each state to Hillary Clinton or the totals become so ridiculously close as to be nothing more than a tie, one solution could be to split each state's electoral college in half. 

But without recounts in North Carolina and Florida as well, where there may have been some type of ginning of the vote, splitting the electoral college in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin would still give Donald Trump a victory, while wink, wink, nudge nudge, North Carolina and Florida are left alone.

Trump could also demand that New Hampshire's electoral college be split as well since that was a very close result in Hillary Clinton's favor.

The Republicans have postulated that the purpose of the three recounts is to delay the electoral college ratification long enough so that Trump does not have enough electoral college votes by the electoral college deadline. 

However the Republicans could have a "plan b" if something  and "generously" offer the three recounted states electoral college votes be split in half were a recount to show significant movement in Hillary Clinton's favor. This "split the recounted states" electoral college votes could also take scrutiny off of why the original vote totals were so far off to begin with.

What would the math look like if the electoral college votes were split in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina and New Hampshire. 

So lets do it. Where we stand right now is Clinton has 232 Electoral Votes, Trump has 306.

If the 3 state recount of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania resulted in an electoral college split,  the new totals would be 255 for Clinton, 283 for Trump. This would allow the Republicans to claim they have bent over backwards to accommodate the democrats and independents while diverting attention away from the possibility of who actually initiated the original inaccurate vote totals.

If Florida were recounted and were Clinton to barely win,  t thus splitting the electoral college vote in Florida, the totals would be 269.5 Clinton, 268.5 Trump.

However Trump could legitimately demand that New Hampshire's 4 electoral college votes be split because it was closer than every other state except for Michigan, and that would give Trump 270.5, Clinton 267.5. (Although one could argue New Hamsphire might not have been as close if a recount were done).  

This would leave North Carolina. If NC had a recount and it was deemed either a Clinton victory or too close to call, and its electoral college were split, that would give Clinton 275 and Trump 263.

So the Republicans have a failsafe back up plan in which they can simply offer to split the electoral college in the event the results become so agonizingly close in the three states that apparently are going to be recounted. 

The conclusion is, without North Carolina and Florida being recounted as well, Hillary Clinton may not win even if she barely squeaks out recount victories in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania because the Republicans can counter by "Magnanimously" offering to split the electoral college votes in the three recounted states.

I would like to see Florida, North Carolina and New Hampshire added to the recount because without Florida and North Carolina, splitting the electoral college gives the Republicans a false flag of magnanimosity to wave while drawing attention away from what caused the inaccurate tallies that originally favored Trump. Please add Florida and North Carolina to the recounts.

Or…what I would like to see is the democrats do specific precinct recounts in a multitude of states, even in red states that had no chance of going for Clinton. Part of a winning the electoral college strategy is to make sure the popular vote is not too far out of balance.  

If a pattern emerges in which each state had precincts in which more votes were cast for Trump than the total number of voters in that precinct, that would help with the vote your conscience meme that is being floated out to the electoral college community.

For that reason, I would like to see targeted recounts in North Carolina and Florida just to make sure there was no funny business going on, and I would even consider a red state or two as well.

Lets face it, there was so much hate heaped upon Hillary Clinton from the truly vast conservative blogosphere, a conservative blogosphere that is easily 20 times as big as the pro Clinton blogosphere, along with Trump repeatedly calling Hillary Clinton a criminal, and along with the crazy arse stuff that the National Enquire and Globe came out with on average 2 out of every 4 to 6 issues during the campaign season, plus NewsMax and Newsbusters, that DailyPUMA believes there could have been motivation to gin the vote in the rural parts of certain states.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

Presidential Concession speeches are based upon a gentleman's and gentlewoman's agreement that there was no electoral college changing mistakes made in the initial election results, to imply otherwise is to be a typical Republican.

The more the Republicans and the Media protest the recount votes, the more I wish recounts could be done in North Carolina and Florida as well. The gentleman's and gentlewoman's agreement is OBVIOUSLY voided if a recount proves the original vote was tampered with to a point that it changes the outcome of a particular state, or, if it changes the result a significant amount.

Furthermore, if a recount proves that Wisconsin, Michigan or Pennsylvania shows a significant shift in vote totals, then other recounts for North Carolina and Florida should also be done as well, even if they are after the deadline, they would be triggered by a situation never encountered before. This would give grounds for legal arguments involving equitable estoppel and or tolling to allow additional recounts to occur if the first three recounts reveal anything noteworthy.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

How to catch North Carolina's alleged DMV voter suppression tactics over the past several months.

There may be a way to determine if intentional voter registration fraud occurred at North Carolina DMV offices. A properly functioning fax machine that is sending an applicant's voter representation data will require a certain amount of time to transmit the data. If the voter registration applications are similar in nature, then the actual time to transmit each fax correctly may be a constant.

However, an improperly working fax machine may either take much less time, or much more time, than the acknowledged average for a functioning fax machine while attempting to send the same data.

Perhaps simply comparing the fax machine times between the districts where the voter registration by fax machines were working properly versus the districts where the fax machines were not working properly might reveal if in fact there was an ongoing scam to thwart voter registration in the districts more likely to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Remember, DMV workers complained incessantly about the problem and were told to ignore the fax error warnings, and that is why criminal actions and intent could be involved if those faxes never made it through. Here is a direct link to the story.

And I recall in 2008 Bill Clinton making the rounds in the small towns of North Carolina, towns that on average had 8,000 to 10,000 populations. If there was voter fraud in Wisconsin, then there probably was voter fraud among all that sea of red in the smaller towns of North Carolina.

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Wisconsin Recount a go...

(Update, Dec. 02, 2016, 2:45 am). What is the worst that can happen? The ballots get recounted while no one compares those totals to the signature books. 

So what is the worst that can happen, 2 of the 3 states up for recount swing to Hillary Clinton, Trump barely wins. I would like to see Florida and Arizona recounted as well.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Instead of Exit Polls, how did the Presidential Candidates do when compared to how the Governors did from the same state?

I find it suspicious that North Carolina voted for a democrat governor over an incumbent Republican Governor, but voted for a Republican President by over a 100,000 vote plurality. There may be something going on. 

Instead of just focusing on the exit polls, I would be curious to see how the presidential candidates did as compared to the candidates for Governor in the same state, and then compare those comparisons with previous presidential elections.

However, the fact remains, Hillary Clinton was REInvestigated by the FBI, and Trump was not even Investigated once.  Please sign the Change dot org petition if you want to make sure that Donald Trump is vetted.

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Change dot Org ReAudit Trump Petition reaches 100 signatures in less than a day.

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

DailyPUMA Dredges its Swamp, adds a favorites column on the left side top of the page.

Don't give up, please support the Change dot org ReAudit Trump Petition, and keep writing. 

If you are not listed in the Newly Created DailyPUMA favorites section, but are an alleged Hillary Clinton supporter, you can ask to join, however, if you are a douche that has banned DailyPUMA from posting on your site, well, you know what to do before asking to be added.

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