Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Thing about Guns.

The thing about guns...
Anything I ever wanted to try, do, accomplish, learn, achieve, or master required I started at the bottom. Be it my first watermelon planting consisting of dropping an entire packet of watermelon seeds into one large outdoor planter, my first bicycle, Be it my first job (selling customized Christmas Cards door to door at a way too young age), my first...and only, tennis racquet, my first car, In every instance I was using a either a hand me down or a very crappy version of the real thing. EVERY...TIME.
So why when it comes to guns suddenly it is any gun at age 18? Everyone one of those who sits there and says, "It's criminals that use guns illicitly, not me", why compare oneself to a criminal, that's a pretty low bar comparison in my opinion.
The path to responsible gun ownership can include not allowing any idiot out there to buy a gun at age 18.
Just as any veteran of war who slogged through mud and rain in a foreign land, lost a body part, came back to the U.S. with PTSD that may never go away, hearing loss and loss of health; most likely did not go to all that trouble so someone new to the gun game could buy a gun relatively easily and effortlessly and kill others, not up close, eye to eye, but by using a scope, soft pull, once per second firing privilege.
Hanging one's hat on, "When guns are taken away from citizens is the first step to Government aggression towards its citizens", is ABSOLUTELY a valid argument to make. The over two dozen mass murders of people by the tens of thousands to well over a million around the world by their own government or a coup government proves that. But that is a far cry from the first time user of a gun who has been given approval to buy or purchase ANY gun.
First time purchasers of a gun should be limited to something that can't be used from a far distance with a scope, that can rapid fire kill people they never knew or ever looked in the eye. Even the amount of ammo should be limited on a first time purchase.
The January 6th politically driven agenda in which one party has so dominated the hearings is the REAL REASON people will just go out and make a name for themselves, they know the political game is rigged and that political leaders are all in it for themselves and their own survival.
So until we can find a political system that is not all about Politicians like Nancy Pelosi and her narcissistic motivations, brakes and tamps need to be put on first time gun purchases thanks to the talons of people like Nancy Pelosi and her 82 year old self entitled drunk husband and their never ending lust for what they feel self entitled to over all else.
When Politicians like Nancy Pelosi connect justice to their own personal motives, others see the futility of their own future and we get mass shootings as a form of protest to the Nancy Pelosi's of the world.

 Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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