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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Conservatives lack of concern for Lesbian Celebrities such as Ann Heche and Brittney Griner is disappointing.

As of Sunday, August 14, 2022, Morning time, Ann Heche's heart is still beating. However, the mainstream media's complete abeyance to the Medical Industry's narrative that Ann Heche is dead, is appalling.

The actual admittance that Ms. Heche is only being kept on life support to see if harvesting her organs is possible should be sending the alarm to Conservatives everywhere that all life is sacred, even a lesbian's life. But based on recent events, the life of a lesbian, be it Ann Heche or Brittney Griner, is not sacred to the vast majority of conservatives.

I oscillate between my frustration with holier than thou conservatives and the brain dead viewpoint of our completely complicit media that will accept Ann Heche is dead even though her heart is beating, and find both despicable.

The fact that a West Hills, CA Hospital facility is involved in Ann Heche rather sudden demise should be sending alarm bells out far and wide. After witnessing my Mother's brutal treatment at the West Hills, ER back in 2018, 

I have kept my eye on that location and without having any contacts embedded there, and even with HIPAA being a huge roadblock for doing research, I can still cobble together a few disturbing incidences that should have had reporters looking for clues to ensure Ms. Heche is getting fair and ethical treatment.

A few months ago I was contacted by a person who could not understand why she had been yelled at by Medical personnel at West Hills ER while her husband lay dying in his ER bed, UNTREATED for SEVEN HOURS, until he did die!

What I learned from my Mother's death DIRECTLY RELATED to her medical mistreatment at West Hills Hospital ER, in front of my eyes as her full time live-in Caregiver, was the sleaziest way imaginable to get around EMTALA rules while increasing profits.

More recently, Kourtney Kardashian's husband, Travis Barker was apparently RUSHED AWAY FROM WEST Hills to Cedar Sinai to receive the proper care, WITHIN HOURS! 

Under staffing an ER causes scenarios to emerge in which if the initial medical readings are made to look better than they actually are, this then means the patient has to wait their turn, no matter how long that wait would be, before seeing if their baseline readings were stable or had gotten worse or better.  That long wait time can cause patients to either give up and leave, be transferred, or die. But since the last recorded medical levels were not dire, the ER has no liability! So the ER profits by under staffing and then by not doing follow up in a timely manner! This also allows the ER to hunt for out of network patients while their in network patients sit and wait!

Now, Ann Heche, within days of being in the care of a West Hills, Facility, not only allegedly has the worst outcome possible, but there seems to be no desire or will to give Heche's body a chance to fully recover from the various trauma's she received before thinking of her as an organ donor candidate.

This is what I find galling, based on the Ann Heche's situation, if a  medical mistake was made, it can be covered up by simply explaining what the medical mistake caused to happen, without admitting to making any kind of a medical mistake. 

When Conservatism is not blind to the type of person being afflicted or who may be in need of rescue or at the very least, a second opinion, Conservatism cements itself into never being a majority viewpoint among all Americans because of their own prejudices.

When Conservatism does not fight for Ann Heche's right to have a few weeks to see if maybe some miracle will happen, because she is a lesbian, the public should realize there is no side fighting for what is right. What both political parties fight for apparently is always based on what will directly benefit their own cause and the people they approve of.

There is another issue in play here. Should not an organ donor be allowed to state on their organ donor card how many days they wish to be kept alive to see if they are showing signs of recovery BEFORE their organs are harvested?


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