Daily PUMA Column - Commentary by Alessandro Machi

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Terry Francona, Manager of the Cleveland Guardians, gives Cleveland Sportswriters the "It's me, not you" speech for temporariy retiring after the 2023 season.

The couple of times I have heard Terry Francona talk about allegedly retiring, I hear something different than what the Cleveland Media and the Fans are hearing. 

The Cleveland Media and Cleveland fans are hearing, "Terry Francona is retiring, we have to give Mr. Francona the biggest, best send off ever". 

What I hear when Terry Francona speaks about retiring is something entirely different. I hear Terry is so frustrated at his current health situation that if his surgery or surgeries go well, and if he feels good, and if he is bored sitting at home, he's coming back in 2025 to manage an MLB baseball team.

Terry knows it would be unfair to ask for a full year off, so he won't, but if Mr. Francona were given the option to come back to Manage the Guardians in 2025, Mr. Francona would most likely accept that option.

If the Guardians make a Terry Francona tribute statue, they should consider putting it on wheels so it can follow Terry to his next managing gig.

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